The top 10 blogs and hedge fund websites today

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The top 10 blogs and hedge fund websites today

Here are the top 10 blogs and hedge fund websites that can help you get funding for your hedge fund projects today and secure your investment.

December 15 · 10 min read

Do you want to know some relevant info about the hedge fund industry?

Are you looking for ways to improve fund performance and other alternative investment schemes?

Look no further.

Here are the top 10 blogs and hedge fund websites that can help you get funding for your hedge fund projects today and secure your investment.

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#1 is one of the top hedge fund websites since 2008. The website tracks top hedge fund investors and provides readers with the latest news about what they’re selling, buying and why.

It sends free investor updates via email or RSS reader, which gives you an idea of what project might interest a potential hedge fund investor.

And if you want to have an in-depth look and get further ideas, you may subscribe to the quarterly publication - Hedge Fund Wisdom.

Guess what?

Hedge Fund Wisdom analyzes 13F filings to conclude the latest hedge fund positions. It also includes access to 25 manager portfolios and investment stock thesis and summary.

Plus, the website also features different content about investment, equity analysis, funding, market analysis, hedge fund letters, investment conferences and other business ideas that could work for you today. is an informative and reliable website that allows you to gather useful insights that can help kickstart your hedge fund project and increase your investment.

#2 Insider Monkey

Created in 2003 by Dr. Ian Dogan, who has managed $200 million funds using his own strategy.

Insider Monkey is a hybrid evaluation system designed for institutional investors and hedge fund managers without access to high-quality fund research and other tools capable of gathering relevant data for a hedge fund project.

Here’s the deal:

You can get all of the hedge fund and trading data free and subscribe to the quarterly and monthly newsletters at an affordable price.

It features high-quality and evidence-based articles, including newsletters, and tracks hedge fund trades and insiders to achieve an effective alternative investment strategy.

A hedge fund is an unconventional investment strategy, so it is important to closely follow the market trail to increase its value and avoid potential loss.

With that in mind, the Insider Monkey system employs a hybrid technology capable of tracking down insider transactions and anomalies to reduce the number of insiders worthy enough to monkey.

#3 15 Best Blue Chip Stocks to Buy Now

If you’re an investor who wants to park your hard-earned money wisely, this blog is most helpful.

It can help you better understand the stocks with a high potential for profit earnings, such as blue chip stocks.

Most investors choose to buy investment stocks from blue-chip companies because it is less risky; it offers inflation protection and potential earning growth.

So, what are blue-chip stock companies?

Blue-chip stocks companies are established companies with a good track record of earning and an excellent market reputation.

In short, investors prefer to park their money on tried and tested stocks because of security and potential earnings.

Some examples of best blue chip stocks are Apple, Coca-Cola, Walt Disney, Johnson & Johnson and Berkshire Hathway.

PpSo, find out more about the best blue chip stocks to buy now by checking out the blog!

#4 Hedgeweek

Hedgeweek is one of the best online sources that provide information about the best hedge fund techniques and strategies.

It features the latest news in the hedge fund industry, such as investment trends, regulatory news and investment strategies.

Hedgeweek will not teach you to follow the latest fads but direct you to discover megatrends that brings sustainable effects to your investment.

The company’s mission is to help investors acquire a sustainable investment strategy that will work long-term.

It also communicates regulatory news to inform the investors of stock and share prices and ensure transparency and trust.

Hedgeweek also features webinars, including one that explains the convergence between the hedge fund and private equity and reveals the post-COVID marketplace plans of some top hedge fund managers.

Perhaps one of the best post-COVID strategies to secure funding from an investor is through social media marketing? You’ll find out if you watch one of the webinars.

Moreover, Hedgeweek focuses on asset management for investors with high and super high net worth.

Wealth advisers are on board at all times to offer the latest updates on investment and asset management and other in-depth features to help manage your assets better.


Hedge Week already had several launches and fundraising drives, proving that it is doing an excellent hedge fund job to help startup businesses.

So, if your business ideas are insightful, Hedgeweek wants you!

#5 CNBC Hedge Fund News

CNBC Hedge Fund News features the latest hedge fund news, private equity firms and investing from

It includes different blogs featuring investment, finance, Wallstreet trading, and investment management techniques with high potential.

With CNBC Hedge Fund News, you’ll find out the most updated and attractive investment deals in the market right now.

And if you invest in the right stock, expect your investment to grow from 7% to 10% each year.

CNBC Hedge Fund News is a reliable platform where you can gather relevant fund data to grow your investment and find the right institutional investor to fund your startup.

There are a few interesting article features on the business section, which talks about the best investment stocks to own during the pandemic era. It will give you an overview of the best investment deal in the market right now.

One more thing…

Check out their hedge fund blogs regularly. In that way, you’ll be more informed of the latest fund data and other disclaimers that you should watch out for.

#6 Wallstreet Survivor Blog Demystifying Investment

If you’re a newcomer and are looking for the right path to take toward a successful hedge fund project, check out the Wallstreet Survivor Blog!

Be informed about the latest investment facts and tips that can help you secure funding for a startup business.

The Wallstreet Survivor Blog aims to help everyone start investing the right way by identifying the different factors that might put your investment at risk.

This blog provides you with information concerning the best steps to taking when investing in stocks. It will make you realize the importance of choosing your investment wisely to avoid loss and devaluation.

The Wallstreet Survivor Blog will also help you understand and define the different factors you need to consider before making investing decisions.

People may have a different approach, but it takes the right skill and strategy to arrive at the best investment technique.


The Wallstreet Survivor Blog cited five different steps that you must undergo the right investment path.

Be sure to give it a thought while you go through the process of investment.

#7 hedge fund - Asset Management

Featuring exclusive news, analysis, research and events on regulation, risk management and derivatives for practitioners and regulators in financial and energy industries. is one of today’s best websites and hedge fund industry content creators. It will give you an idea about the best asset management strategy and ways to grow your investment wisely.

It features insightful content such as the different models that can effectively produce returns, and so on.

Asset management is important and you must find a professional asset manager to avoid the possibility of hitting rock bottom and ensure investment growth.

Asset management is the process of managing assets on behalf of others. The role of an asset manager is to grow the client’s portfolio while mitigating the risks.

It is a financial service offered by an institutional investor that caters to high net worth investors, government corporations and financial intermediaries.

With, you will find the best asset manager that can help mitigate investment risks. identifies the different risk factors associated with your investment and its main focus is liquidity risk, non financial exposure, software systems, and skill sets.

With this website, you must be able to identify the risk level of a particular investment - it helps you with your due diligence process and decides whether to push through with the investment.

#8 New York Times - Hedge Fund

For updated hedge fund news, go to the New York Times - Hedge Fund!

You will have access to different topics about hedge funds, commentaries and even breaking news.

The hedge fund market is volatile during the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent election results.

So, it is important to access the most updated information to avoid risks and secure your investment at once.

And the New York Times - Hedge Fund can provide you with the most recent updates.

#9 Opalesque - Premium Hedge Fund News, the Choice of the Industry Leaders

Opalesque specializes in transmitting hedge fund news and alternative investment ideas to people. (which you’ll find out if you read one of their blogs or visit the website)

It is also one of the most read content by hedge fund managers because of the latest industry news, hedge fund databases and technical research anaysis.

Opalesque has a technical research team that is responsible for analyzing fund data.

In that way, everything on the website is updated and evidence-based.

#10 is another hedge fund website that offers a free fund database for everyone. It is also known as one of the largest independent hedge fund databases online.

It uses state of the art technology that calculates 150 return and quantitative statistics to ensure that investors can access their funds anytime.

Hedgeco was also founded to promote transparency and strengthen investors and hedge fund relationships through an open line of communication.

It offers a highly organized system requiring members to fill out a questionnaire and submit documents for membership screening.

Hedge funds are required to report at the end of the month to retain their listing on

Hedgeco is a secured platform with representatives on standby to ensure that unaccredited investors can’t enter the website.

Meaning - your investments are safe with Hedgeco!

One more thing…

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In Conclusion

There are several hedge fund websites and blogs that can provide you with the best information about the hedge fund industry.

You can access most of them online. However, it is important to verify all the information you read before applying it to your investment model or hedge fund marketing technique.

In reality, not everything you read online is always credible. Cross-checking references before doing anything is a wise step.

Besides, a small mistake may result in losing your investment, so take the extra time to check the information you read.

So, to protect your investment, avoid risks and losses, follow the right path, use the right tools and conduct research.

Lastly, get help from the experts and never stop discovering the most profitable investments available.

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