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InFocus Payroll modernizes its online presence with a more client-centric, feature-rich experience

Founder Brian Bohley shares how switching website platforms provided a new level of power, control, and client service.

InFocus Payroll
InFocus Payroll
Customer:InFocus Payroll
Industry:Accounting and Payroll Services
Company size:1-10 employees
Problem:An outdated website lacked the functionality to actually serve clients and slowed down the business
Solution:An online platform that allows the founder to leverage integrations, have more control over his site, and easily refresh it any time
Products used:

About InFocus Payroll

Founded in 2012, InFocus Payroll offers custom payroll services to clients in small- and medium-sized businesses, startups, and nonprofits. While many traditional payroll services tend to be glorified software with poor customer service and hidden fees, InFocus is something completely different.

InFocus Payroll started after Brian observed the frustrating experience that clients face dealing with payroll bureaus. His years of working in the payroll industry revealed cracks in the existing infrastructure. 

“Payroll services prey on clients who make mistakes and will charge them fees. Clients often have no choice but to accept these fees. I hated that part of the industry.” 

Brian knew that to make an impact in this industry, he had to build something new. He left a more traditional payroll company to create something revolutionary on his own.

The challenge

Eight years of referral marketing helped grow InFocus Payroll exponentially. But as time went on, Brian felt its online presence, which worked well in the past, was now subpar compared to competitors. The company’s website was in dire need of a redesign.

InFocus Payroll’s original website was created by a freelance website designer, which left Brian with little control to update it. He was completely dependent on the designer if he needed any changes made, which naturally led to delays and frustration. This bottleneck led him to seek out an alternative that allowed him to make changes anytime while still retaining a professional designer’s support as needed.

The solution

InFocus Payroll website

With the right solution, Brian could be as hands-on (or off) as he wanted while staying focused on growing his business. With this balance as the goal, he started his search for more innovative website design options and found B12 on Facebook. 

Intrigued by the use of artificial intelligence to create websites, Brian was blown away by his initial draft and immediately scheduled a call with a B12 design consultant. The exemplary support and knowledge during the free consultation solidified InFocus Payroll’s choice to work with B12. By the end of the consultation, Brian purchased a B12 plan.

B12 was able to design a site that clearly communicated InFocus Payroll’s value, expertise, and services, while fulfilling Brian’s behind -the-scenes needs. Within a week, the new website officially launched.

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The results

Before B12, the company’s website integrations had to be manually added on the backend. This previously hindered InFocus Payroll’s web design process, and Brian was extremely cautious of this particular adjustment. 

“B12 was easily able to include several integrations, such as Calendly and Drift, that facilitate communication with my clients. The experience was seamless, unlike my previous website design experience.”

Looking to the future, Brian wants InFocus Payroll to grow and become the best payroll, bookkeeping, and tax service out there, and he’s confident that B12 has positioned the company to make this a reality. 

“I love the hybrid approach that B12 uses for web design. It’s inevitable to look for automation as a solution, but there needs to be a human element. B12 can achieve both by automating the mundane aspects of design and still offering that personalized human touch. I appreciate that.”

Grow your business online with less effort

B12 helped InFocus Payroll look more credible online and support its clients’ needs, while helping Brian run his business more seamlessly. Now, we want to help your business reach its goals, whether you’re looking to save some time each week, increase your revenue, or gain clients. 

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Barbara Bartelsmeyer

Barbara Bartelsmeyer

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