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How to build your best hedge fund and investment management website in 2023 (+ content tips)

10 January, 2023 · 10 min read·Investing firm
How to build your best hedge fund and investment management website in 2023 (+ content tips)
Need some help with hedge fund website design and content? Learn best practices to apply to your site, and find the best hedge fund resources for content inspiration.

It doesn’t matter how large or small your hedge fund or investment firm is. You need a website that clearly communicates its value to potential investors and regulators. Allocating resources toward high-quality design and content can convince website visitors of your hedge fund’s investment value and fund performance possibilities.

Keep reading to discover some best practices, as well as investment management websites that will help you communicate trends and tips to your website visitors!

Effective hedge fund website tips

1. Highlight notable results

Because hedge funds present risk, your website needs to present credibility to put prospective investors at ease. Filling your site with testimonials from current investment clients and showcasing past results will help visitors see you as trustworthy.

Show off your hedge fund managers’ education, accreditations, and previous successes to prove your group is talented and on the cutting edge. We recommend that your site has a dedicated “Testimonials” or “Success Stories” page that presents impressive figures and is easily skimmable

2. Introduce your hedge fund managers

This directly relates to tip #1. Prospective investors want to know who’s in charge and what they’ve done before. Be specific about each person’s education, experience, and past results.

Showcase your fund’s leadership team, including their photos and bios, on a prominent web page for visitors to see. Show visitors that your hedge fund is led by the best and brightest talent out there, and be sure to include professional headshots. Putting a face to a name offers your website visitors a human connection and makes them want to reach out and get involved.

3. Publish relevant content

Regularly publishing thought leadership content, like quarterly whitepapers, can deliver excellent results for both SEO and client acquisition. Help your investors and prospects stay current with your fund’s outcomes by including performance and holdings data on your site.

Work with an SEO expert, like the ones at B12, to target investment strategy-related keywords that will drive the right traffic to your website. You can then let our professional copywriters create content for you that includes the appropriate keywords for your offerings, location, and audience.

4. Make your site secure

When clients are trusting you with their assets, they need to feel completely confident in your site’s security protocols. Be sure that your web designer or developer is adhering to the more stringent industry standards related to HTTPS, SSL, secure logins, payment processing, and more.

5. Keep the design simple

The best web design is streamlined and uncluttered. Don’t be afraid to keep your web pages minimal, and embrace the white space on each page. Spacing out information and only including what’s most important to prospective investors will help them understand your message and make a decision.

Too many content or design elements will overwhelm the visitor and make them more likely to leave your site. To that end, put yourself in a website visitor’s shoes. What are they looking for on each page? Make it easy for them to find it, whether it’s your phone number, contact form, or the call to action button you want them to click to take the next step.

Financial industry news websites for content inspiration

Want to fill your hedge fund website with quality content but not sure which topics your audience wants to read about? The sites below help the top hedge fund managers keep up with the latest hedge fund news related to the stock market, asset management, Wall Street, pension funds, startup companies, private equity firms, and much more. We recommend reading these on a regular basis to inform your own content:

  • This is one of the top hedge fund websites, featuring content about equity analysis, funding, market analysis, and hedge fund letters. Its quarterly publication, Hedge Fund Wisdom, analyzes 13F filings to determine the latest hedge fund positions.
  • This site is one of the largest independent hedge fund databases online, offering a free fund database for everyone.
  • New York Times Hedge Fund. Access various topics about hedge funds, including relevant breaking news. Having the most updated information helps readers avoid risks and secure their investments.
  • Learn about derivatives for practitioners and regulators in the financial and energy industries, tips for asset managers and institutional investors, due diligence process, liquidity risk, and more.
  • CNBC Hedge Fund News. Keep up with the latest fund data and disclaimers that you should watch out for. The site’s recent content revealed the best investment stocks to own during the pandemic.
  • Insider Monkey. This is a hybrid evaluation system designed for institutional investors and hedge fund managers without access to high-quality fund research and other tools capable of gathering data for a hedge fund project.

These resources are a great starting point to help you stay current on hedge fund industry trends. We also recommend following these outlets on social media to get inspiration for how to communicate technical topics in a bite-sized manner via your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts.

Better hedge fund web design can impress potential investors

We hope you check out the free industry content resources summarized above. Now, back to hedge fund web design!

Hedge funds and investment management are stressful enough. You don’t want to spend your precious time doting on web design and struggling to write SEO content. The experts at B12 are here to help, and we know just what to do for hedge fund sites.

B12 uses automation to build professional websites with the tools that businesses like financial advisors and hedge fund managers need to reach prospective clients online. We have creative experts ready to work with you on your website design, hedge fund marketing, SEO, content, and more.

For more tips on professional services marketing and building a successful hedge fund website, browse our Resource Center or get started with B12. Whether your firm is just starting or you’ve managed billions of dollars, we’re well-versed in how to build an online presence that reaches your desired demographic, converts them into clients, and keeps them coming back.

Have professional designers create your website for you

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How to build your best hedge fund and investment management website in 2023 (+ content tips)
How to build your best hedge fund and investment management website in 2023 (+ content tips)

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