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The growing firm needed an affordable website that didn’t compromise its forward-thinking vision

Life partners and attorneys Christopher Bailey and Julliana Reyes redefine traditional legal practice by leveraging technology with their B12 website.

The growing firm needed an affordable website that didn’t compromise its forward-thinking vision
The growing firm needed an affordable website that didn’t compromise its forward-thinking vision

The growing firm needed an affordable website that didn’t compromise its forward-thinking vision

Driven by her passion to have a meaningful impact on society, Julliana Reyes, founder of Bailey Reyes, had a long-term goal to open her own law firm and help people in need. She quit her well-paying job at a tech company and started Bailey Reyes in 2018 with her longtime partner, Christopher Bailey, also an attorney.

Bailey Reyes is a family and personal injury law firm based in Beaumont, Texas. Bold and passionate but always thoughtful, they aim to deliver exceptional legal services and build strong, lasting client relationships.

Julliana and Christopher set out to build a virtual law firm that uses state-of-the-art technology, and they needed a high-quality website to portray their vision accurately. However, existing solutions were simply too expensive for the young company.

Bailey Reyes website

Before B12: Couldn’t find the balance between cost and quality

Bailey Reyes faced the common struggle to balance costs and quality of service when searching for a website design company. Companies that specialize in law firm websites had extravagant fees, and the team was hesitant to hand over that much capital with no guarantee that the site would live up to their vision and philosophy.

"We tried law firm-specific web design services. However, our initial budget restraints prevented us from going forward with them. But we also did not want to create a BS website.

We want our website to look good and reflect who we are. At our firm, it's all about quality. We may not be big and have a lot of staff, but we want to emphasize the personal touch of our services, and we want to convey this on our website."

Refusing to compromise on quality, Julliana Reyes continued searching for a new, more cost-effective web design solution when she discovered B12.

"I still remember that night when I tried B12's AI website draft. I was up late, Googling companies to help create my website. That’s when I stumbled upon B12 and created my first AI draft. I was blown away by the design and immediately screamed for Chris in the other room. He saw the draft and said ‘this is so good, how did you do that?!’"

Julliana and Chris felt that B12 was simply the best option to move the company into the future. The exemplary customer support during the free consultation solidified their choice to grow their business with B12. By the end of the call, Bailey Reyes was a B12 customer.

After B12: Redefining legal practice as a virtual firm with a fitting website

Bailey Reyes website on desktop

Julliana and Christopher set up their website using the B12 Editor, and also collaborated with B12 designers. Within a week, the Bailey Reyes website officially launched.

"It was well within our budget. We get a lot of compliments on our website. Many potential clients are very impressed by our site, and often say it looks expensive. That's what we want to show people; we are all about quality."

Bailey Reyes' priority was to create a front-facing website for its clients to read the latest content and understand its mission before scheduling virtual consultations.

Julliana knew that during Covid, she had to use the website to inform clients about any updates. Using the B12 Editor, she made immediate changes to her site to convey key Covid-related messages.

"What I really like about B12 is their website editor. It gives me the immediate capability to make the changes that I need to inform my clients quickly. The entire process of editing is easy and intuitive without needing any coding knowledge.

Being able to contact someone from the B12 team is also a huge plus as they very quickly respond to any question I have about my website. I created a Covid announcement banner for my website with the B12 team in just one meeting".

Bailey Reyes understands that virtual law firms need to be tech-savvy. The firm embraces technology across all processes, using solutions like B12, Clio, QuickBooks, and LawPay. As a result, the firm is entirely online, paperless, and cloud-based.

With minimal overhead costs and zero physical constraints, unlike traditional law firms, Bailey Reyes had an agile and flexible business model proven to be highly successful during the recent pandemic and lockdowns.

"Technology is at the center of our ability to operate with minimal expenses without compromising on quality. B12 helped us maximize our capacity to serve our clients better and to increase our efficiency. B12 is truly the Apple of websites."

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