Apps landing page ideas to help boost your conversions

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Apps landing page ideas to help boost your conversions


Key quotes:

  • "Key Takeaway: Use a countdown timer to create scarcity and push more users to conversion."
  • "Key Takeaway: Ease users into a conversion using click popups instead of forms."
  • "Knowing that making it easier for people to convert will make it more likely for them to do so, means we can assume that filling out parts of the form for them would be the ultimate conversion tactic."
  • "Take a look at an example of pre-filled formfields, which Kissmetrics saw drive a 30% increase in their landing page conversions."
  • "To set up pre-filled formfields on a Wishpond landing page, popup or form, check out this quick walkthrough here."
  • "Key Takeaway: Reduce the number of actions in a conversion process by pre-filling your landing page’s form."
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Key quotes:

  • "Industry: Florist/Gifts Why it works… Australia-based Class Creator uses this Unbounce landing page to make inroads in the US market (and, hopefully, help the company secure US partners) when school’s between sessions in their home country."
  • "If you’re looking for the creative freedom to make whatever you want, the Unbounce Builder offers that flexibility, whether you want to make a popup or sticky bar, a long-form landing page, or an SEO-optimized page."
  • "Industry: Pet Care/Boarding Why it works… Created by Everett Andrew Marketing, this brilliant landing page connects safety and fun together through carefully selected visuals and clear, concise messaging."
  • "According to Mark Chapman, Founder and President of Everett Andrew, this design was all about standing out: Our goal in creating the page was to cut through the clutter and crowded market of businesses here in southern California offering surf lessons — both on Google and Facebook."
  • "These are some of the best landing page examples I’ve come across here at Unbounce, selected to represent a wide swath of industries with many different conversion goals."
  • "“I’ll never get anywhere near his level,” he told me, “so what’s the point?” Great landing page examples like the ones above should inspire you."
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Key quotes:

  • "This page is created only for the purpose of convincing a visitor to take action (whether it is signing up, making a purchase, downloading content, etc.) When you have a well-designed landing page, it helps you attract the attention of your website visitors to just the one single offer which means there is no scope for any distractions."
  • "When the visitors reach your landing page, it is with a single focused intent — to receive an offer or something of value by completing a lead capture form."
  • "It only follows that when you place design elements of images that point to the call to action button, the eye would naturally be guided to the CTA thus enhancing your conversion rate considerably."
  • "The copy you develop for your landing page must convey this value clearly sop that the visitors can see the way in which the product would help them."
  • "Quite like the design of your landing page, the copy is of great importance as well."
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Key quotes:

  • "Recommended Reading: How Adding Personality and Trust to Your Landing Pages can Maximize Conversion Rates Increase the “know, like, trust” factor by adding a video to your landing page."
  • "To quote, Allison Otting, “If you can help your prospects see that people just like them are already your customers and you’ve solved their problems then they will be that much more likely to convert from your landing page.” In the example below, mHelpDesk combine social proof, video and customer testimonials."
  • "Recommended Reading: How to A/B Test Landing Pages On Social Media; 10 Call to Action Case Studies with Examples from Real Button Tests Each Monday I send out a weekly digest of social media marketing tips and the latest social media updates."
  • "7 Types of Landing Pages That Will Make Your Website Visitors Stick Like Fly Paper 5 Top Tools to Help You Create Better Landing Pages 17 Tricks for Boosting Conversions On Any Landing Page Build Landing Pages that Convert with These 3 Smart Steps 12 benefits of landing pages for content marketing Top Tips & Tricks to Optimize Landing Page Conversion Landing Page Design: 100 Strategies, Ideas and Examples The Ultimate Guide to Landing Pages Written by."
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What customers & experts say

Daniel Sales at B12

“I'm proud to work for B12 and deliver the product and service we do. Too often, individuals do not have the time or industry knowledge to build, manage, or maintain a website. In today's world, your website can be your best friend. We strive to make sure your best friend is working as best it can!”

Annabel Customer / Evolv Ventures

“My B12 experience has been great! What I appreciate most is that I can edit the site personally whenever I want to, but I can also ask for support when there are changes that I'm not able to make myself. B12 is great blend of a DIY service and a full-service website agency.”

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Roberto Customer / Emerald Gardens

“B12 was able to give us the flexibility we needed to play around with website elements while guiding us in our first attempt at building a website.”

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Stafford Customer success at B12

“B12's goal is to provide the best customer experiences and I am so happy to be a part of that mission. Helping customers create a website that brings their vision to life is, by far, the best part of being here.”

Chuck Customer / Crowdfluencer

“My B12 website looks great, I am truly satisfied with the outcome. I love the responsiveness of our new website, plus it's incredibly light and fast. The team did an incredible job with the styles and the designs really popped for me.”

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Willie Customer / Urlife Now Fitness

“I like that someone is monitoring my website every month and making suggestions for how to improve it.”

Sheila Customer / Dr. Sheila Hughes Weight Loss & Wellness

“There's absolutely no comparison between our old website and the B12 one. Our B12 website gives us the call to actions we need and better communication tools with our patients. Since our B12 launch, we started seeing more online visitors scheduling a consultation through our website.”

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David Design expert at B12

“Designing a website in just a couple of hours is actually possible. Thanks to B12's simple-to-use website editor, I'm able to create professional designs that would normally cost thousands of dollars.”

Jaiden Design expert at B12

“B12’s AI draft dramatically reduces my time traditionally spent working on content structure. As a B12 web expert, I can focus more time on creating a beautiful website and UX that fits the customer’s content and goals.”

Joseph Customer / Founder Collective

“It was such a pleasure to work with B12. Their technology made the web design process easy and the B12 team helped us launch a website we love! We're proud to be an investor and a client.”

Kelly Customer success at B12

“We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. I love how customer-centric we are, and the technology we use to speed up the website creation process has helped us to deliver professional sites in a shorter span of time.”

Karen Customer / The Lin Life

“B12 uses artificial intelligence to create websites quickly. The human team is friendly and accessible for those new to website development. I have a polished website in a shorter amount of time at an excellent value.”

Debra Customer / A New View of Food

“B12 has positively impacted my business with its wide variety of integrations, such as the bookings integration! I’ve been getting more emails from potential customers who are able to book online and schedule consultations with me easily. I’m not tech savvy, so if you’re like me, having a company like B12 to work with is incredibly helpful.”

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Shane Customer / Spike On The Water

“The B12 website editor is so simple to use. I added a bunch of images, reworked text, linked my products, adjusted form links, and even got an animation flying around my footer. The experience with B12 has been amazing. Building a quality website is now fast and affordable.”

Leslie Customer / Social Theory

“What I appreciate most about B12 is its user-friendly interface. Not only do they build websites that look modern and great, but they’re also incredibly easy to manage and update. Whenever I have information that needs changing on my website, I can do it easily on my own.”

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