How to view YouTube analytics for other users' channels

Curious how your YouTube channel compares? Try these tips and tricks to view YouTube analytics for other channels, like those of your competitors.

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How to view YouTube analytics for other users' channels


Transcript: I think this video shows how you can view the stats are the earnings for your YouTube channel so if you upload your videos on the YouTube channel then a lot of people view that and then out of that views you might get some earnings if you monetize the videos so here in this video I'm going to explain you how you can view the statistics of your YouTube channel for that your click on this right hand sign and you can see that right now I am logged in to this saga food channel and view the statistics what you do is that you click on this creator studio and once you do that you will be taken to the dashboard of your video or channel and you here you can see that the list of all the videos over there and the right-hand side you will see the analytics or the statistics for example watch time views subscribers and your estimated video so you can see that there are 12 subscribers right now on this channel and total views are 2305 and earnings are a $0 and 3 subscribers have been gained in the last 28 days... See more →

Transcript: what's up guys this video today is brought to you to show you how my experience on YouTube is going in a nutshell I named this kind of clips as my son's to summarize a six month span of activity on the platform now I know you were a little anxious so here you go there's a new one ready to roll in fact six months have passed since the very first milestone video of mine I needed to recap the inception of my youtube channel as some of you may recall by the way if you'd like to watch it for those of you who are new all we watch it cause you're a true fan there's a link down below in a comment section so this is just a way in which I can keep track of my endeavors on YouTube in order to help myself increase better understanding of the platform as well as plainly disclose how things are going for me so that may be in earnest five other users to follow into my footsteps and become YouTube creators in Dyson I don't think of it as a job in fact it's far from yielding those... See more →

Key quotes:

  • "With the 4 major reports on YouTube Analytics, overview, reach, engagement, and audience, you can already do a detailed channel and video analysis"
  • "YouTube Premium watch time (minutes): This metric shows the estimated total minutes of viewing time of your video content from YouTube Premium subscribers"
  • "Playlists exits rate: This metric shows the percentage of times viewers exited the playlist after watching a video out of the total number of video views in the playlist"
  • "There are 5 metrics that YouTube Analytics recommends you to use when using the video report: The video performance depends on how strong, creative, and helpful the content is for people, so it will not be enough to just analyze the metrics that I’ve listed above"
  • "There are 4 metrics that YouTube Analytics recommends you to use when looking at the viewer age and viewer gender reports: Age and gender data give you some good ideas about the way you speak to your audience in your future video content"
  • "In the subscription status report, you can examine how subscribed viewers interacted with the channel and the videos in terms of watch time, views, and average view duration metrics."
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Key quotes:

  • "Your youtube channel is equipped with youtube analytics, which is a tool that provides you with all the insights and information about your channel, all your videos, your audience,and your subscribers"
  • "You can easily track your performance on the platform using the various metrics that come with the youtube analytics tool"
  • "Youtube analytics consists of reports and insights that will make the process of understanding your audience and their overall response to your videos and channel easy"
  • "Insights derived from the watch time can tell you which kind of video content receives a better response and which videos leave the viewers bored"
  • "Demographics feature of YouTube analytics provides insights about the people who are watching your video (s) in terms of their age, gender and geographical location"
  • "Youtube analytics tracks the statistics on viewership for your videos and channel across various age groups and genders and geographical location of the viewers"
  • "Together, the playback location, number of views and watch time for the videos help you in pointing out the steadiest platform that is drawing views for your videos, whether it is your youtube channel, or is it some external blog or website."
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Key quotes:

  • "Make the most of these YouTube tools that will provide you with the right set of data, the right metrics and the right strategies to improve your content and reach your marketing goals on YouTube"
  • "Here is a list of 7 YouTube analytics tools that you can use to improve your video content strategy: Unbox Social is a handy, versatile tool that helps in tracking your social media performance"
  • "Important insights that our YouTube analytics tool offers include audience retention rate, video video shares, ideal time to post content, and growth rate of subscribers"
  • "Get data-driven insights for your YouTube videos only with Unbox Social.Easy to Use, Save Time, Create Reports, Free Demo"
  • "Each of these reports provides an overall and metric-wise analysis of the performance of your YouTube channel and video"
  • "You can keep a watch on the competitive landscape and monitor your performance against others in the industry, with the help of the Benchmarking feature that comes with this tool"
  • "This YouTube analytics tool help you to optimize your video marketing strategy on YouTube through its neat and comprehensive features"
  • "YouTube analytics tools are built to help you carry out the task of gaining insights and data on your YouTube performance."
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Key quotes:

  • "Author: Chen Wang YouTube Analytics comes in when you have started using YouTube to upload and share videos and when you started to wonder who are watching your videos and how do they can get more views and better engagement"
  • "When you build a dashing YouTube channel, the requirement is, you must understand who your audience is and how do they engage with your videos"
  • "The data that you are going to retrieve from this page is beneficial if you are looking to get a general report of how your channel is working"
  • "Watch time Reports This is where you will find the essential analytics on YouTube, it breaks down how your different videos and its quality are keeping your audience engaged"
  • "Watch Time Reports dispense insight of the overall performance of your channel and it can also be used to swim deeper into the performance of individual videos"
  • "Engagement Reports Views are only a part of building a flourishing YouTube channel"
  • "As you are kick-starting to modify your content to share on YouTube and build an audience, you may want to pursue which type of engagement your videos are generating."
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Key quotes:

  • "People watch 3.25 billion hours of video on YouTube per month"
  • "In November, my channel received 53,261 views, and people spent 70,000+ minutes watching my videos"
  • "Because I still got across the information people were looking for when they viewed my video, and that’s really what matters — both to your viewers and YouTube’s recommendation algorithms"
  • "To make sure your poorly-shot videos are sharing the right information, it’s helpful to find out what viewers actually want to know about a product or technology"
  • "I’ve also seen a bump in my traffic when I respond to comments — it’s likely that YouTube prioritizes videos from active creators who will be there to answer viewers' questions"
  • "So I started including a very simple statement at the end of each of my videos: “If you found this helpful in any way, please subscribe to my channel"
  • "Wait a few months before you make up your mind — new channels can take some time to find their place — but if you do gain an audience, know that it’s very possible to grow a YouTube channel to the point of monetization with very little investment or time."
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