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Website Generator is the most popular GPT for website creation, enjoyed by 200,000+ users. Describe what you need and get a link to your customizable site instantly.

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How Website Generator GPT works

1. Describe your business

Start a conversation with Website Generator. Share your business name and a short description, see a preview of your new site, and receive a link to publish it on B12.

2. Generate logos and images

Within ChatGPT, ask the Website Generator to create a new logo or website image that fits your specific business and aesthetic preferences.

3. Launch your site for free

Click the link to B12, where you can personalize your site’s design and content with help from our AI or in a no-code website editor. Launch your free site without the hassle of coding.

Key features of Website Generator


Website creation

In 60 seconds, you can get an entire site built for you, including integrations and features to help you grow and manage your online presence.


DALL-E 3 image generation

Instantly create website images, including logos and background images. Tell Website Generator what you envision, and see it come to life.


Minimal input required

Website Generator is accessible regardless of your technical level. Share brief details with the GPT to get a beautiful site designed for you.



Have Website Generator tweak your site’s content or design in ChatGPT or use B12 to make additional customizations to images, text, layout, fonts, and more.


Reliable web hosting

B12 handles all the hosting and technical maintenance for your site. This includes ensuring your site is secure, fast, and always available.

Key features of Website Generator

Website Generator FAQs

Yes, all ChatGPT users, including those on the free plan, can use Website Generator to draft a site and generate images. Want to change your draft? B12’s no-code editing experience lets you make instant changes without requiring design experience.

Website Generator is powered by B12, the popular AI website builder. Once your initial draft is ready in ChatGPT, you'll get a link to continue working on the site using B12. To host and launch your website, sign up with B12 (no credit card required).

After signing up and making any final adjustments, you can publish your website with B12 on a free plan or upgrade to premium (for a custom domain). B12 provides built-in tools like scheduling, invoicing & payments, AI content generation, and more to help you grow online. B12 also has on-platform experts if you want more help fine-tuning your design, SEO, or content.

Yes, all websites are optimized for mobile and look great on any device, including ​​tablets.

Website security depends on the platform you use to host your site. B12 is a highly reliable and secure provider. All B12 sites come with a Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificate, which protects your site’s (and visitors’) data.

Yes, you can always make changes to your site after it launches. Whether you need to update content, adjust the design, or add new features and integrations, B12 gives you complete flexibility to make edits at any time.

B12 offers a variety of custom GPTs, from website optimization to logo creation. Some notable ones available in the GPT Store are Marketing Consultant, Website Critic, HTML Writer GPT, Create a Similar Site, and Logo Generator.

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