Advanced search operators to get more out of online searches

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Advanced search operators to get more out of online searches


Key quotes:

  • "As software engineers, we spend a lot of time searching for things on the internet."
  • "I will mainly tell you what works on Google Search because that is what I know best."
  • "The usefulness of these is not limited to search engines though."
  • "I use a lot of these operators in searching through logs, in services like logdna."
  • "These are pretty simple, you can use these to include or exclude certain words from search results."
  • "Exact match search is when you tell the search engine to show results that contain the exact phrase."
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Key quotes:

  • "With google distinguished quest to deliver the best for its users, chances are you aren’t aware of the efficient ways of making use of google search operators for the best results."
  • "allintitle: just as intitle, this is to tell Google to show results for all the specified words or phrases in the title of the pages."
  • "Example: allintitle: simple SEO guide intext: this tells Google to bring out results on specific words in the text or content of the pages."
  • "Example: allintext: best SEO guide Inanchor: this is used to bring out the result on pages linked to having the specified keyword in the anchor text."
  • "Site: “allintitle: keyword” Or intitle:keyword s- yoursite Example: intitle: “Digital Marketing for All Business Sizes”-site: Notice that the dash (-) command is used to exclude my site from the result to see the plagiarised title."
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Transcript: Hi and welcome back to another episode on how to hack so today we'll be discussing about Google which is a search engine that deploys web crawlers around the internet looking into size indexing them caching those information and what he can do is you can do very precise search rather than just based on keywords so you can search specifically for files for information on a particular site for specific keywords that must appear so that you get precise information and results coming back from your queries so without further ado let us get started on today's tutorial so over here I go to a Windows operating system running and of course it can be any operating system as long as you can boot up a browser so I'm gonna open up Google Chrome for example and I'll go into Google com so of course Google is a huge search engine and he has a lot of web crawlers crawling around the internet looking for really interesting information that could really help you find out specifically what you're trying to get so one of the really interesting search terms is about how we can use a combination of making... See more →

Transcript: This video we're going to cover Google search tools if you go to a basic Google page and you want to do a basic search there's a couple of rules that you can add to your search to help limit your results let me show you what I mean let's say for instance I was going to look up the play Julius Caesar if I look up Julius Caesar you see here that I have about twenty-three million results and that's quite a bit to look through and I'd really want to narrow my results down so there are a couple of ways that you can do that from a normal Google search page and also using Google advanced search so we're gonna take these one by one and and slow down the process here and take a look but let me tell you what you get when you do a basic Google search if you didn't already notice this at the top of the page right now we're looking at web articles that result from our search of Julius Caesar if you go to the images page you'll also see that there are several google images that are... See more →

Transcript: Hello and welcome, in this video we’re going to look at Google advanced search operators, and we’ll also look at the importance of understanding these search operators that you can query Google database with. Now if you’re running your own seo projects or if you want to learn and expand your understanding about Google, or if you would like to become a seo specialist, then there is no way in this world that, you can ignore Google advanced search operators. So let’s quickly have a look, what in the world is Google advanced search operators, now, you may kind of understand advanced search operators, you may have read about them online and so on, there is surely great URL’s on internet, which I’m going to show you couple of them so that you can expand your understanding, now, if you are not familiar with Google advanced search operators, and what it is,, is simply running certain search terms in Google search, to bring different results sets, according to what advanced search operators you run. Usual ones are, inurl, what that’s saying is ok, find me whatever the keyword, that you’re looking for in the URL, so it has to contain... See more →

Transcript: Advanced searching restart your research here advanced searching techniques will give you more control over your results and save you valuable time first step preparation identify key concepts or keywords in your question these will form the basis of your search strategy and lead you to the most relevant and credible information for pursuing an argument or building a case here's a tip to make your search preparation even easier when one of your concepts consists of more than one keyword like with organizational culture it's a good idea to keep the words together within quotation marks while conducting your search this will ensure that these words stick together across any information you retrieve whether it's academic journal articles or government documents or industry reports you're looking for use this technique to help locate more targeted results okay let's go to step two playing with terms take your keywords and start playing with synonyms or similar words by creating and including words from this expanded word Bank in your upcoming search you'll be casting a broad net across all crucial literature in the field unlike with Google you can control your results which means you won't miss out on key... See more →

Key quotes:

  • "Google-Fu is defined to be a skill used in the Google Search Engine to have access to a lot of accurate information(results)."
  • "One can become a Google-Fu blackbelt if one knows all the Google operators to use realistically."
  • "With the innovation of Data Scientist, Google Search Engine has been tremendously evolving with the period of time."
  • "Google Operators eased by Scientist & Programmers backed by Google has been trying their best to distribute data accessible for the Content Strategist, Business Developer and Market Researchers."
  • "“If you know how to use Google Operators, then you are the Master.” 3-Google Commands can help you in doing Research for studies, Fetching Data, Business Analysis, building projects and many more."
  • "4- You don’t need to know codes to be a Google-Fu."
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Key quotes:

  • "When you use a one-word keyword or search term it more often does not give the result you are looking for."
  • "· Using Exact Phrases In case you are looking for a particular phrase instead of just a word-collection, try using quotes after your search query."
  • "SEO Services hence always stress the use of phrases or search terms in the right order to ensure that your search query derives higher and desired results."
  • "It is highly used while searching for terms related to market research where you include specific keywords that are used most of the times in the phrases."
  • "For example, you want to find study documents from a particular year say, from 2009 to 2012, then instead of using all the years in the query you can just use the search term as “study documents 2009..2012.” And Google will automatically come up with all the study documents in between these years."
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Transcript: In this video we will show you some simple ways to run advanced searches in Google Scholar you can access Google Scholar by going to Quick Links on the library home page find databases then search for Google Scholar open the link then sign in with your UTS log in using a sample topic what are the ethical implications of nanotechnology for healthcare we'll start by using some of our key words which are nanotechnology healthcare and ethical select the arrow inside the search box to access advanced search with these boxes you can easily combine your keywords with boolean operators like and or and not the first row combines words using the boolean operator and for example nanotechnology and ethical the next box down will add an exact phrase to your search for example you could type in medical applications and it would add the inverted commas to find those keywords when they appear in the same order within the publication if you have any synonyms you want to add with the boolean operator or add these into the third box let's try putting in healthcare and medical as those words are often used interchangeably finally the last box... See more →

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