How to show a full photo on Instagram in carousel posts

Want to share multiple photos at once on Instagram without being confined to square dimensions? Here's how to show a full photo in carousel posts.

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How to show a full photo on Instagram in carousel posts


Transcript: morning everyday people and welcome to chat everyday today I'm going to teach you guys how to upload pictures to Instagram on your desktop computer so that way you don't have to worry about your cell phone all the time it can actually make things a lot quicker and easier this way it's actually I was very excited when I first found out about this a while back and it really makes my workflow ten times easier now if you're not as experienced on the computer it might be a little weird of what we're doing but just don't worry about all the crazy stuff just let's just keep it simple so what you're going to do is go to Instagram comm and then make sure that you're locked into your account it's pretty simple to do that it's just the same as logging on your mobile device so then what we're gonna do is right click on this screen make sure you're in Google Chrome for this one so what you want to do is go down to inspect and then it's going to pull up this kind of funky looking dialog box over here and this dialog box... See more →

Transcript: this video is sponsored by Squarespace if you're interested in an easy to make yet unbelievably stunning website or online store Squarespace has you covered more on that later there will come a time in every photographer's life when they take a Bangor photo in a horizontal aspect ratio and they'll have to make a decision do i crop this photo into the vertical four by five ratio to maximize my screen space on the Instagram app or do I just go ahead and post it even though it means the photo being super small in the feed what if I told you there was a way you could have both what does that people done here and today I'm gonna show you how you can split pictures to make seamless multi posts on Instagram but before I get into that how do you like to split pictures like this for Instagram leave a comment below and while you're down there get that like button this has become a super popular technique recently and for good reason first of all it gives you somewhere to put your horizontal photos while still being able to show them off at a larger... See more →

Transcript: hi everyone how are you ? I'm Harsh Vardhanand welcome to another superb episode in today's video we are going to learn how to upload multiple images on Instagram without cropping. So if you want to upload the images in full Resolution on Instagram without Instagram automatically cropping them then watch this video. And before we go any further if you are watching this video on YouTube please subscribe to this channel and if you are watching this on Facebook please like my page and on Instagram please do follow me. Ok so let's get started Harsh Vardhan Art Intro So when you want to upload multiple images you have to click on this little icon Plus + icon and that would allow you to upload the images from your gallery So, I will select this option of Multiple upload and when I click it now it lets me pick certain images or multiple images so suppose for a moment first one is automatically selected now I select the second one this is also going to be of the same resolution if I select third one it is also going to crop and fill the screen. But the original resolution... See more →

Transcript: everyone in today's Instagram video I'm gonna show you how to create these multi post images or carousel posts as they're called right inside of Instagram and they have been around for quite a while but before they were limited to only four pictures but now they increase that to ten images and every time Instagram rolls out a new option you usually could do a lot better using that option Instagram always wants to push their new features so if you implement them and you're one of the early adopters they usually reward you by pushing your post and getting you more likes and followers so I'm gonna show you exactly how to use this right inside your Instagram app I'm inside my Instagram account here and let me show you how to do the carousel post so I'll just have to press Plus on the bottom of the page and it will get me my library here and I already created and dropped in all the ten photos that I want to put on here again you could have up to ten photos previously it was only four so I recommend utilizing all ten so right now I... See more →

Transcript: hey guys my name is Francisco Hernandezand today I'm going to show you how to make an Instagram carousel if you don'tknow what that is it's basically when you're scrolling down Instagram you seesomebody uploaded multiple images in a single post you go to swipe away fromthat first shot to see the next shot but then you end up seeing that it's notanother shot but it's still that same first shot just a little bit more of itthis is something that you could have done for a while now ever sinceInstagram made it so that you can upload multiple photos in a single post butpersonally I've only started to experiment with Instagram carousels formaybe a month or two now and when I started to share my own Instagramcarousels you guys were asking me how I made them so I wanted to make thistutorial for everyone unfortunately it is gonna require Photoshop so if youdon't have Photoshop I would recommend you download a trial or at least borrowa computer from somebody that has Photoshop on that computer so althoughthis isn't gonna be a Photoshop tutorial it is gonna require a little knowledgeof it and although I'm not gonna explain a lot... See more →

Key quotes:

  • "Instagram has launched carousel feature on February, 22 and by now the majority of users share posts with multiple images and videos on a regular basis"
  • "A growing number of different online broadcasting services and features, stories (of the day, depicted in photos or short videos that have 24-hour lifetime span) that made it in Snapchat and moved to Instagram, along with a bunch of the feature’s fans, and the longposts so many celebrities, bloggers, and common users alike enjoy to write in their captions to inform and provoke discussion in the comments — all these are only a few proofs of trend’s active development"
  • "Successful brands cater to the needs of their customers, and Instagram carousel feature provides 10 times more space for creative ideas that will engage new people around your content, and therefore your product"
  • "The following list contains the ways businesses that rely on social media marketing platform can get the best of carousel posts"
  • "Carousel feature lets you upload up to 10 images or videos, use it to showcase your product in full: 2"
  • "What you can do to invest into your brand’s prestige with the help of Instagram multi-posts: Tip: Creating special hashtag for such photos, like #gettoknowbrandname, will boost the interest for the series and the brand even more, while also organize your feed."
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Key quotes:

  • "“It’s all in the pursuit of engagement, making sure that when you log in, you keep seeing posts that resonate with you,” says Kate Moran, a user experience specialist at Nielsen Norman Group"
  • "“It’s all in the pursuit of engagement.” Frank Garofalo, principal consultant at Garofalo UX, also speculates that the second-photo feature could be a fix for users who are accustomed to vertical scrolling, but not necessarily the horizontal swiping required of multi-photo posts"
  • "Nichols, executive director of experience at AvenueCX, for one, says multi-photo posts disrupt user expectations"
  • "“I think there’s better design approaches to do it than what we’re seeing here.” Nichols suggests multi-photo posts displayed in single, gridded tile may be easier to interact with"
  • "A horizontal scroll for the feed could be another option that more naturally matches the multi-photo feature, though Instagram tested that in December — and immediately faced a user revolt"
  • "“The point of Instagram is you’re trying to showcase a particular image or idea or theme and then comment on it, so multi-photo posts kind of defeats that purpose and dilutes that purpose,” Nichols says."
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Key quotes:

  • "A simple way to create a single seamless photo look with multiple images for Instagram"
  • "Open your photograph in Photoshop and crop it with an aspect ratio, 3:1 Go to View>Create new guide layout and set the column number to 3 and change all the other value to 0"
  • "Click ok."
  • "Pick the slice tool from the tool bar and select Slices from Guides on the top"
  • "Go to Export > Save as web"
  • "Change the image settings to JPEG and save"
  • "Transfer the 3 output images to your phone"
  • "And upload the images by choosing Select Multiple"
  • "Choose your images in a left to right order"
  • "Now have a very engaging seamless wide image on your Insta! Written by"
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Key quotes:

  • "We all know very well that Instagram is one of the best social media applications"
  • "In this app, you can add multiple pictures & videos in a single post"
  • "But do you know how to remove a single image or video from the carousel posts? Here are the steps, let’s get started"
  • "Source:- HOW TO REMOVE A SINGLE INSTAGRAM PICTURE FROM A POST WITH MULTIPLE PICTURES? Upload Multiple Pictures to an Instagram Post If you want to upload multiple pictures to an Instagram post, then you need to follow the instructions given below"
  • "Remove a Single Instagram Picture Remove an Instagram Carousel Post If you want to remove an Instagram carousel post, then you need to follow the instructions given below"
  • "Hide Instagram Pictures Instead of Removing them Arya Stark is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity"
  • "He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users"
  • "His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites"
  • "Source:- Written by"
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Key quotes:

  • "It can mean many things, the grid on your camera to help you better frame a photo, a collage with a unified theme, or even how you plan your Instagram feed"
  • "It may mean different things, but all of these when used can greatly boost the way you use your Instagram, and the way people respond to your posts"
  • "Simply put, the important elements of your photo, such as the subject, should be on the intersection of the grid lines"
  • "Following the Rule of Thirds is one of the quickest ways to make your shot look a lot more professional"
  • "Here’s how you create a photo collage on InstaSize: Now here’s the most important photo grid for Instagram power users: your profile’s feed! Use Instasize’s moveable grid to upload the photos you’re planning to post"
  • "In this way you’ll be able to what your new images will look like on your feed before actually posting them"
  • "This allows you to see the overall look and impact of your photos as part of your whole feed before you post it on Instagram"
  • "Make the most out of these different photo grids and see how quickly your Instagram grows!"
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