Check out these free edgy fonts for your modern designs

Looking for edgy fonts for your designs? Designers love these free font resources to achieve a futuristic look.

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Check out these free edgy fonts for your modern designs


Key quotes:

  • "Download Mixa Script font family free demo is a Neo-grotesque Sans Serif mixed with the classical handwritten Script in slanted geometric shapes — that’s the way Mixa was born"
  • "Download Formia Script free font is a handwritten typeface specially crafted for your projects"
  • "Download Saros Slab Serif Free Font is a flexible typeface that aims to project reliability and personality for type on print and screen"
  • "The free demo contains Rational display and text with two weights; light and semibold that you can use for many purposes as seen on the previews"
  • "Use this font for your next creative works such as logo design, apparel or t-shirt design, posters, headline and so much more! In this free demo you will get Coats with light weight that is perfect for your next creative project; such as web font, logo, body text and more! elegant yet classy, this font is perfect for your next creative works; logo design, brand, t-shirt and apparel and a lot more! This font family is perfect for headlines, logotype, and more of your creative works; it is also looks good as body text since it provides various font weight."
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Key quotes:

  • "Good for: Business, portfolios, CVs, and publications.Check out this Wix template featuring these fonts: Wedding videographers website template"
  • "The neo-grotesque sans serif typeface was developed by Google as the system font for its mobile operating system, Android, to be “modern and approachable.” Good for: Business, fitness, and technology.Check out this Wix template featuring these fonts: Karate school website template"
  • "Good for: Family and kids-oriented businesses, online stores, DIY, and blogs.Check out this Wix template featuring these fonts: Comic convention website template"
  • "Good for: Business, online stores, portfolios, and photography.Check out this Wix template featuring these fonts: Plant boutique website template"
  • "Good for: Business, online stores, portfolios, and photography.Check out this Wix template featuring these fonts: Music artist website template"
  • "Good for: Business, fashion, DIY, blogs, and food.Check out this Wix template featuring these fonts: Beauty salon website template"
  • "Good for: Weddings, invitations, jewellery, and online stores.Check out this Wix template featuring these fonts: Poster shop website template"
  • "Its stylistic form is balanced well with Playfair Display subtitles, a modern serif that keeps things elegant and classic, and the simple Proxima Nova in your paragraphs"
  • "Good for: Business and publications.Check out this Wix template featuring these fonts: Designer store website template."
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Key quotes:

  • "Here’s a diagram of the difference between Serif and Sans Serif: Source: CreativeBloq Fonts in the Script typeface are meant to imitate the fluidity of human handwriting"
  • "Here’s what Courier looks like: Source: PrePressure These different typefaces and fonts are widely used across the internet, and research has been conducted about the impact of fonts on communication and overall perception"
  • "The fonts that respondents answered questions about were: Source: UsabilityNews Different uses of each font were evaluated in the survey, such as emails, letters, spreadsheets, web pages, headlines, and news articles"
  • "Creative Bloq created an infographic that outlines many factors to consider when choosing fonts for different projects, and they found a few trends in which fonts are widely used specifically among blogs: Sans serif fonts are particularly clear to readers: Without the serifs on the lettering, Sans serif fonts like Arial are easy to read even on small screens, where users are spending a lot of time online these days"
  • "Source: HubSpot & Fount The visual elements on a web page are just as important as the content you’re writing about, so experiment with different fonts that send the right message and elicit the feelings you want from your audience."
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Key quotes:

  • "Almost everything on the list this year is free, with a few low-cost, high-value apps and tools also included"
  • "It has an elegant and light design, and it’s easy to use and customize to your needs"
  • "Material Palette is a Material Design palette generator that’s super easy to use"
  • "The Trianglify Generator lets you create a custom images based on triangles and color gradients"
  • "AppLandr makes it easy to create beautiful landing pages for iOS and Android apps"
  • "Makerbook is a curated directory of some of the best free resources for designers and other creatives"
  • "Teachery lets you create and sell beautiful online courses quickly and easily, with no design or development skills required"
  • "Frontify Style Guide lets you create free style guides for your projects quickly and easily"
  • "You can easily structure your content, create custom designs, edit right on the page, and more"
  • "Vectr is a free design app for print and web"
  • "Blend lets you choose from standard color palettes (Flat UI, Material Design, etc.) to create a CSS gradient"
  • "It’s easy to use and you can quickly grab the code for your projects"
  • "It’s free for personal use, with paid commercial licenses available"
  • "It’s free for personal use."
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Key quotes:

  • "Keep reading to see 21 examples of brochure design inspiration you’re welcome to steal from"
  • "This tri-fold brochure design has elements that work in harmony with the tri-fold format to create distinct sections, each with a unique layout that keeps things interesting"
  • "The image-centric, booklet-style design is a sleek, artistic format that could give your brand a professional edge"
  • "Plenty of space for images of the property as well as for your engaging descriptions makes this template a powerful tool in your real estate marketing arsenal"
  • "Beautiful images make up the bulk of this brochure template, giving it an immersive and open feel"
  • "Using the design of your brochure to create a distinct feel can solidify your brand for a customer before they even read a word of copy"
  • "The Big Sky travel brochure template is highly adaptable, with a blend of elements that are easily customized to match the look and feel of the destination"
  • "The highly professional look of the Commercial brochure is perfect for real estate and corporate use"
  • "The first thing to consider is making sure the brochure you create is consistent with the brand you’re designing it for."
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