How to do email marketing to promote your YouTube channel

Want to get more subscribers for your YouTube channel? Try these tips and tricks for effective email marketing to get the word out.

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How to do email marketing to promote your YouTube channel


Transcript: hey everybody this is roberto blake of helping you create something awesome today so today we're going to talk about how to promote your YouTube channel the right way and get more subscribers I know a lot of you feel that you're struggling to get youtube subscribers and I want you to stop focusing so much on that because I think you're getting yourself worked up and getting down for no good reason with that I'm going to give you some practical advice that's gonna help you get you subscribers and grow your YouTube channel the right way without doing any scummy or spammy tactics but you need to understand something why I started doing this seriously in 2013 nobody was paying attention I had zero subscribers too so despite whatever my subscriber count is today whether it's 70 thousand or a hundred thousand don't think for one moment that I don't remember what was like to be a small YouTube channel it wasn't that long ago with that being said there are some things that I did starting out that I think will help you and are very important I did a focus less on marketing and promoting... See more →

Transcript: either this is at all of you once again welcome to this new video all right I'm going to show you how to promote or vhost your YouTube video or your channel to get more views and more subscribers to Google AdWords ads and if you're a beginner this video is going to be very helpful because I'm going to show you this full process step by step from the beginning to finishing by working on this practical video which I am going to promote so let's hop in this video and as you can see this video has over 4,600 views and I'm going to promote this one so that whenever someone will visit this watch this video they will find more of my videos as you can see here this is one of my video this is another of my videos so that I'll have more views on my channel or video and I'll gain more subscribers alright so I'm going to show you this process step by step without further ado let me start the process by finding Google Adwords here and then click on this one Google Ads or actually at and after coming here... See more →

Key quotes:

  • "Sure, cat videos and music videos attract their share of clicks, but many people who search for content on YouTube or in the search engines are looking for something they want to learn"
  • "Including clickable links to email you, visit your Kajabi website, subscribe to your blog, or buy your online courses can help boost conversions and make your videos more effective"
  • "Consider segmenting your email list and using your YouTube videos as your CTA destination link for people who haven’t entered the bottom of the sales funnel yet"
  • "Give people a reason to subscribe to your channel, leave a comment, and like your video"
  • "You can also ask people to like your videos and subscribe to your channels"
  • "Here’s a good example of how a YouTube video might appear in the SERPs: You can see the entire title, the thumbnail is attractive, the video is a desirable length, and the meta description makes sense"
  • "It often starts with promotion, whether you’re blogging, posting on social media, or creating YouTube videos"
  • "It starts by optimizing each video for search as well as for people who might want to watch it."
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Key quotes:

  • "Following is this week’s edition of my For The Interested newsletter which features ideas to help you better produce, promote, and profit from your creations"
  • "In this post I break down how to jump start your blog when traffic flatlines including suggestions of what to read, what to write, and even when to publish it"
  • "Related: How to come up with a great idea for your next blog post"
  • "“When you’re starting any video, say your credentials.” This is one of the simplest, most actionable collections of advice I’ve seen when it comes to optimizing your YouTube videos"
  • "Related: How to get more true fans"
  • "Andre Chaperon’s dive into the art of email marketing covers everything from how email fits strategically into what you do, to how to write emails and newsletters people will love, to how to use those emails to sell your products and services"
  • "Related: The first thing I send to people who give me their email address"
  • "In the past few weeks, I’ve helped them… • Grow their network on social media • Get noticed by people whose work they admire • Improve communication with their teams, partners, clients, and/or fans • Manufacture opportunities to get “lucky” The emails aren’t free — it’s a $10 monthly subscription."
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Key quotes:

  • "Influencers’ opinions matter to your target audience, and if they promote your product (not in a blunt way, of course), you can expect your revenue to grow"
  • "The main issue you have in mind so far is how to talk to YouTube influencers to convince them that promoting your product is worth the effort"
  • "There are several types of influencer advertising content you can benefit from: Now that you have an idea of what you should expect from a YouTube influencer, let’s take a closer a look at what you need before you start working with him or her"
  • "You need to know exactly what you want from the influencer, and how this endeavor will fit into your global ad campaign"
  • "Here are some tips on how you can do that: Remember that your offer is an opportunity for an influencer to work and continue developing their status as an active promotion expert while being helpful to their viewers at the same time"
  • "Be precise, and abandon the usual marketing or selling tricks you use in promotional letters for your potential customers"
  • "You need to prepare well before you reach out to an influencer: define your target audience, set your goals, and determine the ad campaign strategy."
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Key quotes:

  • "We’ve all heard about how important it is to optimize your marketing strategy on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, but there’s one website out there that doesn’t get as much attention: YouTube"
  • "With consumers watching more than six hours of online content weekly, now is a great time to start a YouTube marketing strategy"
  • "Video marketing is the perfect way to capture an audience, specifically on mobile platforms"
  • "You’re likely to reach new audiences, and since the service is free, it’s a budget-friendly way to expand your reach"
  • "When you’re starting to create your YouTube marketing strategy, the prospect may seem overwhelming"
  • "Once you’ve launched your YouTube marketing strategy and have started seeing results, you can get an idea of where improvements are needed"
  • "Including relevant keywords is one of the easiest ways to improve your SEO performance in video marketing and will bring more attention to your brand as a whole"
  • "You can easily integrate video into your blog posts, share your video content onto social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, include links to your videos in your email campaigns, and encourage people to visit and subscribe to your YouTube channel."
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Key quotes:

  • "But YouTube, unlike its sister social media channels (and video in general), has statistics that might make you think twice about creating video content"
  • "Have them repost the video to their own YouTube channels and cross-promote on their social media"
  • "Put your brand stamp on your channel page Much like the marketing assets a brand has in its arsenal (website, collateral, one-pagers, and social media) must consistently show off the brand in a consistent way, so should YouTube highlight a brand"
  • "3"
  • "Take a cue from Google and optimize your videos for SEO Now that you’ve got event-related videos and a shiny, new branded YouTube page, it’s time to work some real marketing magic"
  • "This is the key to leveraging YouTube for event marketing: make sure any videos related to potential or current attendees are seen! Optimizing your YouTube channel’s content for, say, the keywords, “event technology awards” may be more worthwhile in helping you get your video in front of those who work in event tech and move up the search ranks quicker"
  • "Once you figure out a handful of keywords to optimize for, start weaving them into your channel content."
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