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How to quickly build a website using ChatGPT

17 January, 2024 ·AI how-to guides
How to quickly build a website using ChatGPT
Discover the two ways to quickly build a website using ChatGPT and identify which one works best depending on your technical skills.

ChatGPT is useful not only when it comes to answering simple questions but also in various aspects of the website-building process. There are two main ways to do this: using custom GPTs or generating the website code using ChatGPT. If you’re not familiar with programming and coding, then using a website builder with GPT-4 integration plugins or widgets is an efficient option. As of November 2023, ChatGPT introduced custom GPTs that can help you build a professional website and even provide a link to your completed site. 

Meanwhile, if you already have prior experience with coding, then you can develop a custom solution using web development frameworks and directly integrate the GPT-4 API. Regardless of the method you choose, remember that it’s not just about getting your site built and leaving it at that but also ensuring that you maximize value by using GPT-4. 

Generate website code with ChatGPT

Using ChatGPT, you can generate code in different programming languages. These include HTML, Java, Python, C++, Ruby, C#, and more. With this capability, ChatGPT can assist you in creating web pages from scratch. You can ask it to “generate a basic website homepage template in HTML,” for example. It will then provide you with a simple HTML template, which you can use as a foundation for your website and further customize it according to your needs and requirements. 

Using this process, you can prompt ChatGPT to create the main landing page of your website, the About Us section, and Contact Us page. Aside from these main pages, you can also use ChatGPT to generate code for:

  • Pages where you can showcase your products and services
  • Portfolio so you can display your past work and achievements to entice more customers 
  • Blog posts on various topics
  • Page for testimonials or customer reviews and feedback to build credibility and trust
  • Page for frequently asked questions, where you can answer common questions about your product or service 
  • Login page or page where users can register
  • Error pages (for instance, error 404 page to inform users about it)
  • Page for your terms and conditions/terms of service 
  • Page where users can subscribe to your newsletter 
  • Product category pages
  • Other landing pages for your products and services 
  • Contact form, which includes your phone number, email address, and other contact details

Once you have the code for these web pages, it’s important to test them out to make sure that they’re working properly. 

Aside from HTML templates, you can also prompt ChatGPT to generate CSS code so you can further customize elements in your website, such as colors and backgrounds, layouts, fonts, user interface controls, and others. Save your HTML, CSS, and Javascript files before, then upload them to a web hosting provider. 

Have a custom GPT build your website

An alternative to the above method is using ChatGPT and a custom GPT to build your professional website. B12’s AI Websites GPT is an excellent example of a custom GPT that can help you create a professional website and expand your online presence. Here’s how to do it:

It’s important to note that you must first be subscribed to ChatGPT Plus to access the GPT store and the plugins for ChatGPT. The ChatGPT Plus plan costs $20 a month. Once you have an active subscription, you’ll be able to access GPT-4. From there, click “Plugins (Beta).” Find the “Plugin store” and install the plugins you want to use. Make sure they’re enabled by clicking the check mark beside their names. 

To use B12’s AI Websites GPT, you only need to visit Input the name of your business and your business’s description in the chat window. This will help the AI plugin determine the best website for your business. The prompt could be something like “SummitSolvers Accounting in NYC.” Within seconds, the GPT will provide you with a link to B12. This link gives you access to your free custom website. 

To proceed, you’ll need to sign up using a B12 email login and password. Once done, you’re free to customize your website further by modifying the color schemes and fonts, layouts of web elements, and more. You can also change the images and copy until you’re satisfied with the results. With further customization, you can ensure that each and every element of your website aligns with your vision and branding. Consistent branding helps deliver a positive user experience and can increase brand awareness and recall. 

After customizing your site, you can now publish it for free and share the link to others to increase your website’s visibility and service offerings. Using the AI Websites GPT is hassle-free and convenient since the website creation process ensures that your site automatically includes tools like online scheduling and smart forms. If you’re looking to upgrade your plan, you can enjoy several perks, such as gaining access to advanced tools like AI generation tools, payments process, and eSignatures. With a premium subscription, you also get to enjoy working with design experts who can help you elevate your website. 

B12 is the easiest AI website builder

With B12, you can experience a streamlined and effortless website-building process. This saves you time and effort, which you can allocate to other urgent business matters. B12’s AI website builder is the best way to get your website up and running, especially for those in the professional services industry without prior experience in coding or web development. In just 60 seconds, you can get a website draft that matches your industry specifications and comes with quality content, images, and tools. 

Featuring an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface, our DIY website editor makes it easy for you to make any necessary changes to your website. You can conveniently refine your layout, images, fonts, colors, and even add your branding elements in just a few clicks. B12 also helps you streamline your content creation efforts through AI Assist. With this AI tool, you can quickly generate the perfect content not just for your website but also for your social media pages, emails, and more. 

Get started now and see how B12 can help you launch a professional website and achieve greater online visibility. 


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