A beginner's resource guide to monetizing website traffic

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A beginner's resource guide to monetizing website traffic


Key quotes:

  • "The premise of Digital Marketing is this — Using digital marketing strategies, methodologies, tools and frameworks, you can create measurable, predictable business outcomes for your business."
  • "You can set up your Digital Marketing strategy using a simple 4-step formula used by many highly profitable internet-based businesses."
  • "Example of a landing page Create A Funnel Now that you have their information (and permission to send them stuff), you can start nurturing the leads through content newsletters, freebies, cool videos which are relevant to what they signed up for."
  • "Drive Traffic Once you’ve setup your digital marketing funnel (part 1 and 2), it’s time to bring traffic to your landing page."
  • "Again, it is important to note that this step comes after you’ve created the landing page and the funnel as you don’t want to be wasting resources such as by sending traffic to a blank website."
  • "It’s every businesses’ dream to create an automated flow of customers through their digital marketing funnel."
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Key quotes:

  • "Rather than you stumbling across Wishpond from a random Google search, with outbound marketing I’m actively looking up prospective clients and reaching out to them."
  • "SaaS: One of the most effective outbound marketing strategies is affiliate marketing, in which you incentivize influencers, bloggers or social media gurus to promote your business in return for a cut of the sales."
  • "Social media is a powerful driver of traffic so long as your company understands the limitations: Facebook: All businesses should have a presence on Facebook, even if it’s just as another link to their site or to provide a location to prospective customers."
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Key quotes:

  • "In that time, I’ve learned a lot, from writing the perfect blog post to learning the algorithms of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest."
  • "To do things right, you shouldn’t just start a blog on a site like Blogger or Wix."
  • "Here are some things you’ll need to know to get started with blogging: And I don’t mean any kind of writing."
  • "Of course, you can’t just write a blog post and expect it to show up in Google right away."
  • "However, there are a lot of benefits to only blogging about one topic, especially when it comes to things like SEO and list building."
  • "To figure out what to start writing about, think about two things: your ideal reader and the topic you’re planning on blogging about."
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Key quotes:

  • "Be a newbie or a professional blogger each one of them wants to monetize their website to the maximum."
  • "Therefore we look for the best monetization platforms to do it."
  • "Whether you are using Adsense or not, there is always a chance of monetizing more."
  • "Here are the best Adsense Alternatives PropellerAds PropellerAds is the right fit for your website if you are an owner of blog or website which falls under entertainment, videos or movies, games, software, finances and dating."
  • "The company operated in 2–3 countries and regarded as one of the best replacement of Google AdSense."
  • "Adversal Earn with Adversal if your website crosses 50,000 page views per month."
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Key quotes:

  • "Before going further, please understand why people don’t earn money online even after putting lots of hard work into building a beautiful website."
  • "To create a money-making website, you need to make strategic investments, including domain, reliable hosting, premium design, market research tools, high-quality content, advertising expenses, and much more."
  • "ShoutMeLoud Website URL: https://www.shoutmeloud.com/ Niche: Blogging, WordPress, SEO Monthly Traffic: 464K Many people are confused about whether they should promote physical products or digital products."
  • "You need to build a premium looking website, find profitable keywords, create high-quality content, perform on-page and off-page optimization, set up lead generation system, and promote aggressively to generate tons of hits."
  • "If you are interested in providing freelance services, then you’ll find hundreds of gig ideas to start your business, such as: It’s better to learn a new skill which is in demand and master it to close some high-paying deals."
  • "He created problem-solving products, i.e., a lightweight, SEO-friendly, and easy-to-customize WordPress theme + add-on plugin for the people who don’t know much about code."
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What customers & experts say

Rick Customer / Rick Finbow Enterprises, LLC

“I think it's great that B12 is watching out for me. I'm reminded to update my website and I get ideas. I like that I'm not in it alone.”

Liam Sales at B12

“B12 aims to help small business owners by saving them time to focus doing what they do best — running their business. We want to help them increase their bottom line by providing high-quality websites at a fraction of the price charged by boutique agencies and other DIFY providers.”

Nikolai Expert at B12

“I use B12’s website editor on a daily basis and I love how easy it is to personalize the style. I’m able to add multiple images, videos, and text in different layouts based on the preference of our customers in just a few hours! It’s been a huge time-saver, given how intuitive the interface is.”

Daniel Sales at B12

“I'm proud to work for B12 and deliver the product and service we do. Too often, individuals do not have the time or industry knowledge to build, manage, or maintain a website. In today's world, your website can be your best friend. We strive to make sure your best friend is working as best it can!”

Sheila Customer / Dr. Sheila Hughes Weight Loss & Wellness

“There's absolutely no comparison between our old website and the B12 one. Our B12 website gives us the call to actions we need and better communication tools with our patients. Since our B12 launch, we started seeing more online visitors scheduling a consultation through our website.”

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Princess Customer / Clear Visions Consulting Services, LLC

“I need \[B12] recommendations. As I add new courses to my website, I need to make sure that I'm fresh, I'm sharp, and I'm up to date.”

Willie Customer / Urlife Now Fitness

“I like that someone is monitoring my website every month and making suggestions for how to improve it.”

Chuck Customer / Crowdfluencer

“My B12 website looks great, I am truly satisfied with the outcome. I love the responsiveness of our new website, plus it's incredibly light and fast. The team did an incredible job with the styles and the designs really popped for me.”

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Karen Customer / The Lin Life

“B12 uses artificial intelligence to create websites quickly. The human team is friendly and accessible for those new to website development. I have a polished website in a shorter amount of time at an excellent value.”

Joseph Customer / Founder Collective

“It was such a pleasure to work with B12. Their technology made the web design process easy and the B12 team helped us launch a website we love! We're proud to be an investor and a client.”

Dan Customer / Dan Garcia Photography

“B12 bookings is truly one of the best features of my web page. My customers can always get in touch with me with this awesome tool.”

Freddie Customer / Suffolk Equity Partners

“B12 is amazing! You get a high-quality design for the price of DIY. It's really remarkable.”

Leslie Customer / Social Theory

“What I appreciate most about B12 is its user-friendly interface. Not only do they build websites that look modern and great, but they’re also incredibly easy to manage and update. Whenever I have information that needs changing on my website, I can do it easily on my own.”

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David Design expert at B12

“Designing a website in just a couple of hours is actually possible. Thanks to B12's simple-to-use website editor, I'm able to create professional designs that would normally cost thousands of dollars.”

Debra Customer / A New View of Food

“B12 has positively impacted my business with its wide variety of integrations, such as the bookings integration! I’ve been getting more emails from potential customers who are able to book online and schedule consultations with me easily. I’m not tech savvy, so if you’re like me, having a company like B12 to work with is incredibly helpful.”

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