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OpenAI’s GPT Store launch: Best custom GPTs to try first

5 January, 2024 ·AI thought leadership
OpenAI’s GPT Store launch: Best custom GPTs to try first

The buzz around custom GPTs started following OpenAI's November 2023 developers conference, when the company invited ChatGPT Plus and enterprise subscribers to create their own ChatGPT-style chatbots on the newest GPT-4 model. Since then, custom GPTs have been available via the ChatGPT Plus explore tab, but with limited discoverability. 

The new GPT Store makes it easy for users to browse trending GPTs organized into categories like writing, research, and programming. It also gives GPT builders a chance to gain global visibility and monetize their creations by participating in a soon-to-be-unveiled revenue-sharing program. 
More than 3 million custom chatbots have gone live since November, and OpenAI’s new marketplace will surely be a game-changer for both GPT users and creators.

Top 10 custom GPTs in the GPT Store

ScholarAI, Image Generator, and Humanizer Pro are among the most popular tools featured in the GPT Store that you may have already tried. We dug a little deeper to discover other impactful GPTs that enable you to be more productive and purposeful in your everyday work.

 1. ConvertAnything

Just as it sounds, ConvertAnything lets you convert files into various formats for images, audio, video, documents, and more. It accepts file uploads and converts them to your specified format, providing a download link for the converted file in seconds. ConvertAnything can handle individual or batch uploads, including ZIP files. With this GPT, you save time automating the file conversion process and quickly move on to more critical tasks.  

2. Super Describe

With Super Describe, upload any image and get a similar one created for you using DALL·E 3. This GPT produces new images that closely resemble the originals while avoiding copyright issues. It generates images similar to an existing image — replicating the style, color palette, and various elements of the image — while tailoring them to your needs and style. 

Super Describe can also help you find inspiration or variation for your work, explore different styles or color schemes based on existing images, analyze art styles and techniques, or see how an image can be transformed while retaining its core elements. It’s beneficial if you want to explore how subtle changes alter the perception of an image.

3. AI Website Builder by B12

The AI Website Builder GPT is the fastest way to create an entire personalized website in 60 seconds using ChatGPT. The result is a website and domain with a blog, online payments, and scheduling built in, so you can market your expertise to prospective clients in no time.  
This GPT is great for professionals looking to create a polished website quickly, easily, and affordably. All you have to do is provide AI Website Builder with the name of your business and a brief description of what you do. In seconds, it generates a signup link to view your new site, make edits, and hit publish. Your new site, powered by popular AI website builder B12, is customizable and beginner-friendly, with additional on-platform tools that support business growth.

4. Thumbnail Sketcher

Thumbnail Sketcher creates eye-catching thumbnail images for your blog posts. It generates and customizes images based on your blog titles, ensuring they’re visually appealing and suitable for thumbnail use. The process includes:

  • Creating an image
  • Cropping it
  • Adding a frame
  • Placing the title in the image with a specific font and design
  • Providing a final, downloadable thumbnail image

This GPT is ideal for bloggers, content creators, and anyone needing custom thumbnails for their online posts.

5. SEO Mentor

SEO Mentor gives expert guidance and feedback on search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and best practices. It helps improve your SEO by aligning with Google Quality Guidelines and utilizing insights from advanced data analysis and industry trends. Use it to receive customized recommendations for enhancing your site’s visibility and ranking on search engines, including advice on keyword research, content optimization, link building, and technical SEO aspects.

6. Universal Primer

Universal Primer offers in-depth explanations on a wide range of complex subjects. If you identify as a “learner,” this will be your new favorite GPT. Use Univeral Primer to dive into technical and mathematical concepts while keeping them accessible and understandable. It often uses analogies and relates concepts to everyday experiences so they’re easier to understand. Before instruction, it gauges your existing knowledge on a topic and helps fill in any gaps. After explaining a concept, it can test your understanding with specific, challenging questions to ensure you've grasped the material.

7. Content Helpfulness and Quality SEO Analyzer

Looking for SEO guidance? Content Helpfulness and Quality SEO Analyzer analyzes and improves the optimization of your web content. It does this by assessing your content's relevance, quality, and helpfulness in relation to specific search queries. With this GPT, you’ll get solid tips for improving content, and if you share a list of your competitors, it can compare your content to theirs to suggest enhancements across areas like quality, expertise, experience, presentation, and page experience. 

 8. Tech Support Advisor 

Troubleshooting a tech issue is no fun, but Tech Support Advisor can help. This GPT is set up to answer a wide range of technology-related queries. Whether you have a problem with your computer, smartphone, or any other device, get step-by-step guidance to diagnose and resolve the issue. It’s also adept at recommending software, explaining how something tech-related works, and offering advice on how to keep your data secure.

9. Paper Interpreter

If you need a thorough understanding of a particular research paper, Paper Interpreter gives you detailed descriptions of its sections in seconds. This GPT is particularly useful for students, researchers, or professionals who are reviewing scientific literature and need a comprehensive understanding of a study.

This GPT is easy to use; all you have to do is upload the PDF file or enter the URL of the paper you’re interested in. Paper Interpreter explains not only the text but also the figures or graphs. This is great if you need extra help interpreting scientific graphs, charts, and other visual data representations.

10. HTML Writer

HTML Writer is as straightforward as it sounds — it writes HTML for you! This GPT excels at generating code for various web page elements like forms, headers, footers, embedded videos, image galleries, audio players, and maps. It can also code professional pages from scratch, incorporating specific business names and personalized content, or provide you with a link to a website already set up for you. Additionally, if you have an HTML question or need code for a specific element, use HTML Writer as a teacher or to do it for you.

Explore custom AI-powered chatbots today

The introduction of custom GPTs is one of ChatGPT's most exciting developments of the past year. Whether you craft your own or use one of the GPTs above to improve your website, solve a technical issue, or generate a new image, there are unlimited possibilities for leveraging this technology. Visit OpenAI to try it for yourself!

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