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Online Scheduling for your business

Spend less time managing your schedule and more time growing your business.

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Online Scheduling for your business

The best way to connect with customers

Our new scheduling feature makes it even easier for customers to book time with you directly on your website.

With Online Scheduling, there are no third parties and no delays — just straightforward scheduling that seamlessly integrates with your website

Easily set and update your availability details. Online Scheduling makes it simple for you and your customers to cancel or reschedule in case something comes up. Get notified via email as soon as a customer schedules a new appointment, reschedules an existing appointment, or cancels.

It’s easy to add a new scheduling section to your website or to an existing form. There’s no coding required and once you add it, it’s even easier to use. The user-friendly interface of our bookings scheduling software helps you stay organized as your customer base grows.

Grow your business
even when you’re offline

When you use Online Scheduling, your website becomes a one-stop shop to reach your customers.

Get notified
Get notified

When customers book appointments on your website, they’ll receive an email confirmation and you’ll receive one too. Receive notifications when a customer reschedules or cancels.

Stay organized
Stay organized

Use calendar view, booking view, or customer view to see all appointments, information about a particular appointment, and customer details like contact info, past/upcoming appointments, and notes.

Eliminate guesswork
Eliminate guesswork

Rather than comb through emails and form submissions and respond hours later, automatically show your customers when you’re available so they can book their own appointments.

Showcase services
Showcase services

Online Scheduling makes it easier to market your services directly on your website, eliminating the need for a third-party tool. It’s more than a calendar, it’s the future of your business.

Control availability
Control availability

You can set and update your availability, duration of appointments, minimum time between appointments, and more details in minutes.

Integrate flawlessly
Integrate flawlessly

When you add a B12 Online Scheduling section, it perfectly integrates with your existing website. Our algorithms and designers ensure the new section’s design matches the rest of your site.

What customers & experts say

Dan Garcia
Dan Garcia Customer / Dan Garcia Photography

“Online Scheduling is truly one of the best features of my web page. My customers can always get in touch with me with this awesome tool.”

Mandie Design expert at B12

“AI knows when to add Online Scheduling to a customer website, allowing me to use my time more wisely. Very easy to add, style, and no backend code to maintain.”

David Design expert at B12

“Booking functionality was one of our most requested features, but we didn't have a scheduling solution that seamlessly integrated with our site. Online Scheduling allows me to easily add bookings without worrying about design or figuring out external software.”

Ready to get more business on your website?

Online Scheduling makes it simple for your visitors to become customers when they schedule appointments with you directly on your website.

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