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How to boost YouTube views

Increase your YouTube's channel's views and grow your following with these tips.

4 November, 2022 · 4 min read
How to boost YouTube views

Starting a YouTube channel can lead to significant growth for your business or personal brand. But if you're working hard on your content and have posted several YouTube videos without any taking off yet, you probably feel frustrated. All this means is that it's time to step up your video creation and video marketing strategy.

To start seeing results, you'll need to get a bit savvier with YouTube SEO, fine-tweak those YouTube video tags, or create more inventive videos. Either way, there's a way to master the YouTube algorithm, and in this article, we'll share how to increase your YouTube views.

How to Boost YouTube Views for Your YouTube Channel

1. Create playlists to boost views on YouTube

To boost YouTube views, consider making relevant playlists of your content. For example, if you're a life coach, you might do playlists based on topics that interest your audience, such as professional growth, goal setting, time management, and boundaries.

The more videos your channel has, the easier it becomes to find patterns in the types of content you create to group all of your videos into playlists. Playlists have their own tab on YouTube search, so people might be looking for groups of videos to help them boost their knowledge of a topic.

2. Ask for more subscribers for your YouTube channel

The more subscribers you have, the more views on YouTube you'll get over time. Smaller channels always get fewer views than more popular ones. It can be a grind to build up subscribers. So ask for them. At the end of each YouTube video, tell people to subscribe. They'll keep being shown your videos in their feeds, which will result in more views on YouTube. You can use tools like Social Blade to help you see the estimated timeline for your subscriber count to hit specific milestones.

3. Design custom thumbnails for your YouTube content

The difference between popular videos and unpopular videos boils down to the thumbnail. Believe it or not, the average YouTube channel that succeeds outsources this task. Instead of designing it themselves, they'll hire a person to create a custom thumbnail that stands out.

After all, your thumbnail will drive views on YouTube more than anything else. All YouTube videos need one, so it's crucial to ensure they stand out. If designing it yourself, browse YouTube thumbnails for hours to see which ones pop out to you, and try to emulate the same aesthetic.

4. Optimize YouTube video tags

Adding YouTube tags to all your other videos will help you get more views on YouTube. Most people use tags for common misspellings of their main keyword for their video title or video description. However, for people who view content by tags, it can help you generate views on YouTube. The video platform is strict on spam, so only add a few video tags per video. You might even do keyword research to help you choose the correct tags for maximum views on YouTube, especially if it's a popular video.

5. Master YouTube SEO from video title to video descriptions

As a video search engine, YouTube search results can play a positive role in the number of views on YouTube you get. SEO tools can help you do keyword research to find the most popular keywords in your niche. Create videos for your YouTube channel on those topics.

Centering around a niche will be essential to your success as it helps YouTube search recognize you as an authority on that topic. You'll want to optimize your video titles for the main search term and mention that term several times in the video organically. However, it's also possible to write a script you read off to include those target keywords to help boost your views on YouTube through the algorithm.

6. Improve your video content to boost all your videos' rank

Whether you create videos about your life or a how-to video about a specific topic, you can always find room to improve your YouTube content. Taking online classes in video editing, YouTube SEO, analyzing your YouTube analytics, and watching videos for popular accounts can all help you better understand what kind of video content performs best on YouTube. You can also use the YouTube community tab to ask questions to understand what type of content people would like to see more of. It goes beyond creating a quality video and into also creating quality content. Your entire video needs to be professional and entertaining, from the script down to editing. So, if you're planning a new video for your YouTube channel, think carefully about what YouTube viewers will want from that topic and then over-deliver it.

7. Write compelling YouTube video descriptions

Your YouTube description can also help you generate more views for your YouTube video. First, consider writing 15 video titles and narrowing it down to the one that has the main keyword of the video but also excites someone enough to click to watch.

For example, if you're creating a video for your "law firm," you'll find that the most popular videos are "a day in the life of a lawyer," so center your video titles around what's popular for that keyword. Then, when it comes to your video descriptions, you'll want to add time stamps for the different topics you cover to allow people to share specific parts of your video content. Also, avoid putting too many links to your site as that can be considered spam to the YouTube algorithm, one external link only.

8. Send traffic from search-based platforms

Start promoting your content on social media to get more views on your next video. However, know that search-based social media platforms may be better at giving you a boost in views for your video content. For example, if you create Pinterest pins for your YouTube video and run a Pinterest ad, it can go viral on Pinterest. However, Pinterest acts as an amplifier. It stays at the top of the Pinterest page for the search term, sending traffic to your YouTube video long after the ad stops running. After a while, you'll get views on YouTube from YouTube too due to the high, consistent traffic from social media. In YouTube SEO, this is called "social signals."

9. Add your video to a blog post to rank in a search engine

If your YouTube videos need more YouTube views, consider embedding them on each blog post. If your video is about the same topic as a blog post as your video, embed it. While you can add multiple YouTube videos to each blog post, Google will only show one in search results. Unless it makes sense to have numerous videos, aim to only add one YouTube video per blog post to help improve your videos' rank. Alternatively, you can add external links to promote your YouTube channel, which will help you gain more video views directly on YouTube. That way, you can add more video links to the blog post without impacting rank.

10. Start publishing videos on a schedule

YouTube restricts how many YouTube videos you can publish without impacting your video's ranking. We've personally tested this out; when we started publishing YouTube videos five days a week to our monetized channel, instead of our traditional two days a week, we saw a stall in our overall YouTube revenue. However, our monetization increased again when we reduced it to two videos a week. The YouTube algorithm isn't easy to understand. However, there are measures in place to prevent posting too much video content to your channel to boost overall YouTube views for your channel.

Start growing and capitalizing on your YouTube audience today

By creating videos based on relevant keywords that will interest your audience, you're more likely to increase your ranking in YouTube's search results. The better your ranking, the more views you'll get, and your following will grow as you continue to create relevant content.

Beyond finding success with YouTube users, you want to funnel those people to your brand's website. Add your website link to your video description to see increased website traffic and capture leads for your business. Before you do this, you want to make sure your website makes a great first impression. Work with the experts at B12 to launch a new professional website that builds credibility, nurtures visitors, and seamlessly serves your clients.

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