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Nicole Beech

Nicole Beech

July 26 · 5 min read


How did you first learn about B12? What led you to select it as your website builder?

I did an online search on Google. When I was looking at all the different options that help to set up business websites, I saw B12 and noticed that the verbiage used on the website felt relatable to myself as an individual. Being able to talk to someone on the B12 team felt like I was working with someone on the project, rather than a huge corporate company that is not going to treat you as an individual when taking care of everything you need to set up the website online.

When did you first launch your business’s website, when did you launch your B12 website, and what impact did your B12 website have on your business’s performance?

I launched it right around when I launched the website, in June 2019. I didn’t have a website before B12, and it’s the first company that I approached. I received a lot of compliments on my new website, it’s very well organized and pleasant looking! The website definitely helped, especially with the online marketing that we have done so far. Most of my clients go to the website first before making the phone call, so it has become a rather solid base for potential customers to gather information about Ledger Logic.

Visit Ledger Logic at www.theledgerlogic.com

What’s one piece of advice you’d offer a business owner looking to launch a new website?

The work for other people is most likely busy work for the owner. Making a website is one example. Let other people do these things while you take care of your business and networking. Take care of what you need to and let the professionals to the rest!

Get B12

Tell us about your business. What made you start it, when did you start it, and what’s been your biggest achievement to date?

Ledger Logic is a virtual bookkeeping business. Coming from a corporate background, I have a lot of experience in financial and inventory management. As such, I wanted to go out and help local and small businesses grow within their own community, in particular, their financial management. Starting Ledger Logic, a virtual bookkeeping business helps track their accounts, ensure that the finances are updated, leverage on their existing financial resources, and conduct payroll assistance as well.

My biggest achievement thus far has to be the numerous compliments I received from potential customers. My B12 website has helped everything to come together. It helps people feel more confident about Ledger Logic when choosing someone to manage their finances as business owners.

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