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Best for businesses just starting out who want a simple website with basic tools to operational tasks like scheduling and invoicing online.

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$399/ month
$339/ month
Save $720 with a 1-year subscription

Best for businesses looking to scale their online presence and more easily organize and coordinate team interactions with clients.

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Our team of design and copywriting experts works with you to build and launch your site

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Frequently Asked Questions

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After your site goes live, you’ll have unlimited access to B12’s Customer Success Team. This team of experts is available by email, chat, or phone. They’re trained on the B12 platform and website best practices. They can help guide you through any minor updates or changes you’d like to make and will advise when to re-engage with copy and design experts based on your needs. Depending on the scope of the changes required, sometimes there’s an additional fee. Your Customer Success representative will advise you of any additional costs and work with you to ensure we fit your budget.

B12 supports a variety of integrations to help boost your site capabilities. These include integrations with online chatbots, online calendars, blogging platforms, and more. You can check out our full list of supported integrations here.

Nope! Nothing to install. B12 is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform which means you can access it from anywhere – if you’re a current customer, you just need to log in to your account by visiting and clicking Log in in the top right of the navigation.Not a customer yet? You can sign up for B12 from anywhere – desktop, mobile, tablet and experience it yourself. Instructions for how to access B12 can be found here.

B12’s do-it-for-you package covers the costs of the B12 team managing your site setup for you. That includes assigning a dedicated team of copywriters, designers, and project managers to build, test, and launch your site. It also includes setup and onboarding for platform features like invoicing, payments, email marketing, on-site conversion tools, integrations, and more.

The ongoing subscription fee covers the monthly costs to host, maintain, and service your site and business. This includes unlimited support from B12’s Customer Success Team, domain, and TLS certificate maintenance, and the ability for you and your team to access B12’s robust features to help you win new business and serve your clients. Depending on your subscription package, it may also include content calendar management and the monthly publication of new search-optimized pages or articles.

Each B12 package comes with a slightly different feature set.

The Starter package: is great if you want to give B12 a try. It lets you build your own website, intake clients, and get paid online. It does include a few B12 branded banners on your site and your invoices.

The Basic package: is great if you’re a business looking to establish yourself online with a modern and professional site. Using B12’s website editor you can build your site, set up client intake, enable online appointment scheduling, and get paid online. This package removes all B12 branded banners from your site.

The Professional package: is perfect for an established business who wants to modernize how they engage with clients and conduct business operations. It includes all the features available in the Basic package, but includes a few additional website tools, email marketing, contact management, contracts and eSignatures, and a heightened level of support. Everything you need to attract, win, and serve your clients online. For an additional fee, customers on the Professional package can also choose to work with B12’s copywriting, design, and launch experts and add team members to their account.

The Advanced Package: is ideal for businesses that have staff or regularly work with others. It comes with access for a total of five team members included, premium features, and the ability to synchronize work across the team to make sure things operate efficiently. For an additional fee, customers on the Professional package can also choose to work with B12’s copywriting, design, and launch experts and add team members to their account.

If you already have a website, but are looking to make major changes, we recommend starting fresh with B12. Trying to optimize a poorly constructed or poorly performing website is often simply more hassle than it's worth. You’ll spend a lot of time and energy on making updates, only to see negligible returns.

With B12, we’ll take your existing website, understand what you want to keep and what you want to improve, and then give you a brand new one. B12 sites are built to be modern, fast, and reliable, giving you a site that will not only make you look more professional, but will also be optimized for search engines, and equipped with features to help you run your business. When you work with B12, you aren’t just giving your site a fresh coat of paint – you’re getting a polished, all-in-one platform that will help you scale your services.

No domain? No problem! With B12’s do-it-for-you package, our team of launch specialists will work with you to source and secure a domain that reflects your business and brand.

Absolutely. After all, it’s your site! B12 includes an easy-to-use website editor that makes adjustments and changes a snap. Swap out images, change a headline, or add a new page. You can easily make updates on your own to make sure your site always reflects your current services. And if you get stuck or just want a second opinion, connect with our Customer Success team through chat, email, or a scheduled phone call.

You also get access to a variety of tools to help you build better client relationships, streamline payments, and manage your overall business. Tools like email marketing, appointment scheduling, contracts and eSignatures, and invoicing and payments can be turned on at any time. The team at B12 are happy to provide you an overview of how they work so you can make the most of your subscription.

B12 is more than just a website provider. It’s a digital commerce platform built for professional service providers to help you attract, win, and serve your clients. That means that every B12 website comes with powerful features that will help make organizing contacts, communicating with clients, and getting paid for your work easier. These tools are built right into the platform so you can manage everything – from your website to your online payments – in a single place.

Below is a walkthrough of how to change your existing subscription level. If you have further questions about switching your plan, reach out to Customer Success at

Customers on our Starter or Basic subscription can switch to Professional (setup fee optional) or Advanced (setup fee required).

Customers who pay a setup fee can choose between Professional or Advanced.

Customers on the Advanced or Professional subscriptions cannot downgrade to Starter or Basic.


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