Website design for investment firms

Invest in professional web design for your company

When it comes to website design for your investment firm, it’s best to think long-term. Choosing a web development company that can scale with you, has a built-in support team, and helps you attract more clients is key. A functional online presence that allows you to stand out from the competition will set you apart from similar firms in your industry.

With the B12 website builder, you can capture more leads, attract new clients, schedule consultations, get paid on time, and still have time to manage your relationships and business growth. Building and maintaining a site should be the last of your problems. With B12, you can outsource much of the web design building and maintenance processes while retaining control when you want it. You’re left to focus on delivering the best investment results for your clients.

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Website design for investment firms
Website design for investment firms

How to design a scalable investment firm website

Attract new clients

Your investment firm website can attract new clients 24/7 with ready-to-go intake forms that help you quickly capture and qualify new leads. B12’s team of SEO specialists help you optimize your online presence from day one, so you can appear in relevant Google search results sooner. We’ll also create compelling and relevant call-to-actions to enable you to bring the right clients into your funnel.

Highlight your reputation

You know that your firm is unlike others in the market. Together, we’ll work with you to ensure that your potential clients know what makes your experience unique and valuable. Maybe you specialize in helping people protect their personal assets, pursue business financing, invest their portfolio, or mitigate business risks. Whatever it is that makes you the top choice for your clients will be highlighted on your investment firm website to build trust.

Connect with aspiring investors

Investment firms are all about building relationships. After all, people trust you with their life savings and future. Strengthening relationships with clients through your website is crucial to your long-term success. You can add online scheduling so clients book meetings with you directly from your website. Building an email list and nurturing those leads can also be an effective way to connect, while filling out intake forms allow you to better support clients on their financial journey.

Centralize your website operations

You help people earn a return on their investments so they can retire, save for a rainy day, or grow their assets. At B12, we specialize in building and managing websites for investment firms and other professional services. We help you look credible online, reach your clientele, and set up a seamless client journey for improved retention. That way, you can focus on having a big impact on your clients instead of worrying about getting your new site off the ground and keeping it up to date.

A proven approach to building investment firm websites

You get great returns for your clients, we give you great results on your website.

B12’s team and AI technology work hand-in-hand to bring your investment firm online and set you up for better performance. We help you launch a beautiful website in 30 days or less, with all of the administrative and client-facing features you need to grow your audience, brand identity, and search engine profile.

The team that builds your investment firm website includes copywriters, SEO specialists, and website designers. Our experts work together to deliver a fresh-looking website that uses the latest tactics in SEO, conversion, and user experience to help ensure that you attract, retain, and serve as many clients as possible.


Receive an AI draft

Building a professional website can be a tedious and slow process, depending on your provider. With B12’s AI technology, you see the first draft of your website design in 60 seconds. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions and our AI will quickly draft a website design that you can provide feedback on. From there, our designers, copywriters, and SEO professionals implement your feedback and personalize your web presence.


Refine it with help from professional web designers

Our team is stacked with professionals who understand your industry and your clients' expectations. Using your feedback, our experts transform your website to suit your branding and overall vision, and equip it with the tools you need to grow your business. In under 30 days, you get a website that builds trust, generates leads, and efficiently serves clients. Request updates any time from our team or make your own DIY edits with the intuitive B12 Editor.


Supercharge your business with automation, conversion tools, and payments

Add email pop-ups, site banners, and enticing call-to-actions to your investment firm’s website to help boost clicks and engagement. With B12, you can also schedule appointments with clients and manage payments and invoices online. Sending automated reminder emails about pending payments allows you to close more deals without adding manual effort for you.


Launch your new investment firm website

Within 30 days of signing up, you’ll have a brand-new investment firm website, fully loaded with a beautiful design, captivating copy, and conversion features, so you are ready to interact with clients online immediately. Once your site is live, start scheduling consultations, finalizing contracts digitally, sending email marketing campaigns, and accepting online payments. Iterate on your site as your firm evolves, including introducing new services or adding team members.

How to make your investment firm website stand out

  • Fast-loading speed and reliable uptime
  • Mobile optimization
  • Enticing homepage design
  • Regularly published blog content
  • Testimonials and social proof from satisfied clients
  • Captivating images and videos
  • Effective call-to-actions and forms
  • Search engine optimization
  • Informative pages about the services you offer
  • Streamlined site navigation

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What do the top investment firm websites have in common?

The most effective investment firm websites make a positive first impression on visitors

About 94% of first impressions on an investment firm website are design-related. B12’s professional designers know how to make an excellent first impression that helps build authority and trust for your firm. Your website will include beautiful imagery, interesting design elements, and a user-friendly layout to ensure people easily navigate your site, find what they’re looking for, and can easily take the next step to schedule their first meeting or submit an introductory form.

Having a blog on your site where you educate visitors about investing will also help you make your investment website a go-to resource for your clients. Websites that create regular blog content generate 97% more backlinks than those that don’t. You’ll improve your ranking for valuable keywords, and increase the number of visitors your website generates, which can also help you bring in more clients. Plus, by educating your audience, you display your expertise and start establishing trust before your first call with a new client.

Having a custom-built website in as little as 30 days allows you to make an impression on your desired audience sooner. By maintaining your website with help from B12, you ensure your online presence is always up to date with what you offer. Check out B12’s portfolio of investment firm websites to inspire new ideas on how you can stand out from a crowded investment market.

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What do the top investment firm websites have in common?

B12 builds and maintains custom websites for investment firms

Since 2016, B12 has designed professional websites for thousands of investment firms and helped them successfully scale.

Our talented professional designers, copywriters, and SEO professionals work hard to ensure you have a credible and engaging investment firm website. Unlike other website builders, we’re available to guide you through website launch and maintenance, offering advice on everything from Google Analytics to email marketing. With B12 as your partner, you’ll spend less time navigating the backend of your website and more time working with clients.

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B12 builds and maintains custom websites for investment firms
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What do other service businesses think of B12’s website design?

Leroy Maxwell, Jr.
Founder and Attorney, Maxwell Tillman
Maxwell Tillman

I would recommend B12 to any company that wants a team to manage and grow their website while they focus on growing the business. With B12, founders can be rest assured that their website is in good hands and, more importantly, prove its value and ROI.

Leroy Maxwell, Jr.

Leroy Maxwell, Jr.

Founder and Attorney, Maxwell Tillman

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Barbara Bartelsmeyer
Partner / COO, Action Logistix
Action Logistix

I can make [website edits] myself, and it’s as simple as working in a Word document. If I need more help, I’ll email the B12 team and within 24 hours, boom, it’s done.

Barbara Bartelsmeyer

Barbara Bartelsmeyer

Partner / COO, Action Logistix

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Brett Packard
Head of Operations, TaxStudio

We get a lot of compliments on our website. Many potential clients are very impressed by our site, and often say it looks expensive.

Brett Packard

Brett Packard

Head of Operations, TaxStudio

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Frequently asked questions from investment firms

Investment companies often include content marketing, email marketing, SEO, and lead generation in their marketing strategy. B12 can help you with many of these efforts. For a start, our team of copywriters produce blog posts and landing pages to help you educate clients, attract new ones, and sell your services. Our SEO specialists ensure your website is optimized for search and properly listed on Google My Business and other listings sites relevant to investing. B12’s built-in tools like email marketing, intake forms, website banners, pop-ups, and scheduling tools are all effective ways to make more people aware of your offerings and convert them to clients.

In 2023 and beyond, not having an online presence essentially means your firm doesn’t exist. Building trust is harder without a professional website, social media accounts, and a presence on review sites like Yelp. With your custom-built investment firm website, people can find your company, read reviews, learn what you offer, and feel confident in connecting with you. An online presence is all about letting potential clients know you exist and that you’re a reputable brand that they can count on.

Social proof plays a major role in making your firm look legitimate, and in converting more website visitors to clients. Your site should emphasize what makes yours the best firm to work with. B12 enables you to tell a compelling brand story, highlight your biggest expertise, and sell more services with less effort by highlighting client testimonials, reviews, and other accolades across your online presence. We also ensure your site is listed on relevant industry directories.

Investing in content marketing and SEO is the most effective way to increase traffic to your investment firm’s website. The more high-quality content you produce on a set schedule, the easier it is to rank and expand your online footprint over time.

It’s recommended that you publish blog posts about twice a week to show search engines that your site is regularly being updated and growing. B12 helps you supplement your content marketing strategy by writing monthly blog posts for your site, including the keywords you need to rank in relevant searches.


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