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B12 Payments and Invoicing

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Send customized invoices in minutes and accept payments for services or appointments directly on your website

Creating, sending, and tracking invoices is essential, but it demands valuable time and money from business owners. To help you bill clients and secure cash flow fast, Payments and Invoicing is user-friendly software built into B12.

Our invoicing software lets you streamline your billing process:

  • Personalize your invoice to bill clients for a product or service
  • Send elegant invoices without leaving B12
  • Accept payments by credit card or bank account/ACH
  • Automatic reminders follow up on late payments
  • Receive payouts to your US bank account

B12 Payments and Invoicing makes it easy to understand your billing data, including who your most loyal clients are. Organized, accurate records allow you to track your financial health and predict cash flow.

How to use Payments and Invoicing

1. Verify your business

1. Verify your business

A simple onboarding process gets you up and running in minutes. B12 has partnered with Stripe to bring you proven invoicing software for a convenient and secure online business workflow. We’ll collect a few details from you to quickly complete verification.

Connect any US-based bank account to B12 Payments and Invoicing so that when you receive payments, you issue a payout and the funds are sent to your account. After verifying your bank account and contact information, start using the Payments and Invoicing dashboard to create personalized invoices.

2. Customize invoices

2. Customize invoices

Begin with our user-friendly invoice template, then customize each new invoice to include your business name and logo, client details, invoice number, issue date, due date, and specific billable items, such as product/service title, quantity, description, price, tax percentage, and total.

3. Bill clients

3. Bill clients

Once you’ve customized an invoice, it only takes a few clicks to email it to your client, requesting their payment. Hit send, then your client promptly receives an email from your business containing a secure landing page link, where they can pay online via credit card or ACH.

Payments and Invoicing safely processes your client’s information and for their protection, we never store payment details. Once a client submits a payment, you’ll both receive a confirmation email for your records.

Final steps


B12 sends payment reminders

Automated payment reminder emails make it effortless to engage with clients and receive your money on time. These reminders alert clients to upcoming due dates and overdue payments. B12 issues reminders for you automatically, so it’s like your invoices practically pay themselves.


Receive payouts

After each payout, you receive your money quickly. Depending on your bank, funds from credit card payments hit your account within 2 days, and funds from ACH payments are available within 5 days. Navigate to the Payouts tab of your Payments and Invoicing dashboard to track past and upcoming payouts.


Automate recurring invoices

Payments and Invoicing allows you to set up recurring invoicing to bill clients and receive online payments on a regular basis. If you regularly issue the same invoice to clients, you should consider using recurring invoices to save the time and hassle of copying invoices each time.

B12 Payments and Invoicing pricing

Payments and Invoicing is free for all B12 customers, with no monthly fees or transaction limits. Market standard processing rates apply.

Credit card payments

2.9% + 30¢ per transaction
+1% for international cards
+1% for some specialty cards (e.g., AMEX)

Bank payments

1% per ACH transaction capped at $10

International fees

1% for currency conversion for US-based businesses

The benefits of powerful invoicing software

Payments and Invoicing is the best solution for business owners. A seamless billing workflow built into B12 adds extra power to your online presence, benefitting your business in many ways.

Conduct billing.

Invoicing software lets you institute an effective billing system for your business without paying a bookkeeper or struggling to learn QuickBooks.

Get paid faster.

We accept credit and debit cards alongside bank payments, so you receive your money without delay.

Cut bookkeeping costs.

Payments and Invoicing is free, allowing freelancers and small business owners to save money by handling their own accounts payable.

Optimize productivity.

Customizable invoicing templates speed up the billing process and streamline financial reporting.

Maximize on-time payments.

We automate payment reminders and send them to your clients before their invoice due date and immediately after.

Track cash flow.

Payments and Invoicing helps you keep an eye on your cash flow, so you ensure the inflow is higher than the outflow.

Reduce paperwork.

Invoicing software saves you money, time, and effort, and enables your billing to go paperless.

Stay organized.

Data such as paid and outstanding invoices is saved in your dashboard and accessible anytime.

Manage client data.

The Payments and Invoicing dashboard lets you review each client's payment history, so you better understand their needs and patterns.


Yes, it's powered by Stripe, which has achieved the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. Your information and your clients’ information is protected.

Payments and Invoicing supports an unlimited number of invoices during any given time period.

There is no minimum or maximum amount of funds required for a payout. When you’re ready to issue one, navigate to the Payouts pane and manually create the payout. Review payout history in your invoicing dashboard.

We currently support all major debit and credit card payments (including American Express business credit cards) as well as ACH payments.

You can easily set up recurring invoices with B12. When creating a new invoice, there’s the option to “Repeat” an invoice, with fields to customize its frequency and start/end date. Once you automate recurring invoices, clients will receive the invoice via email the same as other invoices.

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Barbara Bartelsmeyer
Partner / COO, Action Logistix
Action Logistix

I can make [website edits] myself, and it’s as simple as working in a Word document. If I need more help, I’ll email the B12 team and within 24 hours, boom, it’s done.

Barbara Bartelsmeyer

Barbara Bartelsmeyer

Partner / COO, Action Logistix

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Jia Junaid
Founder, Atlas Law
Atlas Law

I love that B12 prompts me to update certain [website] features and add integrations like online scheduling to increase efficiency in my law firm. These recommendations are often things that I would have never considered but have proved to be incredibly useful.

Jia Junaid

Jia Junaid

Founder, Atlas Law

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Anthony Bell
Founder and Managing Partner, The Bell Group
The Bell Group

With B12, the quality is 10/10. I feel like I got the finished product of building a site from scratch, but it was way easier.

Anthony Bell

Anthony Bell

Founder and Managing Partner, The Bell Group

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Heather Carnes
Founder, Envision HR
Envision HR

B12 has raised the entire bar of website professionalism.

Heather Carnes

Heather Carnes

Founder, Envision HR

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