Affinity Photo vs. Photoshop: Which will reign supreme?

Photoshop has been the longstanding king of image editing, but that might be changing. These resources help you compare Affinity Photo vs. Photoshop.

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Affinity Photo vs. Photoshop: Which will reign supreme?


Transcript: Affinity photo is a great alternative to photoshop but it was only available on Mac. It's finally available on Windows and I'll be testing the public beta. You can find out where to get Affinity Photo in the video description. I spent the entire day playing around with Affinity Photo and today, you and I will be exploring the features comparing the pros and cons between Photoshop and finding out if it's worth to switch from Photoshop to Affinity photo. So, if you're interested keep watching and let's find out more about this Photoshop competitor. When you first use affinity photo, you'll find that it's very similar to Photoshop. The filters, adjustment layers, and even the keyboard shortcuts are mostly the same. But there are some great features that make Affinity Photo standout. Disclaimer, this is not a paid product review and Serif the company behind the software you're about to see, they don't even know that I'm making this video. What you're seeing is my honest opinion. Also keep in mind, I'm using a free public beta released which just came out. So, I don't have too much time to play around with every single feature. So, with that... See more →

Transcript: Affinity photo isn't the first photo editing program to claim it can stand toe-to-toe with Adobe Photoshop for a fraction of the price boasting unique features like a savable undo history and PSD import and exporting options and with just a one-time affordable fee it can be much more financially appealing and photo shops monthly subscription plan where you're basically just renting it out but can a program really be just as powerful and only a fraction of the price and even still can it manage to pull away from the user base of a program that has been around for 20 plus years well I think maybe so and I have eight reasons that might just convince you as well I'm Abby's Parsa within Battletoads plus let's get right into it but first all of the images we'll be using today to be found and downloaded on in vital elements comm and vinyl elements is my go-to place for stock photos fonts graphics and even music and sound effects it's your one stop shop for creative assets made by and for creative people all of today's resources can be found in the description below first a familiar user interface... See more →

Key quotes:

  • "I use an old copy of Photoshop Elements, mainly to remove blemishes on film scans, but in my opinion, the only Adobe image processing product worth paying for is Lightroom."
  • "Affinity Photo is a relatively new image editor that got started in the Mac world and, as of November 2016, is also available for 64 bit Windows systems."
  • "Converting large numbers of image files is a tedious and resource hungry process but it’s probably the best bet for long-term storage."
  • "Photoshop Elements has a long history of half-assed support for sixteen-bit channel images and the reason is painfully obvious."
  • "Affinity on Windows easily beats full Photoshop but it’s still slower than good old C coded PWP."
  • "After loading Affinity, I immediately started testing the program’s ability to read and write sixteen-bit TIF files."
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Key quotes:

  • "Our virtual life has moved from desktops… In our efforts to create a user experience that’s alike across all platforms, we are introducing new keyboard and Terminal… by Tobias van Schneider 原文 The Day You Became A Better Designer 原作者 Tobias van Schneider 現為Semplice 創辦人。 The AIGA and Google Design Census is over, and we are left to face the music."
  • "Motion design is itself a result of development of… I’d like to tell you about a case in which we set out to build a new (beta) version of a tool for people who work in hotel public relations."
  • "This year of 2017, Flume is launching a new initiative to bring people working in creative industries together, and we want… Great interaction design is about finding the right answer, but that doesn’t mean making an educated guess, crossing our fingers, and hoping it works well."
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Transcript: Epic me way like doing a slo-mo of the video what is going on guys it's your voices in the arrogance of video today ringa is a fun little video I thought it'd be kind of cool whatever kind of slide do this like a little like like a Photoshop designer tries affinity for like the first time and I'm dead serious first time whatsoever I just want to know if it's like an actual alternative to photoshop in no way by the way am i sponsored know undercover sponsorship it's just a fun video um I did a video like this before when I kind of like said I liked it might like me trying like mobile designing I was absolutely trash at it whatever this might be different maybe it's like the same UI as Photoshop I have no idea but a lot of you guys want to do this is like video back in the past and I kinda just kinda like never got to it but this time I was gonna say let's just try it why not the sale thing timing by the way I swear I'm not freaking sponsored the sales higher you just... See more →

Key quotes:

  • "All fresh, new products developed in recent years to break down the long-lost monopoly of Adobe Illustrator since the Julius Caesar-like demise of Freehand (RIP)."
  • "There are exceptions with some developers creating their own renderers, software chassis and vector control from the ground-up just as Adobe was forced to with Illustrator some 30 years ago."
  • "It’s starting to quickly look like the automotive market where each and every year, tens of bright young hopeful companies make an announcement that they are the ones who will smash the monopoly of Ferrari and the Volkswagen empire in the Western hemisphere."
  • "It can’t compete on every level with Illustrator out of the box, but as their advertising goes, it’s fair to say their statement… CorelDRAW Graphics Suite has time-saving tools that other graphics software either don’t have, or require a plugin for."
  • "You only have to look at CorelDRAW’s native mirroring functionality to realise how much it… erm… reflects MirrorMe."
  • "There’s nothing wrong with that as competition is good and at least tens of thousands of Illustrator users have Astute Graphics to lean on to ensure they can reclaim workflow improvements and time savings."
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Key quotes:

  • "Today I ran my first desert marathon which took place in the beautiful Kanku-Breakaways Conservation Park situated 30km outside of Coober Pedy — Opal Capital of the World."
  • "The awe-inspiring landscape and inhospitable terrain made for a truly unique and interesting running experience."
  • "I was filled with excitement at the prospect of running amidst the moon plains and arid desolate desert terrain that had once upon a time been completely submerged undersea."
  • "One cannot but be humbled by the unique beauty, unfathomable vastness, and merciless red dust that reigns supreme under the hot desert sky."
  • "Vehicles lining the start line The one thing that really stood out about this event is the community feel and deep warmth you are shown as a participant."
  • "I felt this from the very start and throughout the day at all the aid stations."
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Key quotes:

  • "(Source: Christina Xu, Freelance ethnographer/writer thinking about online and offline communities and social uses of technology, “Watching the Election from The Post-Truth Future”) Trust has fallen off a cliff because the recent tsunami of over-the-top MSM propaganda has finally hit some imaginary believability ceiling: the limits of what a human mind is capable of believing relative to its detachment from reality can be quite astounding, yet we, somehow, managed to break through that barrier: Now, putting this together — a provisional working model of the trust continuum for global society cobbling together evolutionary insights while bridging to theoretical and futuristic technological advances: [TRUST (highest): mother-baby (instinctual) → pair-bonding (sex) → family (pair + offspring) → relatives (blood relations) → tribe (mandatory alignment of principle beliefs, requires symbolic language based on semantics) → town (beliefs less aligned, geographical radius is small, contact is face-to-face) → nation (wide range of beliefs, requires laws and enforcement, geographical radius is large, media is virtual) → global-scale (not blockchain but analogous?, requires mathematical expression (i.e."
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Transcript: Hey crazy with youth age anyway to be talking about infinity photo is it a better alternative than Photoshop or is it just good enough stay tuned we'll take a look at it hey crazy will from crazy wills tech show today we're gonna talk about infinity photo now hi I'm a big Photoshop user a huge one I've probably been using Photoshop since 1998 showing my age just a little bit so it's over 20 years of experience working with Photoshop so you know take this review for what you will but I've recently got into a scenario where I don't have access to Photoshop anymore I was working on a freelance job for quite some time and I had access to Photoshop and pretty much the cloud suite and now I'm at a crossroad where I don't have access anymore the jobs John and I have to get my own subscription so I'm like do I want to pay $50 a month for their suite or do I want to try something else you find some alternatives I thought I would venture out and try some alternatives and that's my scenario right now and one of the alternatives... See more →

Transcript: Hello everyone this will be a quick video because I will just give you my point of view not a full comparison between the two softwares so the question is which one is better for you okay it's all about your perspective if you are a light user and you are not ready to rent a software like Photoshop for one hundred twenty dollars a year in there Creative Cloud plans in this case you will probably find affinity photo a great alternative for just forty dollars one-time payment with free future updates since it has almost all the basic tools needed to edit your photos otherwise honestly and from my personal experience I still use Photoshop for almost everything and if you ask me this is why first Photoshop has way more professional tools than affinity photo from photo manipulation tools to filters 3d gif animation illustration and a big plugins market off course and the most annoying thing for me is the performance I've tried many times before to make photo manipulation videos in my channel but for more than one time affinity photo start freezing or maybe stop working and believe me this never happened to me... See more →

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