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29 free places to promote your website online in 2020

Many options for free promotion exist right at your fingertips. Choose the platforms most likely to bring powerful results to your site.

February 27 · 6 min read

You just launched your new website. Amazing! But this also means that the work has just begun.

Now you need to promote it.

Fortunately, many options for free promotion exist right at your fingertips. These types of services can give you an edge as long as you put in the proper effort across different platforms.

We’ve put together a list of 29 sites where a company can promote itself at no cost. While these options are free, they require time and effort from you. You may get more for your efforts by focusing on the most relevant sites for your business, rather than all.

It requires a great deal of time to promote properly, so you want to pick the sites that your customers are likely to use. Take the time and think about how best to engage your potential market or reach out to the team at B12 to help you promote your site as effectively as possible. Digital marketing is ever-changing and experts can help you keep track of trends.

To get started, take a look at the following sites and you’ll find at least a few that can bring powerful results to your site.

Social media sites

Social media sites represent the most obvious first step in website promotion. They work most effectively when you have a large platform of followers but you can also connect with influential users to get the word out.


Right now, Twitter has the most influence among media circles, college students, and other groups. If the right user mentions your website, it could gain a significant following in a short time.


Facebook works best with those above age 30 who either want to connect with family and friends or argue about politics. It does provide a number of tools for promoting sites and posts, though!


Instagram provides a platform where people can share images, music, and videos. Its business arm seeks to connect companies with millions of potential customers and clients.


This platform has the most influence among those in their teens and 20s. It allows people to exchange messages, images, and video. The story function represents an effective way to gain followers and promote your site.


Tumblr has committed to reinventing itself as a social forum. It allows members to create blogs based on shared images.


Small businesses thrive while promoting products on Pinterest. Most know it as a great place to share recipes and crafts, but with the right approach, it could boost small business exposure. Pinterest’s analytics can help track your impact.


LinkedIn has utilized its massive base of members to create a number of tools that help businesses. It’s useful for establishing your business as an industry thought leader and is ideal for those in the service sector or B2B brands.


Reddit serves as a massive discussion forum with hundreds of different “rooms.” You can gain a lot of attention quickly on Reddit, which could be positive or negative.


This platform aspires to serve as a more refined and intellectual forum for discussing the issues of the day. While Quora’s users may resist outright promotion out of the blue, building a network and credibility could provide a long-term way to promote certain types of businesses.


The site Mix absorbed StumbleUpon and its user base, which was built around sharing content, especially commercial content. It gives you an easy way to post material and also save articles, music, and anything else found online.


Foursquare at one time was the next big thing in social media. Although it has cooled off in the past few years, it still has millions of active users. It is a local search and discovery app that allows users to find different kinds of business establishments.


Yes, it still exists! Facebook took the basic concept behind Myspace, made it more accessible, and then took most of its user base. Since then, Myspace reinvented itself as a much smaller, but still effective, niche site.


Angie’s List

This directory provides names and reviews of businesses involved in contracting. Angie’s List is nationally promoted and serves as a powerful platform for well-reviewed businesses.


One of the original directories, Craigslist still represents the most accessible platform for promoting your website.


This app provides a platform for reviews of small business apps. Like all review-based services, GetApp could serve as a business boost or a forum for bad news about you and your organization.

Angel List

Angel List is a place where entrepreneurs can link up with investors. Startups can seek out both funding and new employees on this site.

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau has been a standard location for well-reputed businesses to promote themselves. The BBB was a resource before the common use of computers. Being listed on the BBB used to be standard fare for those seeking to establish a positive reputation.



YouTube might serve as the most powerful promotional platform in the world. It can take a five-minute family-made film and turn its owner into a successful person almost overnight if users enjoy it. YouTube provides ample tools to help develop and grow businesses online.


Dailymotion primarily serves as a video sharing site but has powerful partners, such as the BBC, Bloomberg, and Hearst Digital, among others.


Like YouTube and Dailymotion, Vimeo serves as a platform for video content creation and sharing. The main difference in Vimeo is that it places more focus and influence on monetizing video products. While it has a free service, using the monetization tools cost money.


This represents an easy way to get the name of a business, especially a food or retail establishment, out into the public eye.

Merchant Circle

This platform bills itself as a powerful tool for small businesses who seek local promotion. Merchant Circle boasts 100 million potential customers and more than two million small business partners. Tools include digital footprint expansion, SEO assistance, and more.

Free Press Release

Free Press Release offers a distribution service that shares your press releases with the FPR network and also works to place them high on search engines’ radar.

24-7 Press Release

Like other press release distribution services, 24-7 Press Release will take your announcement and spread it among a wide variety of news and media services. It also boasts of a connection to the Associated Press.


Travelers know that TripAdvisor can be a virtual lifesaver. Users will often search TripAdvisor religiously when visiting a new place. It can help find the best deals and quality service from hotels, restaurants, retail outlets, and more.

Blogger.com (formerly Blogspot)

Blogger is Google’s free blog hosting service. Formerly known as Blogspot, it provides a powerful platform that does not simply post your articles, but can also tap into Google’s powerful advertising and analytics tools.

Yellow Pages

Another venerable institution that has found an online home, the Yellow Pages once upon a time served as the premier business directory.

Town Planner

This platform mostly serves smaller towns and communities. It serves as a catchall calendar for news, events, holidays of all sorts, and other promotions. Not every town uses Town Planner, but if your organization is tied to one that does, this could serve as a great way to share information and promote your website.


Manta connects small businesses with their desired market through the use of online tools, including Google Ads and SEO. It can also help you to use social media more efficiently and provides access to a number of other useful tools for website and business promotion.

Don’t let your visitors miss an update — connect your website to your social accounts easily with B12.

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