Steps on how to change your default email on Google Chrome

Configure Gmail as your default email client for Mailto links using these steps on how to change your default email on Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Safari.

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Steps on how to change your default email on Google Chrome


Transcript: hi guys today I want to take you through how to set up your default email client on Windows 10 and now Windows 10 comes with a very basic mail client but there are plenty of other really good mail clients up now just a note you would already have to have downloaded and installed the mail client that you want to use for this guide to work all right so if you haven't done that already download and install the mail client that you wish to use and then once you've done that sorry bottom left-hand corner we go to start menu and then settings and then we go to the system icon scroll down to default apps and then over to the right you'll see email and it'll have choose a default or it may already have Microsoft mail selected so you click that on and you'll see the your mail client there and in my case it's thunderbird so we just click that on and that's it it says this is that so Thunderbird will now handle all the email on the system so pretty easy any questions or comments leave them below and I'll catch you... See more →

Transcript: many people today choose to use the web-based email Gmail rather than Outlook this tutorial is going to show you how to set default email in Chrome to Gmail first open Google Chrome in the address bar type enter your gmail login details to access your account and click sign in you will notice that a new icon has appeared in the address bar that looks like two interlocking diamonds click it a box will appear asking whether you want to allow Gmail to open email links you want to select the use Gmail option and then click done this is how to search default email in Chrome to Gmail now we want to make sure that the changes have been made navigate to any page that has an email link it doesn't matter which website you use for this click on the email link and you will be redirected to Gmail instead of Microsoft Outlook... See more →

Transcript: welcome back everyone this is Skye here on the tech NASA well most of the Google users out there probably sometimes think of changing the default Gmail account when you have multiple accounts and due to this problem whatever Google service you are using whether it be the YouTube Google Maps Google Adsense or any other Google service every time you go there you're always logged in through your default email account and it's probably a tiresome job to change the gmail account always so I'm going to show you how to change your default email to another one now for instance I have my the technology mail comp as my default one and if I go to YouTube you can see I get logged in as the technology mail calm and similarly in Google Maps so now as you can see my second gmail account is then meet me at and to change it I simply have to sign out and log in as then meet me at first and then as the techni at remember guys whichever Google Account you want to make a default one you have to log in through it first and... See more →

Transcript: how to open email links directly inside Gmail on Mac Chrome we're going to start with chrome first because that's my default web browser and I find it much easier to do in Chrome's it in Safari so watch what happens when I click this email link this mail to link and as you can see it opens up the stock mail app which obviously I do not want so I'm gonna just close this out here and yeah I just don't like the mail app especially when using it with Gmail I just find that doesn't work very well so I like to just use you know Gmail on a browser so that's not going to work but fortunately it's super easy to make these links open up in Gmail I'm going to show you how so what we need to do is just open up Gmail and in your address bar on the right side you're going to see this little button right here now this actually is the handler button and it tells you that it wants to install his service Handler so when you click that you're going to see this allow to open all... See more →

Transcript: hi YouTube this is abdurraheem now I am going to share with you how to set default email in your Google Chrome browser so let's take a look how to do that first opening a Google Chrome browser and in address bar type honey that's up in you'll see skin just like this in your address bar right corner you will see a icon click on there and click here writing lol got Google Chrome to open all email links so click allow and then click on dubbed and now for example I will open any piece to is that working on that suppose I will click here to send the email in my Google Chrome browser so here we go is opening default sending email in my gmail I might email thanks for watch my video like and subscribe... See more →

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  • "#Method 1: To change your default gmail account you have to follow below steps"
  • "#Method 2: Do you want to know how to change default email on google chrome? Then there are the steps that must be taken to establish a Google account by default without having to resort to complicated actions or additional software"
  • "So Follow the below steps to change default account in Gmail: So using these steps it is easy to change default Gmail account without doing lots of affords"
  • "#Method 3: Written by"
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  • "Using this feature you can sign in to multiple Google accounts simultaneously and go switch among them in a single click"
  • "So, Let’s understand the cases and see a detailed step by step guide, how to Set default Google Account:- Step 1: Open Chrome and give in a non-private window"
  • "If the user is logged in with one single account, then that account is considered as a default account"
  • "Step 3: Open Gmail in a non-incognito window just like in Case 1"
  • "Step 5: After signing out, the below screen appears showing all accounts as “Signed out”"
  • "Step 6: The User can remove unwanted accounts here by clicking on “Remove an account” button at the bottom"
  • "Step 8: After logging in, the default account is set and can be seen by clicking on the user icon on the top right"
  • "Step 9: Once the default account is set, the user can log in using other accounts by clicking on “Add account” button at the bottom"
  • "After adding multiple user accounts, the default account is tagged with the keyword “default” like in the below screenshot."
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  • "If you prefer to use Airmail instead of Apple’s Mail app, you can set it as the default mail client with these simple steps: 2"
  • "Go to Mail preferences (⌘,) 3"
  • "Under the General Tab, choose Airmail 2 from the Default email reader dropdown list"
  • "Close the Mail app To make sure Airmail is the default client, you can check in Airmail’s preferences under the General Tab"
  • "Troubleshooting If the Mail app doesn’t save your new preference, do the following: In Yosemite you must use the Apple Mail settings: IMPORTANTIf is not working follow this link Written by"
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  • "Using Google Search, Chrome, and even just carrying a Google Pixel in my pocket at all times means that potentially someone — be it the feds, the cops or some other government agency — could have access to nearly all of my data because I fit some blanket profile, a geolocation, or just a simple search result"
  • "Chrome has hidden privacy settings which will allow you to which data to send to Google and what not to"
  • "Google claims this improves your browsing experience, but the improvements aren’t worth the data you’re handing to them"
  • "Even with all of these settings disabled in Chrome, it still has access to your browsing history and some habits, it may still track you, and Google might still hand over your data"
  • "In addition, Google might add new tracking features that you’ll have to turn-off and revoke data access to later"
  • "Unlike Chrome for desktop, Chrome for Android does not allow you to set custom search engines, and neither does the operating system itself"
  • "I find this particularly unacceptable, and hope that Google allows us to use custom search engines in the future."
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  • "By default, Gmail only shows you a yellow star, but if you go into your settings, you can enable access to the other color-coded stars and symbols with just a few clicks"
  • "Click the Gmail settings icon (located at the top right of your email)"
  • "Scroll down, click the “save changes” button, and you’re done! Go to your Gmail settings (via the top right corner of your email)"
  • "Scroll down, click “save changes”, and wallah! It’s always good practice to routinely check your login activity to ensure you’re the only one logging into your account"
  • "To do this, scroll down to the bottom right corner of your Gmail and click the “Details” hyperlink"
  • "If you notice your Gmail account was accessed from an unrecognized area, it’s probably a good idea to change your email password and setup Google’s 2-Step Authentication"
  • "MailTag also lets you track other things such as link clicks, email reopens, recipient device information, and more — for free"
  • "Go to your Gmail settings (accessible via the top right of your email)"
  • "Scroll down, click the “save changes” button, and you’ll now receive notifications on your desktop when new emails are received."
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