Alternatives to "thank you for your time and consideration"

You can avoid saying "thank you for your time and consideration" when you don't get the client while keeping the door open for possible future business.

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Alternatives to "thank you for your time and consideration"


Key quotes:

  • "I personally think this list would upset a lot of people, but remember that I am a deep ecologist, feminist, indigenous-supporting, anti-racist, abolitionist vegan to boot: Among those companies listed in only the funds labeled Socially Responsible: Halliburton, PepsiCo, McDonald’s, Nike, Apple, Johnson & Johnson, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Time Warner, Procter & Gamble, Merck, Bank of America, Pfizer, Microsoft, Disney, and more."
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Key quotes:

  • "My dream of what it means to travel like a human involves personalizing experiences, while also increasing the available transportation, lodging, entertainment, and dining options at all price points."
  • "I truly believe that as our access to travel information and various travel logistics options increase we will finally begin to allow people to travel like humans."
  • "Ultimately achieving this means providing new access to information and creating a real community based market for exchange."
  • "I can picture Airbnb expanding the market of available lodging options by creating a platform capable of linking up multitudes of people into co-ownership and time-share like arrangements in addition to expanding its current market."
  • "The trading of transportation and lodging assets has the potential to be fully supported and ultimately enhanced by aggregating information from sites like Yelp in order to increase the knowledge base of dining and entertainment options."
  • "Ultimately Airbnb will foster an open market where a focus on transparency and comfort (ease) of use will allow people to begin trading and sharing in ways we’ve never dreamed of."
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Key quotes:

  • "I was directed to other hiring managers and got about twenty minutes where I learned more about the history of the company, what their needs are now, etc."
  • "Remember, this in-person meet and greet has four objectives for me: By the time I left, I had half a dozen business cards and some more insight into the hiring manager and process."
  • "CONVENTIONAL TACTICS Back home, I connected with each of my new contacts through LinkedIn and email, thanking them for their time and insight and emailed the hiring manager directly as I now had his work email address."
  • "I send my thank you emails and connect with new connections on LinkedIn."
  • "CONVENTIONAL TACTICS PART TWO For my interview, I’m back on target."
  • "No sales jobs are posted, the hiring manager isn’t responding, and I don’t have a pathway forward."
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Key quotes:

  • "What I’m going to do… I am going to do the mocks first, and then when the snow finally stops I will bring things into the lab to reshoot… 4/22/18: Work Day Updated Photography: Bamboozed… Hasbro Annual Report… Hot Wheels: Track Pack… Salvador Dali: A Surreal Biography… Aldi: Bakery Tube… Chimera XV… Case and Book Vinyl: Updated Portfolio Spreads: 4/12/18: Class Twenty-One Mitch Goldstein Self Promo Critique: What I heard… What I think… I think it is good to get a new perspective/opinion, I just have to shuffle through and choose what I think is best."
  • "Poster, motion graphic, packaging for other related products, create functional track pieces One-Sentence Description: This tube allows for bakery products to last longer and is becomes more practical within a store and home environment.Course/Instructor or Company/Client: Packaging, Brigette DavittStrengths of the Project: Form, color/pattern, conceptRevisions: Minimal Tweaking (we are going to have to figure out craft…)Can you show process work with this piece? Other tubes for different stores, a produce tube (may not be practical), store display One-Sentence Description: The purpose of this project is to take a common item/product and to create a design that would spread awareness about opioid abuse.Course/Instructor or Company/Client: Packaging, Brigette DavittStrengths of the Project: Concept, use of existing brand, shelf presenceRevisions: Minimal Tweaking (craft and poster)Can you show process work with this piece?."
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Key quotes:

  • "Icahn, has been an advocate for many middle class Americans and their IRA’s, 401(k)’s, pensions, and for not for profit endowments, and others that have relied on the distributions (aka “dividends”) from American companies like CVR Refining, the publicly traded company that owns and operates critical infrastructure that is essential to our national security, to which the Complaint relates."
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What customers & experts say

Nicole Customer / Ledger Logic

“When I was looking at all the different options that help set up business websites, I saw B12 and noticed the verbiage on the website felt relatable.”

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Shane Customer / Spike On The Water

“The B12 website editor is so simple to use. I added a bunch of images, reworked text, linked my products, adjusted form links, and even got an animation flying around my footer. The experience with B12 has been amazing. Building a quality website is now fast and affordable.”

Stafford Customer success at B12

“B12's goal is to provide the best customer experiences and I am so happy to be a part of that mission. Helping customers create a website that brings their vision to life is, by far, the best part of being here.”

Sheila Customer / Dr. Sheila Hughes Weight Loss & Wellness

“There's absolutely no comparison between our old website and the B12 one. Our B12 website gives us the call to actions we need and better communication tools with our patients. Since our B12 launch, we started seeing more online visitors scheduling a consultation through our website.”

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Anne Customer / Grit and Grace

“The value of the B12 website was there from the very start. I noticed more traffic coming in immediately, which is hugely important for me. Knowing that B12’s tools are constantly optimizing my website for search engines offers me peace of mind. It helps me focus on running my business instead of trying to figure out how to run a website.”

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Kelly Customer success at B12

“We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. I love how customer-centric we are, and the technology we use to speed up the website creation process has helped us to deliver professional sites in a shorter span of time.”

Chuck Customer / Crowdfluencer

“My B12 website looks great, I am truly satisfied with the outcome. I love the responsiveness of our new website, plus it's incredibly light and fast. The team did an incredible job with the styles and the designs really popped for me.”

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Leslie Customer / Social Theory

“What I appreciate most about B12 is its user-friendly interface. Not only do they build websites that look modern and great, but they’re also incredibly easy to manage and update. Whenever I have information that needs changing on my website, I can do it easily on my own.”

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Mandie Design expert at B12

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the B12 website editor. It allows me to make pixel-perfect websites in a fraction of the time.”

Debra Customer / A New View of Food

“B12 has positively impacted my business with its wide variety of integrations, such as the bookings integration! I’ve been getting more emails from potential customers who are able to book online and schedule consultations with me easily. I’m not tech savvy, so if you’re like me, having a company like B12 to work with is incredibly helpful.”

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Heidi Customer / CD Roma

“Since the launch, we’ve gotten more form submissions to inquire about our catering service and menu options. On top of that, I’ve noticed more customers who found out about us through our website before coming down to dine! The traffic we’ve realized in the short time the site has been online is very impressive.”

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Joseph Customer / Founder Collective

“It was such a pleasure to work with B12. Their technology made the web design process easy and the B12 team helped us launch a website we love! We're proud to be an investor and a client.”

Carlos Customer / FitFuel

“If you want to sit at the head of the table, use B12. It is clear they have talented designers who are genuinely motivated to see you reach your goals.”

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Karen Customer / The Lin Life

“B12 uses artificial intelligence to create websites quickly. The human team is friendly and accessible for those new to website development. I have a polished website in a shorter amount of time at an excellent value.”

Andrew Customer / Heroes Homestead

“I was always intimidated by my perceived difficulty of building a website but my experience with B12 was pretty smooth. I especially appreciate the quick response time to any requests I’ve sent the B12 team, and I also like the flexibility and ability to design the website ourselves. Since building my website, I’ve received a significant increase in the number of page views and email requests from the page.”

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