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Matten Law uses cutting-edge technology to connect with global clientele

Matten Law founder Ron Matten shares how he combined technology and traditional legal practice to build a respected law firm.


An immigration law firm in Los Angeles that embraces automation

Matten Law uses leading-edge technology, automation, and artificial intelligence to elevate its client experience. The firm provides customer-centric immigration legal support to individuals and companies worldwide, focusing on four immigration law cases; individuals applying for US work visas, startup founders, family immigration clients, and entertainment clients.

After spending 20 years at large law corporations, Ron discovered a huge disconnect between his passion for starting his own business and his current role. He also noticed that the legal industry resisted adopting technology into daily operations. This, combined with his innate entrepreneurial spirit, was the catalyst for Matten Law in 2018.

Matten Law website

Before B12: A tech-savvy firm without a tech-savvy website

Ron understood that finding his online audience was the key to the firm’s success. He found several website development services but none that fit with his company’s values.

Matten Law runs a lean team of three employees and needs to be conscious of every dollar spent. Therefore, every marketing decision has to be deliberate and scalable in the long run.

Before B12, Matten Law’s website was merely a placeholder site that provided minimal functionality and support. It was not aligned with the company’s mission as a modern, tech-savvy firm. Ron knew he needed help maintaining and growing while he ran his business. As he sourced web design alternatives, he came across B12 on Facebook.

“The concept of building an AI website really intrigued me. The use of AI aligned with my firm’s vision to use the latest technology. All I had to do was answer some questions and it generated a great-looking website draft. I was blown away.”

Impressed by the initial AI draft created, he scheduled a consultation with a B12 design consultant, hired B12 in October 2018, and never looked back.

After B12: A dream website backed by a team that truly cares

Matten Law website on desktop

After joining B12, Ron experienced a seamless onboarding experience and dedicated customer service. B12 has accelerated Matten Law’s online marketing presence by creating a beautiful and professional website that matches his firm’s personality.

“The design concepts and best practices that B12 uses helped to convey the vision I saw in my firm’s website. I loved the entire experience.”

Ron couldn’t believe B12’s ability to create sophisticated but clean designs. He wanted a pricing page that emulated a tech company’s, but he couldn’t achieve it with his previous website company. Using B12, he was able to create the website of his dreams in just two weeks.

“With B12, I feel it’s like they are part of my team. Unlike most website design companies and freelancers, B12 instilled strong confidence that they will always be there. They have held onto that promise for the past two years.”

Matten Law had an extremely successful two years since joining B12. With expanded services, a new initiative called the Startup Law Academy, and several new global customers, Matten Law can continue to scale its online business presence thanks to B12.

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