How to make the most of Tumblr for affiliate marketing

Haven't tried Tumblr for affiliate marketing? Try these helpful tips and tricks to use the blogging site to promote products and close sales.

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How to make the most of Tumblr for affiliate marketing


Transcript: everyone seems to be obsessed with marketing on and making money with Facebook and Google+ and Twitter but nobody ever talks about tumblr but let me tell you tumblr is one of the best-kept secrets in the game and with tumblr you can often get more traffic more backlinks more reshares than on any other social site I'm Jay from laziest owner calm and in this video I'm going to show you how you can easily grow a massive net related following on tumblr and then I'll show you how to take advantage of that following so that you can make more money so a lot of people still think of tumblr as just a place where you can go to get a free blog which it is but it's also much more than that it's actually a whole social network just like Facebook just like Twitter just like Google+ and just like all those other sites you can follow other people and they can follow you then when you log into tumblr you see the latest posts from all of the people that you're following and vice versa you'll find people sharing everything on tumblr from cute cats to... See more →

Transcript: what is going on YouTube hope you're doing well today today's topic of discussion is the best ways to make money with tumblr tumblr is an online blog sharing social media site that tends to be a bit grittier than its other social media cousins like Facebook or Twitter there's a lot more risky content under but it gets loads of traffic and hits and it's great fun to tumblr the platform if you've heard of tumblr you're probably seeing the potential you have to make money with this network you can make money with tumblr however you should know did you ever not see revenue overnight much the same as any other business according to many users they have been able to make money from home with good work generally from about three to six months and tumblr is no exception when you're written of good quality blogs and useful content on your site to start making money if you follow the methods below guys all these methods and notes were being the keynote below also some good links there and don't forget to subscribe hope you enjoy so assemble a following to success with tumblr depends on the... See more →

Transcript: hi how you doing you're very welcome to the channel and today we're going to talk about tumblr marketing it's a topic they've covered a couple of times before it's very underutilized you can get a lot of good affiliate sales there you can also get a lot of SEO backlinks so let's get stuck into tumblr marketing straight off the bat if you like what you're hearing guys don't forget to hit that subscribe check out the link notes down below so let's get going here tumblr marketing how to do it find your niche the best tumblr accounts are those that avoid meandering across the board when it comes to topics choose something that interests you something you can write or post well at length and one that you think others will find interesting also refrain from making it too specific unless you desire to short-lived viral approach but don't make it all-encompassing either cooking photography and fashion blogs are perfect examples of topics to provide focus without being overly restrictive think about what you want to share with your readers what they might like to see I need you can actually produce enough content to keep them... See more →

Transcript: how did a money with tumblr their clean simple steps did you know you can make money lots when laying on tumblr do you know there are marketers and business owners who are making millions every month courtesy of tumblr well today be wants to highlight a few ways you can make money from Turner without struggling before we do in two of the ways of making money from tumblr it's important to highlight why tumblr is such a prime platform and making money online but spice besides the fact these sweetest signup and easy to use tumblr has more than 110 million active users people from all corner of the world his summers on a daily basis this means that they're ready market for selling and out raises for products its final potential terms of marketing in business Timlin only has a me meeting your numbers when it comes to marketing active business people on the platform very very many cheaper just like Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr they do not Melissa that tumblr is a real gold mine with a lot of potential today you want to show you how big and gold mine to learn it start... See more →

Transcript: see here and welcome to this channel in this video I will show you how to create tumblr account how to use it and how to make money with it the question you might ask is a Stumbler account worth it well let me show you the monthly visitors okay alright so as you can see the monthly visitors is 340 million point 91 ok so which means tumblr has a huge traffic in the social media circle so it's not aside that you have to underestimate ok yeah so with this said I will show you the in and out of it alright if i refresh alright so as you can see now I have a new background again so that's how it works so click get started type in the email that you want to use create a password I use the name and click Sign Up alright then it's gonna ask you how old are you so you type your age then you click on I have read and understand and agree to the Terms of Use then you click Next ok almost done alright so now you have to you know do this capture thing just... See more →

Key quotes:

  • "Then you should not overlook the power of Tumblr to create affiliate commissions and eCommerce sales"
  • "But in order to succeed on that platform, consider a few points, to effectively navigate on this unique platform"
  • "1"
  • "Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform"
  • "This is even more important on a visual platform such as Tumblr"
  • "Always describe your images effectively in order for them to be picked up on Google images"
  • "For twitter it is three, for Instagram it is up to 30, and in Tumblr, the perfect amount is 7 to 12 hashtags"
  • "4"
  • "Choose your name wisely Spend some time on deciding which name fits your brand the best, but also speaks to your audience"
  • "I highly suggest that you look through the most popular Tumblr, and see what types of names work best with the millennial audience"
  • "If you are not a part of that age group yourself, I also suggest that you should run the idea by a few millennial friends, or your do a survey on one of your social media platforms that mainly focuses on this age group in order to find the perfect name for your brand."
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Key quotes:

  • "Tumblr is a new generation fast growing social media platform that is dedicated to micro blogging"
  • "Usually it takes a lot of time and efforts to create a sound profile or build an account and develop a good community of relevant people so that you may get a lot of traffic from a social media website"
  • "Usually, the ordinary social media tactics are similarly applicable with Tumblr, but if you are looking for a some specific help to achieve faster traffic on your account, you should follow the following simple 7 yet effective tips: 1"
  • "One can make an assured success by spreading his social media website to market and by taking the advantage of the fans’ community on Tumblr"
  • "Some other things to follow: Conclusion: At the end of the article we can say that Tubler can be impressively used for marketing quite similar to many other social media platforms"
  • "When a business owner manage to maintains the pace with creating and sharing the really nice content and get involved with the communities of the fans and followers, he or she can expect a decent amount of quality traffic to the profile as well as the website."
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Key quotes:

  • "Helping content creators to more easily share and monetize their work is what I predict will be the next step in the evolution of the internet"
  • "All revenue streams that one can receive as a content creator falls into one of the following categories: Through advertisements, you receive payment for the promotion of a third-party individual or business"
  • "In 2019, advertisements and brand deals are still the no.1 way content creators make money online"
  • "Advertising has evolved and appears in a few different forms for content creators: Google, Facebook, or another ad distributor puts ads in front of your audience"
  • "Pros Cons With affiliate links, you get a revenue share of the sales that you help drive to a business"
  • "Pros Cons You’re receiving sales-based income when an individual makes a payment in exchange for a product or service"
  • "With service-based income, content creators will do something on behalf of their client (followers)"
  • "In order to build a large following on any type of social media platform, content creators must provide something of value to their audience"
  • "(This post outlines how to get started with online coaching) Other forms or service-based income are : Pros Cons Well, there you have it."
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Key quotes:

  • "Affiliate marketing works, and companies this type of expenditure as quite rewarding, leaving a lot of space for everyone to make extra cash along the way"
  • "Through this guide, we offer five best ways to earn money with affiliate marketing, as well as how to set them up properly"
  • "In our opinion and experience, the following 5 ways are the best channels of income when engaging in affiliate marketing efforts"
  • "These are: - Advertising in search engines and social media - Forum & Reddit channels - eBook & reports - Your own Website Blogging is probably one of the most popular choices when it comes to affiliate marketing channels"
  • "Thus, many referral partners would use their personal account (or open a new one) and post statuses, pictures, banners, and other content to attract new customers for the advertised company"
  • "Advertising through this channel is completely free while most platforms provide analytics that would help you design your affiliate strategy and campaigns"
  • "The rise of online books, popularly known as eBooks, became quite a nice way to get a lot of platforms in one place and even earn through several channels"
  • "You can open up a website that has a blog section, links to social media & forums and that sells eBooks, for an example."
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