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Matten Law scales up to double the team & grow its client list while staying true to its innovative identity

Founder Ron Matten shares how the firm’s online presence has helped them reach clients globally, expand the team, and rebrand.

Matten Law
Matten Law
Customer:Matten Law
Company size:1-10 employees
Problem:A tech-savvy firm with a low-tech website and small marketing budget needed to reach more leads
Solution:An online presence built to convert leads has allowed the firm to scale sustainably
Products used:

About Matten Law

Matten Law is an immigration law firm that uses automation and artificial intelligence to offer an elegant yet easy client experience. The firm provides legal support to people and companies worldwide, specializing in US work visas, startup advisory, and family immigration.

After spending 20 years at large legal firms, founder Ron Matten pursued his dream of starting his own practice. He noticed that the legal industry continuously resisted adopting new technology into daily operations, and started Matten Law with the intention to embrace automation and other tech to make the immigration process more efficient for clients.

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The challenge

Ron knows that connecting with his audience online is the key to his firm’s success. Unfortunately, Matten Law’s online presence didn’t do much to support that effort. Previously, the firm’s digital identity was merely a placeholder site with minimal functionality and support for its visitors and certainly didn’t reflect the company's mission as a modern, tech-savvy practice.

As Ron searched for an alternative solution, he found several potential website development services, but none fit both his company’s values and budget. Matten Law was a lean team of three employees trying hard to grow, so Ron was conscious of every dollar spent and aware that every marketing decision had to be deliberate and scalable in the long run.

As is the norm for any leader of a small company trying to scale, Ron’s daily tasks go beyond providing legal services to clients. His time is also spent networking, nurturing relationships, and finding new ways to market the firm. Referrals are a good start but not enough to propel Matten Law to its ambitious growth goals. To make those happen, Matten Law needed to attract more attention by showing up when people search for the legal services they offer.


Atlas Law website

Ron was looking for assistance with maintaining and developing the Matten Law site so he could refocus his time on running his business. As he sourced web design alternatives, he came across B12 on Facebook.

“The concept of building an AI website really intrigued me. The use of AI aligned with my firm’s vision to use the latest technology. All I had to do was answer some questions and it generated a great-looking website draft. I was blown away.”

He scheduled a demo with a B12 consultant. Impressed by the design quality of his AI draft and the other B12 features he learned on the call, he was surprised at its affordability compared to the alternatives, which hadn’t gotten him the results he wanted in the past. Instead of the static placeholer site he was stuck with, a new B12 site would be easy to update and evolve over time. With much more competitive pricing than the thousands that freelance designers charge, Ron was convinced to try B12 and never looked back.

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The results

Matten Law has been able to expand its online footprint to get in front of its audience, ranking on the first page of Google for seven keywords and making a 43% jump in organic search. Since joining B12, Matten Law has built a thriving team and added several new global clients, service areas, and technology solutions to make the firm stand out in the legal industry.

B12 produced Matten Law’s dream website and has saved Ron the time and trouble of maintaining it these past 4 years. The guidance and work of B12’s experts and customer success team have helped Matten Law get a professional website that matches the firm’s identity and enabled the company to scale, just as Ron had hoped.

Ranks on the 1st page of Google for 7 keywords

+43% in organic search
+46% in direct search

“We have added a partner and doubled the size of our team. More recently, [B12] redesigned our website to incorporate video into the homepage and was extremely helpful when we decided to refresh our brand. They made the process very easy to make updates while staying consistent with our prior branding. The site [now] helps better manage client leads by funneling to a single point of contact.”

Ron continues to be impressed by B12’s ability to deliver the updates he wants and to do it so fast. Using B12, he launched the website he had tried for years to get from his previous website company in only two weeks.

“With B12, it’s like they are part of my team. Unlike most website design companies and freelancers, B12 instilled strong confidence that they will always be there. They have held onto that promise for years and I have loved the entire experience.”

Grow your business online with less effort

B12 made Matten Law more discoverable online, enabling the firm to look credible to visitors and convert them to clients. The practice’s more streamlined approach to winning new business has propelled them to achieve meaningful growth.

Now, we want to help your business reach its goals, whether you’re looking to save some time each week, increase your quarterly revenue, or double your clientele. Schedule your consultation today to learn how B12 makes it easy to engage clients, sell your services, and grow your business.

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Barbara Bartelsmeyer

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