How to create a beautiful Shopify logo for your brand

Need a stunning new Shopify logo? Check out these helpful tools to create professional logos to make your business look great.

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How to create a beautiful Shopify logo for your brand


Transcript: In this video tutorial I'm gonna walk you through how to customize your theme with Shopify so right now I'm in the Shopify back-end area and whenever I hit the homepage area I hit online store and then that comes up with themes so I'm in the themes area now and you can see right now I have the free Shopify theme which is debut in the previous video I went through how to add in other themes either free or paid and I'll put a link below this video back to that video so that you can kind of make sure that you first found a theme that you want and I also have in that video a free checklist that'll let you go through and make sure before you start adding themes to your store that you found one that's going to work really well for you and that way we can move forward from there with customizing it so you don't have to repeat this process many times so in this video we're going to go through customizing the theme in... See more →

Transcript: So one thing that people seem to struggle with when they're setting up their Shopify store or their new blog is is how to get a good logo now you can go to Fiverr and pay someone you know five ten bucks can get a decent looking logo where you can go to a professional graphic designer and you know pay 100 200 or 600 or more but when you're first starting off you know you kind of want to you want to cut corners and really save money anywhere you can and and I'm not saying the logo is not important it is but let's be honest when you're first getting going you really have to worry about branding yourself probably not companies change their logos all the time it's not an issue think about it uber recently just changed their logo for a couple days I had trouble finding the app on my phone but after that no big deal I just accept the new logo as is so I guess the point I'm trying to make is when you're just getting started do something that looks good but doesn't cost a lot and then once you start... See more →

Transcript: You’ve set up your store and added somefantastic products that will fly off the shelves. There’s just one problem: You’re strugglingwith your branding — and in particular, your logo. But, you’re not sure how to design one. So, what do you do? Hey everyone, it’s Jessica with Oberlo, andtoday we’re going to share the top 9 totally free online logo creators available in 2018. And make sure to stay with us until the end. We’ve got great tips on how to use thesetools so that your logo stands out. Number 1. Hatchful by ShopifyHatchful is a mobile app for iOS and Android that helps you to build your visual brandidentity from scratch. To use Hatchful, simply download the app andanswer a few questions about your business. Hatchful will then suggest logos from hundredsof available templates. Once you’ve chosen a template you like,you can customize the colors and fonts. The main benefit of Hatchful is that it’snot just a logo maker. You can use Hatchful to download all of thebrand assets you need, including perfectly sized images for your social media accounts. Hatchful is free to use, although you mightwant to explore the premium logo templates you can buy within the... See more →

Transcript: So whether you're new to Shopify or you're just wanting to redesign your existing store we are so excited to be sharing this video with you today all about how to customize your Shopify store very quickly so stay tuned because in just a minute we're going to hop into my screen and I'm going to show you exactly how we're going to customize our store step by step if you are already a subscriber to this channel you know that we love Shopify and if you're new here at will hey my name is Elle McCann and I have been a Shopify expert for over six years now so in this video as I said at the beginning we are going to be actually customizing one of our existing Shopify stores which is Tomo fit calm and we are so excited to be partnering with the awesome folks at pixel Union and using one of their themes handy so handy is a great theme and we chose it specifically because it is very mobile ready so they designed this to be mobile first it looks beautiful on mobile devices and of course on desktop as well so we are... See more →

Transcript: I'm gonna show you how you can create an amazing logo for your Shopify store for absolutely free and really quickly so without keeping you waiting any longer let's jump straight into the video about how to make money online businesses know ship and investing so please be sure to subscribe drop a comment down below and hit the like button if you enjoy the video so let's jump it to my laptop and I'll show you how to make a logo for your Shopify store so I'm gonna show you a few different techniques that you can use to create an amazing logo for your Shopify store for completely free so the first one is to use canva comm which is an online tool that allows you to create graphics you've probably heard of it before why not you going to show you is how you can get a logo with a completely transparent background using canva which not a lot of people know so if we just log in here and when you log in it will have this logo template I don't recommend using this for Shopify... See more →

Key quotes:

  • "Sign in to report inappropriate content"
  • "This is a great way to get a logo for your new business if you have no budget"
  • "Share your logos with me on Instagram @hollycastoblog - I'd love to see."
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Key quotes:

  • "You can choose for the image to be featured on the left hand or right hand side and the text section allows for a heading, body text, and an optional CTA (call to action) button"
  • "This section allows for up to 12 content blocks featuring body text, optional customer name, and a link"
  • "But there is also some basic functionality that savvy customers have become accustomed to seeing across ecommerce sites—and Parallax features a selection of these must-have features: Pro Tip: If you optimize the data uploaded to your Shopify store, this side bar can be used like a filter for customers, giving them an easy way to navigate your store’s products and find exactly what they are looking for in a matter of clicks"
  • "Below is a list of the features you can take advantage of when using the built-in email sign-up pop-up for Parallax: Heading Image Link Pop-Up Delay (2–120 seconds) Days Until Pop-Up is displayed again (options between 2–365 days) Maximum width settings between 400–800 pixels Optional First and Last Name Collection Pro Tip: Use an email marketing platform like Mailchimp or Klaviyo?"
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Key quotes:

  • "There are some online logo maker tools that can help you to create a logo for free or for few bucks"
  • "Today I will be 7 best online logo maker tools to design a logo for your blog"
  • "I use this tool to create all graphics for my blog"
  • "With Canva Logo Maker, you can create a beautiful logo of 500px*500px size"
  • "To create a logo with your desired size, you need use custom dimensions"
  • "I used this tool to create the first logo of an old client site much time ago"
  • "It has a free online logo maker tool"
  • "By using this tool, you can create a simple yet attractive logo for your blog within a few minutes"
  • "I think it’s better to invest some money on Fiverr rather than spending a lot of time on free tools"
  • "Though it claims itself a “Free Logo Maker Tool,” it doesn’t allow you to download a logo for free"
  • "TailorBrands is another great tool that made logo design simple"
  • "I’ve recently discovered this free logo design tool"
  • "This tool offers both free and premium version of a logo"
  • "It’s very easy to create a logo with this tool."
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Key quotes:

  • "Online logo maker free tools are the best solution for creating marvelous and beautiful logo within a minute without wasting money"
  • "The logo is necessary for a large company, corporation, small business, brand, and freelancer to create brand identification with a different logo"
  • "In this post, we have compiled best 10+ logo maker free tools that will help you to make an excellent logo design for your business or brand"
  • "Let’s take a look at this selection of online logo maker software to design expert logos in minutes"
  • "Official website: Uplevo is a web service, which offers a wizard-driven facility to custom design your logo"
  • "The sheer number of customization simply makes this online logo creator an perfect option for companies that want more power"
  • "Official website: Shopify allows you the opportunity to create a logo in a matter of seconds"
  • "Small companies and online business people who’re just getting started can use Shopify’s stock images to help them put together a different logo"
  • "Official website: The Hipster logo maker tool produced as a result of the widespread hipster change a couple of years ago."
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Key quotes:

  • "We’ve handpicked the ones that can help you create a modern and attractive design and the ones that are easiest to use, which means you don’t have to have any previous experience in graphic design to come up with something amazing"
  • "Here are the 7 handpicked online logo design tools that can help you create your new logo: 1"
  • "Much like Logojoy, Hatchful will want to know what kind of business you are running generating designs for you to choose from, which you will be able to edit until it’s perfect"
  • "Hatchful was designed to be simple and easy to use for people with no graphic design experience, so it’s a pretty effortless tool for you to use in creating professional logos"
  • "When you’ve picked a nice template, you can start to edit and adjust all the design elements until you’re happy with your new logo"
  • "7"
  • "Graphic Springs Graphic Springs is easy to use because they take you through a step by step process that first asks you the name of your brand before helping you choose design elements that you can edit and adjust with ease."
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