How the Instagram bio generator can help you create a great bio

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How the Instagram bio generator can help you create a great bio


Transcript: Today I'm going to show you how to craft a good Instagram bio so I'm gonna swipe over to the home screen here and then I'm gonna go to my profile page in the bottom right of the tab bar and then here we'll be able to see my bio this is probably a bad example actually but I'll just hit edit profile and then we can tap on bio and we can see that there is no way to do a return or like add another line I'm gonna had done you can see it just looks weird but if we close this out and then we open up something like notes where you can edit text I want to create a new note so you can see here I've done multiple lines and sort of created a description it's good to use like an emoji or a bullet point or something like that so people can scan it quickly and figure out what you're all about and then do a few things that describe you or give a visual or... See more →

Transcript: In today's video, I want to dive right intoInstagram bios and the reason for this is because Instagram bios is so important, notis it only your Instagram feed that gives the first impression when someone goes onyour profile, but the Instagram bio is the first thing that someone sees and reads beforethey even scroll down to your feed. That's why in today's video specifically,I'm going to go over the five most important components of your Instagram bio and how youcan optimize it so that you can attract more leads into your business. With that being said, let's just get rightinto the video now. Before I dive into the five tips that I havefor you today, let's just first talk about why having a solid Instagram bio is so important. Number one, it's going to be a really greatfirst impression when someone goes onto your feet, meaning you need to give people a reasonwhy they should follow you, whether your account is a perfect fit for them or whether or notyou have the solution to their problems. At the end of the... See more →

Transcript: You want to grow your Instagram account I mean really grow your Instagram account one of the days video we're gonna be teaching you step one step one the foundation to growing a viral Instagram account that builds a loyal fan base and engage fan base people that actually care about what you post they care about your selfies in your gym clothes we are going to teach you how to create the perfect Instagram profile I mean if we're giving you my three-step method like an exact process in exact 1 2 3 to creating an Instagram profile that knocks it out the park that's perfect that gets people engaged that's ready to go viral that's ready for success so do this before any of those other countless YouTube videos of how to grow your Instagram account because this is a legit method that I give to all of my clients so you're going to be getting the exact same method that Hollywood's top entrepreneurs and influencers get the exact slike step one like first thing we do when we get a client is we take them through this method right so I'm going to be teaching you how... See more →

Transcript: In this video I'm gonna show you a really easy way to add like cute fancy different text to anything really to your social media to your home screen app folders anything where you can copy and paste the text to it once I put it um like on my Instagram oh I had a lot of people asking me for it I feel like it's something really simple but I feel like it's something a lot of people don't know so I thought it would be great to make a video and show you guys before we get into this video I'd really appreciate if you guys so hit the like button subscribe if you're not already and hit them with sponsors notified whenever I upload so if you want to see how to add fancy text to your stuff to keep watching I'm gonna be working on my iPhone and I'm gonna be recording it on my computer alright there are a couple websites you can find these texts I think I only know of two or three I'll link them down below... See more →

Transcript: I've actually started a Facebook group you may have already seen this it's getting really busy now make sure to join the link is gonna be in the description but let's get on with this video and this video is actually going to be talking about how to craft the perfect buyer for your account because it's not always the same and if you stick around through the video we're gonna be looking at something good some bad I'm gonna show you I'm going to actually write one out for... See more →

Key quotes:

  • "Here, we’ve rounded up the most effective ways to create a social media bio that will guarantee a perfect first impression"
  • "Social media is a rather lighthearted medium, don’t be scared to make a creative Facebook profile or funny Twitter bio"
  • "If you want to go the easy way or just get some inspiration, check out these tools that will generate your bio automatically: Creating a visually appealing Instagram account with consistent style and clear message in the bio will increase your chances for getting into the Top of Instagramers and thus boost your Instagram account performance even more"
  • "Some easy ways to increase the visual creativity of your bio include using emojis, symbols or changing the font"
  • "To make your Instagram bio centered, follow these easy steps: The social media bio is not only a description about you, it’s also a way to invite people to find out more about you"
  • "Think carefully about your values and the values of your audience as keywords help people to find you and your profile for the right reason"
  • "For inspiration, check out the compelling Facebook bio section of Ellen DeGeneres: While keywords can help the right audience to find you, meaningless buzzwords tend to bore."
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Key quotes:

  • "That’s why I decided to write this blog post to guide you on how to add spaces in your Instagram captions and bios"
  • "RELATED CONTENT: 15 of the Best Instagram Hashtag Generator Tools You Can Use in 2020 Before I discuss the steps you can follow to add spaces in your Instagram captions and bios, there are a few best practices that you need to remember"
  • "Following these best practices for adding spaces on Instagram will help you minimize frustration while trying to properly format your captions and bios: You might be reading this blog post right now because you’ve tried formatting your IG captions and bios right in the Instagram app and it didn’t work"
  • "RELATED CONTENT: 25 Instagram Marketing Tools You Need to Customize Your Online Promotions The easiest way to add spaces in your Instagram captions and bios is by using symbols"
  • "Here are the steps you need to follow to add invisible line breaks using this option: Type your caption in the app"
  • "Here are the steps you need to follow to use this tool to add spaces: Like typing in Notepad or MS Word, you just need to hit the “Enter” button two times if you want to get a line break."
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Key quotes:

  • "By using the right hashtags on your Instagram posts and Stories, you’ll be able to reach more people"
  • "And more importantly, you’ll reach people who are interested in the content you’re posting"
  • "To get started with this, use hashtags related to what your brand does in your Instagram bio"
  • "A great way of doing this is by cross-promoting your Instagram content on other marketing channels, such as your website, email list, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter"
  • "By collaborating with these brands, you’ll be able to get access to their audiences and that, in turn, can help you get more engagement and followers"
  • "You need to start looking for users and brands who are sharing quality content in your niche"
  • "To get started with this, you can publish a post on your Instagram account to announce the contest"
  • "You can ask Instagram users to follow your account, like your post, and comment on it in order to be eligible to win in the contest"
  • "You can also come up with a branded hashtag that they can use with their content"
  • "You should leverage hashtags, create high-quality content, publish consistently, and collaborate with other brands to grow your reach."
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Key quotes:

  • "Once you have your symbol copied to your clipboard, open Instagram, navigate to your bio, and tap “Edit Profile.” Hold down your finger on the field of your bio you want to insert your special character until “Paste” appears as an option, as shown below"
  • "Here’s how: Find a post you want to share in your Instagram Stories and tap the paper airplane icon, as shown below"
  • "This icon will open a screen allowing you to send this post to specific followers, or add to your Story"
  • "Tapping this option will automatically turn the post into an Instagram Story, which you can edit and design to your liking the same way you would any other Instagram Story"
  • "Then, to hide the posts you’ve been tagged in from other users, click the three dots in the top right of your screen and choose “Hide Photos.” Select the posts you’d like to remove from your profile, and when you’re done, tap “Hide Photos” at the bottom of your screen"
  • "But, you can change your Instagram settings to enable manually selecting which photos you’re tagged in that show up on your profile."
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Key quotes:

  • "Taking a few minutes to think about what you’re about isn’t just a great writing exercise, it’s a clarifying moment of personal development"
  • "Here are a few ways you can get started on your professional, website, LinkedIn, or short bio"
  • "Here’s a tip: Whether you’re writing a bio, creating a presentation, or just sending an email, Grammarly can help! Keep your social media bios short, sweet, and only filled with the most important things a stranger should know about you, such as: Professional sites like LinkedIn, AngelList, or a speaker bio on an event site all have space for a bio or summary section"
  • "You’ve already created a whole website about yourself, so it can be difficult to muster the strength to write that final description of who you are and what you’re about"
  • "Using a descriptive headline about his work and a short list of only his most recognizable accomplishments, Jamie is able to sum up several projects in a relatively small space"
  • "You don’t need to create the next Between The World And Me to write a killer bio"
  • "Writing a bio on a site like Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn can be daunting because there are already so many fantastic bios (and people!) out there."
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