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Shape the future of your brand with branding exercises


Key quotes:

  • "Influenced by Eric Ries’ Lean Startup principles, design sprints emphasize short time constraints and prototypes, using small, cross-functional teams to quickly iterate and validate ideas."
  • "Design sprints create artifacts that help focus teams, brands and illustrate concepts quickly."
  • "Brand-focused teams can take inspiration from product teams and use design sprints to eliminate brand dogma and validate ideas in quick, inexpensive bursts of time and energy."
  • "At Google Ventures, Knapp recommends that product teams hold at least one sprint a quarter to gut-check the status of long-term projects."
  • "A sprint can challenge long-held, and possibly false, assumptions within your brand strategy to separate what’s working, from what desperately needs triage."
  • "Here are five of the reasons you should consider experimenting with a design sprint for your brand or business: Creativity is a team sport so it’s critical that teams work well together."
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Key quotes:

  • "I like to conclude the situational analysis with an exercise to define the brand in a sentence or two."
  • "While I’m not a big fan of descriptors like: “We are the airbnb of x”, I’ve seen these work well because complex ideas simplified by a familiar metaphor is a well-established and successful strategy to aid comprehension."
  • "Here are a few pointers of how to get to that one sentence nirvana: The brand canvas The best thing about this brand canvas is that it all fits onto one page and only uses understandable language."
  • "This section of the brand canvas should list 5 or so emotive sentences that describe how you want people to feel when they interact with your brand."
  • "This is useful for your startup in that they can help guide brand design, UX and even the way your interview people."
  • "Brand expression The first three sections of the brand canvas are quite cerebral and wordy so this part of the brand canvas is designed to stimulate the visual and creative sides."
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Transcript: Why our brands important let's take alook at one of the best brands in the world coca-cola the total market valueof the company is around a hundred and seventy five billion dollars but oneasset in particular makes up about 75 billion of that and it's not the secretrecipe it's the brand brands are both a strategic as well as a financial asset astrong brand creates customer loyalty and that increases the value of yourcompany value which can grow if you continue to invest in the brand thereare many other benefits of brands brands allow you to set higher prices for yourproducts and services people associate higher quality to branded products andthey'll pay more than for a generic version even when the two products areidentical why because they trust the branded product more brands make andkeep their promises once your product is branded you typically earn a highermarket share while lowering your cost of sales loyal customers don't need to bemarketed to as much with an established brand it's easier to launch new productswhen consumers see the brand's logo on a new product they instantly associate thebrand promise to that new product from day one there are other benefits ofbrands than... See more →

Key quotes:

  • "At Codewave, we look at a brand as a person — every brand unique, with a body, mind & soul of it’s own."
  • "Giving your brand an identity — a visual form, reflecting clarity of purpose is extremely important, to shape how people perceive your business, why they’d connect and engage with it."
  • "Here are 15 questions to answer, if you’re looking to position / reposition your brand, irrespective of what stage of the business you’re in."
  • "These questions are applicable for an individual as much as it’s applicable for an organization."
  • "For conversations on Brand Identity & Digital Presence, connect with us at — let’s start a conversation."
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Key quotes:

  • "Customers want their brand interactions to be relevant, personalized, varied, and in constant anticipation of their wants and needs: 51 percent of people expect brands to create products and experiences they want before they even know they want them."
  • "Your brand personality is composed of tone and voice and all the elements that make an individual unique and establish identity."
  • "Think of it like meeting people at a party: There are many ways you can create your brand’s personality, but there are two methods I normally use: Jennifer Aaker’s Five Dimensions of Brand Personality and Carl Jung’s 12 archetypes."
  • "As you can see, a brand like Disney is demonstrably different from Harley Davidson and St."
  • "Jude in all aspects of their brand, from their look, feel, energy, voice, and vibe to the products they sell and how they cultivate relationships with their customers."
  • "You could be you, a character, or the creation of the voice of your brand: It all depends on the size of your business, the industry you’re in, and what feels right and natural."
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Key quotes:

  • "It’s about abstract attributes and values which present themselves in concrete ways: Building a brand is a long-term commitment which results from thousands of interactions between a customer and the brand’s touch points over time."
  • "Start writing out random adjectives on stickies, words (simple, exclusive) or short expressions (gender neutral, on your terms) which could be used to describe your brand."
  • "Next, write on opposite sides of the whiteboard, the words Yes and No."
  • "As a group, go take every single sticky note and agree on where it should go."
  • "Start picking stickies at random, and placing them on the board, grouping related adjectives close to each other."
  • "This might feel awkward in the beginning, but after 3 to 5 minutes the team will start to spot similarities, and tight groupings will emerge."
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What customers & experts say

Heidi Customer / CD Roma

“Since the launch, we’ve gotten more form submissions to inquire about our catering service and menu options. On top of that, I’ve noticed more customers who found out about us through our website before coming down to dine! The traffic we’ve realized in the short time the site has been online is very impressive.”

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Roberto Customer / Emerald Gardens

“B12 was able to give us the flexibility we needed to play around with website elements while guiding us in our first attempt at building a website.”

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Liam Sales at B12

“B12 aims to help small business owners by saving them time to focus doing what they do best — running their business. We want to help them increase their bottom line by providing high-quality websites at a fraction of the price charged by boutique agencies and other DIFY providers.”

Shane Customer / Spike On The Water

“The B12 website editor is so simple to use. I added a bunch of images, reworked text, linked my products, adjusted form links, and even got an animation flying around my footer. The experience with B12 has been amazing. Building a quality website is now fast and affordable.”

Chuck Customer / Crowdfluencer

“My B12 website looks great, I am truly satisfied with the outcome. I love the responsiveness of our new website, plus it's incredibly light and fast. The team did an incredible job with the styles and the designs really popped for me.”

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Debra Customer / A New View of Food

“B12 has positively impacted my business with its wide variety of integrations, such as the bookings integration! I’ve been getting more emails from potential customers who are able to book online and schedule consultations with me easily. I’m not tech savvy, so if you’re like me, having a company like B12 to work with is incredibly helpful.”

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Megan Customer success at B12

“The website editor rocks! It makes it easy to add new items while keeping the same theme and structure I set when I created the site, no reformatting needed. It's fool proof and provides everything needed to create a seamless, gorgeous website. I actually use B12 for my own website!”

Anne Customer / Grit and Grace

“The value of the B12 website was there from the very start. I noticed more traffic coming in immediately, which is hugely important for me. Knowing that B12’s tools are constantly optimizing my website for search engines offers me peace of mind. It helps me focus on running my business instead of trying to figure out how to run a website.”

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Karen Customer / The Lin Life

“B12 uses artificial intelligence to create websites quickly. The human team is friendly and accessible for those new to website development. I have a polished website in a shorter amount of time at an excellent value.”

Willie Customer / Urlife Now Fitness

“I like that someone is monitoring my website every month and making suggestions for how to improve it.”

Freddie Customer / Suffolk Equity Partners

“B12 is amazing! You get a high-quality design for the price of DIY. It's really remarkable.”

Princess Customer / Clear Visions Consulting Services, LLC

“I need \[B12] recommendations. As I add new courses to my website, I need to make sure that I'm fresh, I'm sharp, and I'm up to date.”

Joseph Customer / Founder Collective

“It was such a pleasure to work with B12. Their technology made the web design process easy and the B12 team helped us launch a website we love! We're proud to be an investor and a client.”

Megan Customer / Body Wise

“I love using the B12 website editor, which provides the ease of updating my website myself. With an intuitive editing platform, I didn’t need any guidance on making website updates. I made changes to my photos, copy, and text color — and I can do it whenever I want.”

Dan Sales at B12

“Business owners are crazy busy. What's crazier is expecting a business owner to know how to design, maintain, direct traffic to, and update their own website. Thanks to our AI, they really don't have to. B12's AI-powered websites are powerful and we can't wait to get what we've built in front of people.”

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