How to make a scrolling gif to liven up your posts

Want to add gifs to your posts? These resources will help you create scrolling gifs with ease to give your posts more visual and creative impact.

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How to make a scrolling gif to liven up your posts


Transcript: This is another very highly requested tutorial and I wasn't sure how I was going to do it because I'm not an animator but you guys really want to know how to animate on fire alpaca recently from its new update maybe maybe it's been around for a year I'm not sure but fire alpaca gave you the ability to animate kind of in a way fire alpaca offers a few options that makes it easier for you to animate and there are some tutorials on YouTube for now how to animate and fire alpaca and it's correct but it's not in the way that fire alpaca wanted you to animate on it so I'm just going to show you what fire alpaca has to offer you in terms of animation and hopefully it makes things easier for those who want to animate so what you're looking at right now is my new end slate and I wanted to make this right I couldn't figure out what facial expression I wanted to put on my face and so I decided I'm just going to use every facial expression that I want and I'm going to make it... See more →

Transcript: I want to show you how to make an animated gif inside of Photoshop CC 2015 okay now I've already created one earlier and so I'm just going to play this and hit the play button in the timeline panel here if you can't see your timeline panel you may just need to just click on that to open it up and then I'll hit the play button and we'll see this young woman spinning okay it's actually constructed from eight still images now they were captured using a tripod and I'll just stop this and we'll close the file and I'll show you how I've made this file from scratch so we'll just close this one and now we'll come down to file and instead of coming to open we're going to come down to scripts and we're going to come across to load files into stack now we have my eight still images that I prepared okay they're going to be screen resolution images we're not going to be creating animated gifs from 24 megapixel files here so you are gonna need to gonna crop these still... See more →

Transcript: If you've ever tried to upload a gif on to Instagram you'll notice that it shows up as an image and not a gif if It was a gif it would be moving like a video but in this video I'm gonna show you an easy way to upload gifts onto Instagram that'll play exactly like they should. So, I'll show you two different ways to upload a gif on Instagram one is if you already have a gif Saved onto your images and you want to upload that like something you made or something you downloaded already the second one is using my favorite app that comes pre-loaded with ton of gifts and That allows you to directly upload those gifts onto Instagram so first Let me show you how upload one of my gifts onto Instagram, so this is the gif file I want to upload so first I need to convert it to a way that Instagram is gonna understand it and to do that I need an app so I'm using an iPhone here, so I'm using the App Store, but on the Android there is an app called Gif to video it's a really easy... See more →

Transcript: want to spice up your Instagram feed and stories with fun animated gifs we're here to show you how it's done I'm Jessica from Tech boomers comm in this video I'll be showing you how to post a gif on Instagram including sharing gifts as posting your feed using the new gift sticker feature for Instagram stories and creating your own gifts with the boomerang app now let's get started first I'll show you how to post a gif on your regular Instagram feed you can find thousands of awesome gifts on gif EECOM so that's where we're going to begin open your web browser and go to get feed comm you can do this on your computer or on your mobile device then click in the search bar and type in a word related to the type of image you'd like to find browse the search results to find a gif you like when you find one click on it now you'll see some social sharing icons click the Instagram button in the small window that appears type in your email address if you will convert the gif to an mp4 video file and email it to you so... See more →

Transcript: so recently I redesigned my website and when I went to share it on Instagram I did so with a fun little graphic like this and when I posted that I got a ton of questions about how I did it so that is what I'm going to show you in today's video if you're like oh my god I don't even have a website yet don't even worry that is what I teach over at solopreneur sidekick comm so leave a link in the description below for you to go and check that out if we haven't met yet hi I'm Louise I put out new videos every single week all about making me Tech in your online business easier so if that is something you could use a little bit of help with definitely hit subscribe down below and hit that little belt icon so you get notified every time I post a new video all right so here is how to easily create a scrolling animation of your website alright so the first thing you need to do is download this Chrome extension it's called full-page screen capture I'll leave a link for you below this video... See more →

Key quotes:

  • "Are you wondering how you can use a GIF in the Instagram Story in the best possible way? Using GIFs can be a great way of connecting with your customers by creating relatable content"
  • "Using the new GIF stickers feature in Instagram Stories has to be one of the best practices of 2018"
  • "Keep reading for some fun, creative ways in which you can use Instagram Story GIFs! By pinning your GIF to your Instagram Story video, you can make sure they pop up at the perfect moment and keep your viewers hooked"
  • "You want to make sure that you use Instagram Stories GIFs sparingly, so as to not distract the viewer from the actual photograph"
  • "Creating your own stickers allows other people to use them in their Stories, which allows you to increase brand awareness and have fun at the same time! Last year, Gary Vaynerchuk created a collection of GIFs that you can search in the GIPHY library with the keyword ‘@garyvee’ along with other popular business-related ones"
  • "Having the ability to put GIF Stickers in Instagram Stories means a new, fun way to express yourself."
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Key quotes:

  • "This time we will be concentrated on some purposes that can make a designer think about animated interface elements as the sort of a design solution improving interaction and providing positive user experience"
  • "The biggest advantage of this animated interaction is providing the assurance for the users, making them calm and confident in the process of using the product"
  • "However, this particular kind of animated interactions really needs to be considered in terms of creating efficient user interface informing the user quickly"
  • "This sort of animation is actually very close to the previous as its initial general aim is to draw attention to the particular element by means of motion"
  • "In one of our articles we have mentioned that the strategy of consistent using element of branding in the interface, especially applied directly in the process of interaction with a product, can be an effective method significantly strengthening brand image"
  • "So, the conclusion here is simple: any animation which is applied in the interface should have a clear purpose enhancing general user experience"
  • "In vast majority of cases, UI designers and motion designers try to find design solutions in which animated elements will satisfy multiple options increasing usability and desirability of the interface."
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Key quotes:

  • "It’s best practice to post during high engagement times, and it’s important to keep up with new trends to stay relevant"
  • "Although you are running social media accounts on behalf of a company, it’s still important to have personality"
  • "The automation of scheduled social posts is a huge help, but don’t automate all the content as this will seem robotic to your followers"
  • "It’s important to stay active, post fresh content, and prioritize social media platforms based on the audience"
  • "Selling on social media is an excellent thing to include in your strategy, but you can add more value to your accounts by giving your followers intriguing content that gives them the desire to come back for more"
  • "You likely spend a lot of time working with your social accounts, so don’t let the work go to waste"
  • "One way you can make your company’s social media presence more known is by putting links to your social accounts everywhere — have “follow” buttons on your website and in your blogs, and anywhere else that makes sense"
  • "Know there is no secret to success, but there are tons of tactics you can implement in your social media strategy to make your presence better."
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Key quotes:

  • "Besides being entertaining to create and share, using GIFS for business is on the rise"
  • "There’s a huge difference between a video of a dog doing something bizarre and a purposeful GIF; the latter delivers a powerful message that can push campaigns"
  • "GIFS are popular with millennials, so if your business is targeting them you need to speak their language and join in! Using GIFS for business will keep you involved with your audience, particularly on Social Media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest"
  • "Sharing GIFS on Social Media has never been simpler"
  • "On Social Media, GIFS are certainly attention grabbing"
  • "No matter the industry, using GIFS for business demonstrates a brand wants to be involved in what’s current"
  • "GIFS are entertaining, you can share a product, piece of news or an update in a more interesting way than a standard image or video"
  • "Just like on Social Media, email accounts are cluttered with promotion emails from businesses pushing to get their message heard and conversions increased"
  • "GIFS are not only for Social Media, they can be used in Email Marketing too"
  • "You could get your audience involved by asking them to create GIFS for your brand to be used in your upcoming campaign."
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Key quotes:

  • "Cinemagraph’s are a relatively new effect that takes a short video and turns it into an endlessly looping image with subtle motion"
  • "Why have they become increasingly popular over the last few years? Because when scrolling through a page on social media they catch your attention instantly"
  • "Cinemagraphs are a great tool for spicing up your social media campaigns, blog posts and to market products"
  • "They are much more eye-catching than a typical image and fairly easy to create once you have some good footage to use"
  • "Here are some of my favorite examples of cinemagraphs I have found on the web"
  • "Notice how the majority of the image remains still while just the curtain her right arm and the globe are spinning"
  • "Convinced? They are definitely interesting"
  • "Sure they are just GIF’s but the way they are presented, keeping the majority of the image eerily still and high definition while a subtle aspect of the image moves in a looping motion"
  • "If you want to try creating your own you can use Photoshop or the easier way is to use dedicated cinemagraph software that creates them in just a few steps from a video"
  • "Written by"
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