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Website design

How to copy a website template and customize it for your business site

How to borrow inspiration from other websites but make it your own.

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How to copy a website template and customize it for your business site

Designing an entire website doesn’t need to be complicated. Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon someone else’s website and admired its color scheme, navigation, or font pairing. The entire internet is ripe for inspiration, and many sites share common web design elements. So, if you like what you’ve seen on other sites and wanted to update your current website to look more like it, you can.

Professional website designers and developers know how to copy a website and make it your own. These tips on how to clone or copy a website template will help you mimic the style you’re after, so you can get the website of your dreams. All it takes is finding the right website theme and figuring out how to implement it for your business. 

How to copy and customize a website template

1. Isolate the web page elements you want

You can browse a popular WordPress website or random themes to find a website template that’s most similar to the style you like. Worst case scenario, you can always reach out to the site owner of the website you like to find the exact theme. But if you’d like a similar style rather than an exact match, you’ll want to isolate the elements you like. For example, do you want something with a similar homepage but you’re not a fan of the blog layout? Do you like the layout of the top navigation of a specific website? Find out what your design preferences are and look for themes with those elements included. 

By isolating your preferences by elements, you’ll have a clear vision of what it is you truly like about a design so you can know how to copy a website template effectively. You don’t need to have all the files another site has, and still create a similar web page.

2. Make it unique to your business

Once you know how to copy a website template, it’s important to find ways to personalize it and cater it to your business’s aesthetic. The structure of a WordPress site can be copied in a sense, but ultimately a website you create for selling legal services is going to look very different from an author’s website selling books. The customizations you make for your website should help people feel like they’re on the right site to solve their burning problem. 

Consider whether you want to sound like an authority or like a friend when it comes to writing copy. Choose images that reflect the tone of the outcome of what people hope to achieve from you. There’s even some color psychology you can do. Medical businesses typically choose blues, whereas financial businesses often select greens for their color palettes. By browsing popular websites in your industry, you’ll quickly get a sense of what type of imagery and tone they use for their sites. You can browse a popular WordPress site, search engines, and website design blog posts for unique ideas on creating a custom theme.

3. Create a plan for your existing website

At this point, you’ve learned how to copy a website template and match the tone, but you still need to create a plan to achieve your goals. Copying websites isn’t a one-and-done sort of deal. You’ll need to develop some sort of marketing plan to drive traffic to your site

Most people grow their websites through search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, and social media. By creating content for your website and social media pages, you can grow your online following. But it takes time and effort. You need to put out content on a consistent schedule that you can commit to. 

It can take years to build out a popular site with a ton of traffic. But all that hard work eventually pays off and results start to snowball. Being by following pages on social media of your competitors to get a better idea of how they promote their business and maybe even come up with a new idea.

Copy a website template using a DIY builder

No-code-friendly, DIY website builders are great for beginners who are looking to learn how to copy a website template. You don’t need to know how to read source code or edit CSS files, so it’s easy to quickly set up a live website. 

A DIY builder can be a great tool for you to get started on designing your website, your way. It’s easy to set up and allows you to launch fast. After all, working back and forth with a third-party designer from an agency with other clients can cause delays and take a lot of your time and energy. It’s best to build and launch quickly while your brain is humming with new ideas. 

Plus, it’s more cost-effective to build a website yourself than outsourcing that work to someone else. When you copy a website template and use a DIY builder, you save money while still being able to easily connect the final product to your vision.

A DIY platform lets you use a text editor to list your services, add images, and choose copy that resonates with readers, without knowing HTML or making any changes to the source code.

If you feel worried about whether or not you have the skills to design your own website, there are countless tutorials online that you can follow along to. Plus, you’ll find that themes can be quite user-friendly for beginners who’ve never designed a website before. It can be a great way to learn a new skill set, too.

However, not all DIY website builders are created equally, and you can end up spending more time customizing your site than you’d like. Be very selective in choosing a platform and ask yourself if it has the criteria you’re looking for, like on-platform support, third-party integrations, and additional products.

Copy a website template with help from a designer

If you think copying a website template on your own is out of your scope, you can always find developers, theme designers, and professionals who have built and customized websites in a number of ways before. You can work with a professional who either designs your website using a pre-selected theme or you can find someone who will make changes to your existing theme to better align with the vision you have in your mind.

When looking for a professional who can do these tasks for you, look for developers who are savvy in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as those are the programming languages mostly associated with web development. Also, depending on where you source your theme, you might find that some theme developers have an upsell service that allows you to hire them to customize your theme for you in the way you envision it. It might add additional costs to your budget, but you can have peace of mind that your website will have the tone and look that best reflects your target audience. 

Get custom website design done by B12

A WordPress website will mostly require a WordPress developer due to the amount of coding knowledge you’ll need to get started. A WordPress website isn’t easy for beginners to customize thoroughly. However, if you’re looking for the freedom to make changes to your website on your own or have a team of web designers, copywriters, and SEO specialists at your disposal, B12 is a great option for your online presence.

When designing your own site, the best way to achieve the look you want is to combine a DIY website builder with some professional design help. That way, you can truly customize your website as you imagine it and update it regularly, with flexibility. The B12 website builder platform gives you access to a team of professionals while also being able to use its simple website editor, where you can tweak the design and all the content on your site. 

Within 30 days of signing up for B12, you’ll have a personalized and professional website that suits your needs. You can collaborate with B12’s team of experts to help you design a stunning website that attracts visitors in and converts them to clients. 

When you join B12, you’ll meet with a team of web professionals who will ask you for your favorite website designs to use as inspiration. So, if there’s a website template that you want to copy and customize, you can collaborate with the B12 team to achieve your vision of a functional and beautiful website. 

Get the website you want

Creating a website template from scratch can be complicated and take up a lot of your free time. Fortunately, with B12 you can earn some of your time back while still creating a beautiful website. 

Knowing how to copy a website template, while staying true to the design that best reflects the tone of your brand is key to creating a website that stands out in a crowded online space. There are millions of websites out there that you can draw inspiration from while still creating a site unlike anything out there.

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