The ultimate guide on how to get more likes on Instagram

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The ultimate guide on how to get more likes on Instagram

If you're using Instagram for your business and want to know how to get more likes, this guide will cover everything you need to know.

January 07 · 7 min read

Odds are you already know what Instagram is, considering one in every seven people uses the social media platform. It’s this immense popularity that makes Instagram a must for your business. If you’re using Instagram for your professional venture and want to know how to get more likes, this guide will help you learn more.

Mastering hashtags

What are Instagram hashtags?

Hashtags are the things on Instagram (and other social media platforms) that make content searchable.

They look like this: #GreenTea

It’s the number sign (or pound sign) at the beginning that makes it a hashtag. Without the number sign, it’s just another word in your caption. You can add hashtags to your Instagram bio, Stories, and (most importantly) your Instagram posts. You can add up to 30 to an Instagram post, but we recommend keeping it to 15 or less.

As we said, hashtags make your posts searchable. When you use “#GreenTea” in your post’s caption, anyone who searches for “green tea” could potentially find your post. Instagram’s algorithms, your followers, and a post’s engagement also determine its searchability.

You can tap on hashtags in the Instagram app, which will show you other posts using the same hashtag, as well as where your post appears in the results for that hashtag.

The benefits of using hashtags

Improve your discoverability

It’s essential to use hashtags because they improve your discoverability. Without them, it’s unlikely someone will find your Instagram posts without directly searching for your account.

Hashtags are the cornerstone of Instagram’s search, and you can easily use them to your advantage. Try using multiple hashtags in a post, combining them in ways to maximize traffic.

Research and include popular hashtags for each post to put as many eyes on your content as possible. Or you could try using less popular hashtags to help your posts stand out.

Drive traffic to your account, not just your posts

A more recent Instagram mechanism is the ability to add hashtags to all facets of your account, not only your main feed posts. In the last year or so, Instagram has added hashtags to your account, stories, and comments.

Adding hashtags to each of these areas allows you to make your entire Instagram presence just as searchable as your posts. Incorporating hashtags throughout your account will help drive traffic to your profile, likely increasing your visibility and followers. It’s one of the best solutions to get more likes on Instagram.

The best hashtags for each day of the week

Sunday hashtags

  • #SundayFunday
  • #SundayRead
  • #StartupSunday
  • #SpotlightSunday
  • #SundaySale
  • #SundaySpecial
  • #SundaySweets
  • #SundayRunday
  • #ScienceSunday
  • #SundayBrunch

Monday hashtags

  • #MondayMotivation
  • #MotivationMonday
  • #MondayBlues
  • #Monday
  • #MondayFunday
  • #MindfulMonday
  • #MarketingMonday

Tuesday hashtags

  • #TipTuesday
  • #TravelTuesday
  • #TechTuesday
  • #GoodNewsTues
  • #TransformationTuesday
  • #TuesdayThoughts
  • #TuesdayTrivia

Wednesday hashtags

  • #WellnessWednesday
  • #HumpDay
  • #WisdomWednesday
  • #WayBackWednesday
  • #WorkoutWednesday
  • #WinItWednesday
  • #WackyWednesday

Thursday hashtags

  • #ThrowbackThursday
  • #TBT
  • #ThankfulThursday
  • #ThursdayThoughts
  • #TGIT
  • #ThoughtfulThursday
  • #Throwback

Friday hashtags

  • #FearlessFriday
  • #FlashbackFriday
  • #TGIF
  • #FunnyFriday
  • #FoodieFriday
  • #FridayFun
  • #FollowFriday
  • #FitnessFriday
  • #FeelGoodFriday
  • #ThankGodItsFriday
  • #FeatureFriday
  • #FridayNight
  • #FridayReads
  • #FactFriday
  • #FreebieFriday

Saturday hashtags

  • #SaturdaySpecial
  • #Caturday
  • #SaturdayShoutout
  • #SaturdaySale
  • #SaturdayStyle
  • #SaturdayShenanigans
  • #SmallBusinessSaturday

Finding the right hashtags for your brand

As you can see, there are tons of hashtags to choose from, even when only picking ones for days of the week. How do you evaluate all of these options and pick the right ones for your brand?

There are a few different techniques for picking the perfect hashtags. The simplest is to see what hashtags your competitors are using. Check out the accounts of businesses similar to yours and see which hashtags they regularly use. You can also look through their most-liked posts to see ones have the best results.

Another helpful trick is to see which hashtags your followers are using. Not all of these hashtags are going to be relevant to your brand, but using the same hashtags as your followers can help you connect with your audience.

Finally, picking the right hashtags has a lot to do with trial and error. The good news is that every time you post something to Instagram, you have an opportunity to try something different. You’re never locked into your Instagram strategy. So, throw in new hashtags now and then and see how they affect your posts, keeping the ones that work and getting rid of the ones that don’t.

Creating your hashtag

You might’ve already realized by now that you can easily create your hashtag by simply typing whatever you want after the number sign (many people accidentally create hashtags through typos). This means you can create a hashtag that belongs to your brand, like a slogan or moniker.

Creating a hashtag generally won’t improve your searchability significantly, as the hashtag won’t be something most people know about. You can include it with the rest of your branding to make it more discoverable, though. Instead, the goal behind creating a hashtag is to encourage people to interact with your brand on Instagram.

By creating a unique, catchy hashtag, you can get other Instagram users to use it and bring attention back to your business. It’s a great way to extend your branding on the platform.

Mastering your Instagram posts

Take consistent, high-quality photos

It’s common sense but often overlooked. The pictures and videos you post to Instagram should be high-quality, well-edited pictures. If you don’t know how to take excellent images using a smartphone, you can find plenty of tutorials online that’ll help.

Not only should your photos look good, but they should also stand out. Boring photos with perfect symmetry are still dull. Choose images that are expressive, colorful, exciting and representative of your brand.

If you’re not putting thought into the visuals you share on Instagram, you’re missing out on a great branding opportunity. All of your photos should follow cohesive color schemes, themes, and use complementary filters.

Get the most out of every post

Not only do you want to create high-quality Instagram posts, but you also want to milk them for all they’re worth. Rather than looking at your Instagram posts as something on your to-do list, you should think of them as tiny opportunities for growth that can quickly add up.

To maximize the growth potential of each Instagram post, you’ll need to take advantage of all of the available tools. Hashtags are significant, but there are more, including tagging.

There are two types of tagging: location and user. The first involves marking the location of a particular post. For example, if you took a photo by the famous Hollywood Sign, you can denote in your Instagram post before or after sharing the image. You can also tag a person or brand in the photo, which is user tagging.

Finally, an excellent way to get more out of your Instagram posts is to cross-promote. If you post on a near-daily basis, you don’t want to cross-promote all of your content because you’ll probably annoy your followers! But when you have an important announcement, you can share it via your various social media channels to funnel traffic back to Instagram.

Mastering your Instagram schedule

The best times to post

HubSpot put out a great article on the best times to post on Instagram, depending on your company type. We’ll cover the basics in this article, so if you want a more in-depth look at timing, we recommend checking out HubSpot’s piece.

Through data-backed trial and error, HubSpot discovered the best day to post is Thursday, specifically at 3 pm, 5 am, 11 am, and 4 pm. For other days of the week, any time between 2 pm and 3 pm saw the best engagement.

It’s important to remember that these are general rules, meaning these aren’t magic numbers that will work for everyone. To find the best time for your business, you’ll need to figure out when your target demographic is on Instagram.

The best apps for scheduling posts

We know it seems like a big commitment, trying to plan, precisely time, and create strong Instagram content — and you’re right! That’s why loads of app developers offer free social media scheduling tools to help you manage your Instagram posts.

Take your Instagram account to the next level

Now that you know how to get more likes on Instagram, you’re ready to up your game with an informed strategy. Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, especially with young people, which makes it a powerful tool for your marketing campaign. For more tips to boost your marketing plan, peruse the rest of our resources.

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