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How to profitably sell insurance online in 2023

10 January, 2023 · 10 min read·Insurance brokerage
How to profitably sell insurance online in 2023
If you're looking at how to sell insurance online in 2023, it's time to revisit your business and marketing plan. The sales dynamic with insurance companies shifted with the pandemic's onset, and you need to learn how to adapt.

2020 is almost over, and what a ride. This year, the pandemic brought unexpected changes to the economy, with many small businesses having to shutter to stop the spread. Those companies with flexible business models managed to make the migration to working from home. This strategy ensured business continuance during the lockdowns.

Many of the changes to the business environment are here to stay. Companies realize they no longer need a brick-and-mortar office to maintain their business – as is the case with small insurance brokerages.

If you're looking at how to sell insurance online, it's time to revisit your business and marketing plan. The sales dynamic with insurance companies shifted with the pandemic's onset, and you need to learn how to adapt.

As a small brokerage, you need to remain flexible to changes in your environment. By taking your business online, you ensure it's longevity in a rapidly changing economy.

Why Your Insurance Brokerage Needs a Website

In 2023, the economy will continue its transition to a virtual environment. Holding onto outdated legacy systems, like a corporate office, is no longer feasible as the hub of your business. Your brokerage and consultants need a website with a local platform with a global presence3

A website provides you with the ideal tool for achieving your business outcomes. A website serves multiple functions for your brokerage, including the following.

Become an Authority

Your site acts as an informational resource for people that want to get in touch with your brokerage. The site lists all the brokers and consultants working in your organization, with bios and user-friendly tools that help your prospects and clients find what they need.

The site also provides beneficial information on your life insurance products and services and useful resources to your prospects and clients, such as a blog of relevant topics.

Automate Your Business

Your website integrates with administrative and customer relationship management tools to digitize the workplace and automate workflows. You get accurate tracking of your employee performance, production, and engagement, providing a better employee experience.

Tools also assist your client experience, helping you track important client notes while managing sales funnels from any mobile device. There's no need to go to the office when your employees have everything; they need to do their job in a remote smart device like their laptop or smart device.

Generate Leads and Build Brand Awareness

Your website acts as your brand ambassador online. Using innovative SEO and social marketing strategies, you can effectively promote your website and business offering online through multiple channels.

The marketing functions on your site help you build sales funnels, drive traffic, and capture leads. You ensure your consultants always have a full pipeline, with a never-ending stream of fresh leads entering your business through your online marketing efforts.

What are the Design Elements of a Successful Insurance Website?

The design elements of your website create a visual impression and experience for visitors.

Attractive Templates – Templates are the "Themes" for your site. They form the color, visual appearance, and functionality of your site. If you're using a WordPress CMS, you have the option of adding custom features to your website to increase its functionality. However, these changes require a developer to code them into the template.

User-Friendly Navigation – Your visitors need user-friendly navigation of your site. A cluttered design results in higher bounce rates and user frustration, causing them to leave and find an alternative. When your prospect or client arrives on your website, you want them to find thein formation they need in one click.

Optimized Product and Service Offerings – Your service offerings and insurance policy descriptions should include relevant, researched keywords. This strategy makes it easy for the bots to find your content in SERP and search requests.

Consultant Bios – Your site needs to include your consultant bios and information on the management team. These pages form your reputation, providing transparency on your site that builds trust with visitors. It gives them faith that they are dealing with a consultant and not some average salesperson. Including pictures with your bios creates a visual impression of meeting someone, enticing the prospect to click on your CTAs.

Compelling Images and Videos – Your website is a visual experience. Using interactive website design elements like image sliders and introductory videos helps to increase prospect engagement, making them spend more time on your site, browsing your offer and services.

Optimized for Mobile – Today's online environment is moving towards mobile devices. With over 50% of all traffic coming from these sources, your site needs a mobile-friendly template. Without a mobile-friendly-design, your prospects need to pinch-and-zoom on their screen to navigate your site, and chances are they'll leave.

What are the Marketing Components of an Insurance Website?

The design elements create a visual impression. However, the digital marketing strategy is the real workhorse behind life insurance sales online in 2023 Marketing and SEO tools help you convert prospects into clients. It also boosts the brand awareness of your business on social platforms and in search.

.CRM – A Client Relationship Management Software is a powerful tech solution that integrates with your site. A CRM helps you onboard new clients and manage your existing customer base. You get a suite of automated tools to assist you with tasks like sales agent cold calls, managing workflows while digitizing your marketing and client management responsibilities. This level of automation allows you to focus on other business objectives.

Lead Generation – Create lead magnets on your site that present a value offer, asking your prospects to leave their contact details. Lead magnets help your build your list and keep your book of business full and your pipeline bursting at the seams.

CTAs – Call-to-Action buttons on all website pages entice your prospects to take action. Purposeful CTAs help to improve your conversion rate, assisting with your prospecting duties.

Sales Funnels – Sales funnels allow you to send life insurance leads to a sales process designed and optimized to convert them into clients.

Email Campaigns – Create automated email campaigns designed to keep prospects in your sales funnels aware of your services and products. It's not a hard-selling tool, but more of a means of keeping in contact with your prospects, sort of like direct mail. Your campaigns offer useful information that might inspire them to get in touch with your firm.

List Management – Manage every aspect of your list, and keep tabs on where your prospects and referrals are in the sales funnel process. Remove old and duplicate subs from your lists to keep your agency compliant with federal internet marketing legislation and best practices.

Social Media Integration – All your clients and prospects are on social media. In 2023, you need to start using LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to build your reputation. Your website integrates with your social platforms, allowing you to increase your marketing efforts and the traffic to your sell insurance online

SEO – Search Engine Optimization covers a set of best practices used to optimize your website's performance. When your site is running well, it gets more attention from the search bots, elevating your SERP and search ranking. As a result, more qualified prospects can find your website and service offering.

How Do I Build an Insurance Website?

Building an insurance website is no easy task. Depending on your budget and your requirements, you have two options.

Web-Builders – Web-builder platforms provide you with a host of drag-and-drop tools to let you build your life insurance website from scratch. Platforms like Wix and Squarespace offer competitive packages when you can create your site from scratch, with no design or coding experience.

Pros of website-builders

  • Simple interface
  • DIY website design
  • Affordable

Cons of website-builders

  • Limited customizations
  • Doesn't scale well
  • Requires a DIY approach
  • Some integrations require coding experience

Professional Design Teams – If you need a large site or don't have the skills and time to build the website yourself, you can rely on a professional design team service for the task. A team helps you with the design. They work with you to realize your vision of the perfect website for your insurance brokerage.

Pros of Professional Design teams

  • Get the website design you want
  • Custom templates and site features

Cons of Professional Design teams

  • Expensive
  • Requires maintenance

What are the Costs of Building a Fully-Functional Insurance Website?

Building a website through a web-builder platform won't cost you much. However, you get what you pay for with your site design.

The result is a generic-looking site, and you probably don't have a custom domain. It's a terrible choice for an insurance brokerage and not a good option to sell your products and services online.

A professional design team can develop any site design you want, including every custom feature you can think of including. However, you'll pay a heavy price tag for the job.

The development fees are one thing, but you'll also need to pay the firm a retainer to maintain and optimize your site. Tasks like implementing updates and making fixes require access to your development team, and they'll charge you for any work they do to the site.

B12 – The Most Affordable and Effective Way of Building Your Website in 2023

What if there was another way to build your website? B12 is a tech company specializing in leveraging AI systems, automating business processes for independent agents and life insurance companies. This firm recently unveiled its innovative AI-based web-builder platform.

B12 integrates the power of AI and machine learning with human inputs to create fast, affordable, and effective websites. With B12, you get the convenience and user-friendly web-builder experience, combined with a real design team's expertise.

Whether your underwriting, selling life insurance, auto insurance, B12 can assist you with your site design.

Why Should I Work with B12?

Selling life insurance is a challenging business. With a fully-functional website from B12, you get the best way of improving your insurance sales in 2021. Whether you're an insurance agent or insurance agency, marketing your business online is the way to go as we move deeper into the digital age.

Your insurance business needs a service that delivers the best results for your marketing efforts, positioning you as a leader in the insurance industry.

Fast Website Design – Professional website designs can take up to two or three months to deliver a final draft. With B12, our design team leverages the power of AI systems to speed up the process. The result is a fully-functional site that meets your requirements, with delivery in less than two weeks.

2Fantastic Design Aesthetics – The design team at B12 builds beautiful, unique templates designed for any industry. Your site design will impress your prospects and increase engagement with your firm.02

AI-Powered Designs and Drafts – The AI-powered platform gives you a design draft in minutes. If approved, the design team reaches out to you to finalize the requirements of your site.

Consult with a Real Design Team – B12 integrates the best of AI tech with real humans to develop attractive, functional, and feature-rich websites for your insurance company.

Maintain your Website – Your subscription includes free maintenance checks of your site. If there's anything wrong, you get notifications in your dashboard, with one-click options to request fixes from the B12 development team.

Try B12 to sell insurance online

Sign up with B12 today, and start on your website design. You also have the option of trying out the website editor to see if you find it functional.

With B12, you get the best web-design experience available, allowing you to carry on with your business tasks while the AI-assisted design team at B12 builds your site.

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