The B12 website editor

B12’s website editor makes it easier than ever to grow your business online.

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The B12 website editor

More ways to customize your site

Our website editor is the best of both worlds: powerful enough for web experts to create bespoke website designs, while simple enough for customers to make edits in just one click.

B12 gives you three ways to launch and maintain your website simply and seamlessly:

Our algorithms. When you initially create your site, B12 algorithms build out a full draft that includes a relevant structure, theme, and content. Any time you add a new section or page, algorithms populate it with relevant text and images that you can edit.

DIY (do it yourself). Our editing experience makes it incredibly simple for you to perform routine updates to your website, like updating its content or adding a new section.

DIFY (do it for you). With the click of a button, you can work with an experienced design expert to add complex integrations and build out your site to align with your business goals.

Create without limits

Here’s just a taste of what’s possible in the B12 website editor experience.

Professional design
Professional design

Start with a theme that aligns with your content and structural needs

Content inspiration
Content inspiration

Algorithms generate relevant, modifiable text and images based on your business

Easy editing
Easy editing

Edit text styles and colors of section titles, subtitles, paragraphs, text logos, and more


Adjust the number of columns in a section or an image’s shape, size, and position

Media galleries
Media galleries

Choose from high-quality images from Unsplash and icons from Icons8

More opportunities
More opportunities

Apply animations, grids, overlays, and backgrounds for added customization

Several customizations can be added in only a few clicks so you can build a high-quality website fast.
Pro tip: The B12 website editor includes expert mode, which gives you or your web expert the ability to add extra layers of customization.

What customers & experts say

Shane Customer / Spike On The Water

“The B12 website editor is so simple to use. I added a bunch of images, reworked text, linked my products, adjusted form links, and even got an animation flying around my footer. The experience with B12 has been amazing. Building a quality website is now fast and affordable.”

Megan Customer / Body Wise

“I love using the B12 website editor, which provides the ease of updating my website myself. With an intuitive editing platform, I didn’t need any guidance on making website updates. I made changes to my photos, copy, and text color — and I can do it whenever I want.”

Jaiden Design expert at B12

“B12’s AI draft dramatically reduces my time traditionally spent working on content structure. As a B12 web expert, I can focus more time on creating a beautiful website and UX that fits the customer’s content and goals.”

David Design expert at B12

“Designing a website in just a couple of hours is actually possible. Thanks to B12's simple-to-use website editor, I'm able to create professional designs that would normally cost thousands of dollars.”

Mandie Design expert at B12

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the B12 website editor. It allows me to make pixel-perfect websites in a fraction of the time.”

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The B12 website editor is all about control when you want it and complexity with expert assistance when you need it. It’s the simplest, smartest way to build a website.

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