How to edit Snapchat story using hidden app features

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How to edit Snapchat story using hidden app features


Transcript: go to your my friends list click on your name click on the section you want to delete click on the gear delete... See more →

Transcript: Today I'm going to be showing you the new snapshot update of January in February 2019 so let's get into it so as I said today I'm gonna be showing you the new snapshot update of January 2019 so this is a pretty major update snapshot puts out major updates about once every 2 or 3 months so this is this month's update it's ten point forty nine point one point one and as you can see here it says tap on a friend's bitmoji to view your friendship profile you'll find the images videos messages links and more that you and your friends have saved and chat all in one place friendship profiles will only be visible to you and the person or group that you were friends with on snapchat so that's the only feature listed there are a couple more features that they listed right here so I'll go over those with you guys too but I'll just kind of give you a rundown on this new all the new features in this update so let's get started so the biggest feature on here is if you... See more →

Transcript: Welcome back to another video today on the channel now I know it's been quite some time since I uploaded my last video but you know I was waiting for the new snapchat update and then finally it didn't come out and then we got this new other snapchat update which i think is a lot cooler I which is going to allow you to upload to snapchat what mind ballon that's right guys you are now going to be able to upload to snapchat without having like the annoying white borders from the memories and we're gonna talk all about that also two other smaller features you can now save within your one-on-one chats which is I mean I don't really understand why that's a huge deal but also you could look at in your group chats you can now see where the people are located if they have their snapchat Maps turn on those first two you know that those are kind of cool but the first one is something a lot of people have been waiting for and I honestly didn't ever think snapchat... See more →

Transcript: what's that welcome to our video tutorial this is Americana in this video day I'm going to show you a wonderful video tutorial about snapchat which when instr how to block people from seeing your snapchat story so that is the one of the most very important question in a snapchat so in this video today I'm going to show you how to do this so guys first of all you need to open your snapchat app that they have already start and your Android device then go to your profile settings and from here you see Anna top right corner of the screen which runs gear i can so tap on this one and we just move to the view miles story option from this section so tape on this one and i have three options everyone and my friend in custom blue so everyone it means that everyone can send your snapchat stories and if you tap on a friend you just give a permission to only friends to see your stories understand apps yet but I'm going to show specific people that see your story so that's why I'm selecting the custom and from here you can... See more →

Key quotes:

  • "Actually, it’s far more likely you’ve seen more people talking about Snapchat in recent weeks"
  • "There are a few ways to add people on Snapchat"
  • "You can add pictures and video clips to a Story that is made public to everyone following you"
  • "To add pictures or videos directly to your story, you want to use this icon with the + and square: A few tips about Stories — make them actual stories! If you tap on the 3 dots by “Your Story,” you can dive deeper into some analytics such as how many views a clip has received, and even if someone takes a screenshot of that clip"
  • "Direct messages and chatting all takes place on the other side of the home/camera screen"
  • "Once you view a snap or leave the message screen, it disappears"
  • "Like text, you can press and hold the message to save it in the stream as well, making it useful if you don’t want to forget what they said"
  • "Video Icon: Just like the phone icon, if you tap the video icon, you can video call your friend within the Snapchat app."
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Key quotes:

  • "But the fact is, Snapchat has some excellent features and tricks which you don’t know"
  • "Rewind your video clip and use Slow Mo filters: Not only you can enjoy snaps in your snapchat account but you will also be able to take a video clip"
  • "Emojis and options: Nowadays who don’t like to use to funny emojis and texts to their images and make them fun to see.Snapchat has option to add emojis and texts to your pictures very easily"
  • "SO now you will be able to find a hidden features in Snapchat by tapping which your photo will automatically look bright even when you are in a dark place"
  • "You will see a blue button glowing instead of yellow button that means you are now able to connect with your friends with video chat"
  • "Enable your verification of your Login: Snapchat is a secret photo sharing site where you will be able to share funny selfies or photos with your mate"
  • "This Snapchat trick is very simple but only few of the users knows about this all features so I have shared this with you."
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Key quotes:

  • "In case you missed it, Snapchat rolled out a new section in the app called Memories"
  • "The TLDR version of the new features: you can save all the snaps you ever wanted right inside the app itself"
  • "Thanks to this feature, Snap has enabled users to reuse snaps from their Memories section AND has allowed users to upload photos from their camera roll to their stories"
  • "As we look at all the great ways to explore this new feature, I wanted to check in with some of the features and how this update will change them"
  • "I save my snap stories professionally and personally"
  • "For the brand I manage though, I save stories for an entirely different reason"
  • "There is no option to download to camera roll from here"
  • "Now go back to where you take the snap and go to the new Memories section"
  • "So if you only wanted to download one part of the story, this process would be pretty much the same except for clicking the specific snap in the story and saving it to Memories"
  • "Hopefully this saves you a few moments of searching or at least a glimpse into the new Snapchat if you haven’t gotten a chance to check it out!"
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Key quotes:

  • "Because there is no easy way to discover new accounts, the community on Snapchat has stepped up and a major part of the snapping experience is sharing Snapcodes"
  • "I want to add a picture or a video to my story from my Camera Roll and Snapchat doesn’t support that? I get the whole “We want to be an independent platform that doesn’t let you share to other platforms” thing but that doesn’t mean that just because I didn’t take the picture in Snapchat, I shouldn’t be allowed to share it to my story"
  • "So please, let me hide people so they can still reply to my snaps with a chat (something you can only do when someone follows you) but I don’t have to see the story of their dog at the top of my feed every single day! This is like one of those things that we will look back on in a year or two and say “Remember Snapchat pre user profiles? Again, I get that Snapchat can’t integrate with other platforms and add a share to Twitter or Facebook button but why not let me choose an option to have all my stories automatically saved to the cloud or something so I can easily share them?"
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Key quotes:

  • "If you are just getting started on Snapchat, then these features can help you look like a pro"
  • "Getting the word out about your Snapchat account will help grow your following to a very eager-to-engage audience"
  • "While viewing a snap and holding the screen with one finger, tap the picture or video once with another finger and it will skip that snap and send you to the next one in the story"
  • "The most recent Snapchat update allows users to use two filters on their snaps"
  • "When looking through the viewfinder, but before you take a picture or start recording a video, double tap the screen to change between the back camera and front-facing camera"
  • "By double tapping the screen you can quickly change between different views when sending your content"
  • "If you open a DM between you and a friend and tap the yellow circle (send snap) icon, you will be able to pick from your pictures on your phone to send to that friend"
  • "When coloring on a picture or video, hold your finger on the color chooser and then slide it all the way to the left side of the screen."
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