A beginner's guide to successful Reddit marketing in 2020

New to Reddit marketing? Here's what you need to know to ensure your success on this powerful social platform in 2020.

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A beginner's guide to successful Reddit marketing in 2020


Key quotes:

  • "Connect with me on Twitter @AndrewLeeReal In this article, you’re going to learn: Who this guide is for: This guide is mainly for those who are interested in creating their own websites/apps/ecommerce sites."
  • "Here is a massive list of resources and advice about entrepreneurship that I wish I had before I started my first business: How to hire freelancers and how to avoid getting scammed: I’m a huge fan of hiring freelancers to speed up projects so we can get moving quicker."
  • "Learn the basics of SEO This a great beginner’s guide by Moz.com — I’d recommend reading all of it: Here are some of my favorite SEO blogs that keep up with the latest updates and best practices (in no particular order): Ahrefs blog SEMRush blog Backlinko blog The SEM Post Search Engine Land SEO Round Table — Link building: One of my favorite link building techniques is called “Broken Link Building” The premise is simple: 1 — Find an article in your niche that links to a site or resource that no longer exists."
  • "Check out this Reddit post I made where I gave advice to entrepreneurs for their websites and see where you can improve your site as well: Social Media: It’s 2019 and if you don’t have a following on your Facebook page yet, your time is better spent elsewhere."
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Key quotes:

  • "It will help you understand the fundamentals of content writing so that you can kick-start your journey confidently."
  • "Part one of the guide will cover everything from different types of content writing to the basics of editing and self-publishing."
  • "Now, imagine how many blog posts get published every day across the world."
  • "Here are a few tips to help you with this: Tools you can use A content writer who doesn’t do enough research, especially in this age of the internet, will be deemed lazy."
  • "Here are a few tips to help you become a better researcher: Tools you can use Creating a solid outline can significantly reduce your writing time."
  • "Few tips to help you become a faster writer: Tools you can use To be a successful content writer, you have to be a ruthless editor, especially if you are freelancing."
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Key quotes:

  • "Writing a well-researched, descriptive article isn’t easy to do in just a matter of minutes, so there’s an unavoidable lag between when a viral trend appears on social media and when it appears in the form of a published article on Medium."
  • "That is what I capitalized on, writing an article titled “Amazon Accidentally Sent Out Their Email Template.” The initial reaction to the post was slow, but then — almost out of thin air — it took off: As of this post, the Amazon article has received 161,000 views."
  • "When I began writing on Medium, I tried to encompass all those readers within my articles."
  • "Instead of attempting to reach a broad audience with a single article, you might find it more beneficial to focus on a specific group of readers."
  • "In the case of the Amazon article, I hoped to reach an audience interested in marketing, business, and technology."
  • "And perhaps that’s the biggest key: in addition to following trends, keeping your writing simple, and discovering your audience, you must be persistent."
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Key quotes:

  • "By deploying practical techniques you can discover content ideas your niche target audience will not only like, but engage with, share and drive brand awareness and lead capture opportunities."
  • "In this guide, you will discover tools that will allow you to research the best ideas for B2B content marketing and discover content formats that will increase lead opportunities and B2B campaign success."
  • "Here are 4 great tools to help you with content inspiration: Reddit is an extremely powerful news and content sharing site."
  • "Reddit will not show you a list of all the Subreddits and content currently trending under that search query."
  • "You can now start to explore the content, the questions, images, links and articles within the Real Estate Subreddit and develop content ideas: You can now start to dissect the results from the community."
  • "The system will provide insight into who shared a piece of content, which sites have linked to it and also multiple comparison data values such as content length, content type, publishing date and related topics."
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What customers & experts say

Princess Customer / Clear Visions Consulting Services, LLC

“I need \[B12] recommendations. As I add new courses to my website, I need to make sure that I'm fresh, I'm sharp, and I'm up to date.”

Megan Customer success at B12

“The website editor rocks! It makes it easy to add new items while keeping the same theme and structure I set when I created the site, no reformatting needed. It's fool proof and provides everything needed to create a seamless, gorgeous website. I actually use B12 for my own website!”

Mandie Design expert at B12

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the B12 website editor. It allows me to make pixel-perfect websites in a fraction of the time.”

Sheila Customer / Dr. Sheila Hughes Weight Loss & Wellness

“There's absolutely no comparison between our old website and the B12 one. Our B12 website gives us the call to actions we need and better communication tools with our patients. Since our B12 launch, we started seeing more online visitors scheduling a consultation through our website.”

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Annabel Customer / Evolv Ventures

“My B12 experience has been great! What I appreciate most is that I can edit the site personally whenever I want to, but I can also ask for support when there are changes that I'm not able to make myself. B12 is great blend of a DIY service and a full-service website agency.”

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David Design expert at B12

“Designing a website in just a couple of hours is actually possible. Thanks to B12's simple-to-use website editor, I'm able to create professional designs that would normally cost thousands of dollars.”

Daniel Sales at B12

“I'm proud to work for B12 and deliver the product and service we do. Too often, individuals do not have the time or industry knowledge to build, manage, or maintain a website. In today's world, your website can be your best friend. We strive to make sure your best friend is working as best it can!”

Roberto Customer / Emerald Gardens

“B12 was able to give us the flexibility we needed to play around with website elements while guiding us in our first attempt at building a website.”

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Liam Sales at B12

“B12 aims to help small business owners by saving them time to focus doing what they do best — running their business. We want to help them increase their bottom line by providing high-quality websites at a fraction of the price charged by boutique agencies and other DIFY providers.”

Natalie Customer / Natalie Elisha Gold

“The entire \[B12] process felt really quick and efficient. I was able to work with them and highlight certain areas that I wanted on my website. Everything that I didn’t like was changed in a matter of seconds and minutes. It was vastly different compared to the previous team that I had hired to do my website.”

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Anne Customer / Grit and Grace

“The value of the B12 website was there from the very start. I noticed more traffic coming in immediately, which is hugely important for me. Knowing that B12’s tools are constantly optimizing my website for search engines offers me peace of mind. It helps me focus on running my business instead of trying to figure out how to run a website.”

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Andrew Customer / Heroes Homestead

“I was always intimidated by my perceived difficulty of building a website but my experience with B12 was pretty smooth. I especially appreciate the quick response time to any requests I’ve sent the B12 team, and I also like the flexibility and ability to design the website ourselves. Since building my website, I’ve received a significant increase in the number of page views and email requests from the page.”

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Rick Customer / Rick Finbow Enterprises, LLC

“I think it's great that B12 is watching out for me. I'm reminded to update my website and I get ideas. I like that I'm not in it alone.”

Joseph Customer / Founder Collective

“It was such a pleasure to work with B12. Their technology made the web design process easy and the B12 team helped us launch a website we love! We're proud to be an investor and a client.”

Dan Sales at B12

“Business owners are crazy busy. What's crazier is expecting a business owner to know how to design, maintain, direct traffic to, and update their own website. Thanks to our AI, they really don't have to. B12's AI-powered websites are powerful and we can't wait to get what we've built in front of people.”

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