The top Google Docs hacks you need to know in 2020

Looking to get more out of Google Docs? Check out these great hacks and tricks to help you make the most of your documents.

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The top Google Docs hacks you need to know in 2020


Transcript: hey guys today I'm going to show you how to copy data from protected Google sheets and Doc's so you might have come across documents like this where the owner has disabled the download option and make the copy option and you can't even write this in order to copy but it is not impossible to copy as the browser has to download it somewhere in order to display and even Google doesn't claim this as a security feature but rather it discourages people from copying so I want to make it clear that by using this method you will not be able to straightaway download this document but rather you'll be able to copy and recreate the document so without further ado let's start first open the URL which you need to copy from and now in the URL you have to delete the part after back slash edit and replace it with HTML pee-yew and that's it now you will get this version of the sheet here you will be able to copy data across the sheets and paste it in the new sheet but the thing is the row and column numbers also will be copied along... See more →

Key quotes:

  • "From resumes to brochures, Word offers tons of helpful templates that can eliminate all of your formatting-related headaches (and help you end up with a polished and professional looking document)"
  • "When you open up Word, instead of creating a blank document, you can take a look at some different template options right there — and even use the search bar to look for something specific"
  • "When you have your document set the way you want it, click “File,” “Save as Template,” and then name it accordingly"
  • "If you’re that person who’s constantly annoying your co-workers by frantically clicking on your mouse like a crazy person, it’s time to familiarize yourself with some keyboard shortcuts"
  • "Again, there are tons of different keyboard shortcuts you can use to speed things up in Microsoft Word — this barely scratches the surface! Let’s say that you have a document that you’re creating repeatedly — like a weekly report, for example"
  • "Using Microsoft Word’s “Quick Styles,” you can save all of those formatting preferences so that they’re ready to go next time you need to create a document"
  • "Much like you can quickly insert formatting and styles, you can also insert common phrases or sentences you use with the click of a button."
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Key quotes:

  • "As an internet-based company, Google Docs started out as a cross-platform word processor that works entirely online"
  • "Our winner: You can access the full version of Google Docs, with all its features, from any browser"
  • "Here’s what Microsoft Word’s ribbon looks like in both Windows and OS X versions: Now check out the Google Docs toolbar: Pretty big difference, right? While you can email your documents to your collaborators with Word, you can’t actually work together on it at the same time like you can with Docs"
  • "Our winner: Google Docs shines in collaboration mode with its universal access and real-time editing features"
  • "Google Docs started and lives online so you’ll always have access to its full features when you’re signed in on the browser version"
  • "Mobile users will have their documents saved to OneDrive, Microsoft’s version of Google Drive, so working remotely is just as secure as when they’re in the office"
  • "So you can create or access files from your Google programs right from the File menu in Doc: Each document or app will open in a separate tab within the browser you’re already working in so you don’t have to wait for all those separate programs to load on your computer like you would with Microsoft."
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Key quotes:

  • "Google Docs is a popular word processing tool because it allows ready access to your documents and files from any internet connected device"
  • "Select the gear icon → settings → general and tick the box “convert uploaded files to Google Docs editor format.” Second, if you prefer to convert files manually (to keep a copy in Word), leave this box unticked and upload a Word document as is"
  • "Next, right click on the word document within Google Drive → Open with → Google Docs"
  • "One of the great features of Google Docs is how readily you can collaborate on a document"
  • "Revision history is a handy tool to not only keep track of changes made and by whom, but it readily allows you to revert to an earlier version of your Google Doc"
  • "To access revision history, click on File → See revision history"
  • "To access the Thesaurus, right click (2-finger tap on a Chromebook) on the word that you would like to change and select “Define.” A research pane will pop up on the right-hand side with a full definition, including synonyms; you can click on a synonym for a definition of the word, ensuring an accurate usage of text."
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Key quotes:

  • "When you’re having to do 100 different things a day — attend meetings, review stuff, check in on your email, or even upload a quick selfie on Instagram — it helps to know that there are apps and tools that can help you with it"
  • "This is how your new inbox would look: (talk about seamless navigation!) If you’re looking for more tips and tricks that make your Gmail faster, you should check out this comprehensive G Suite Productivity Handbook You’re working on an important Google Doc"
  • "You need to browse the web for some information at the same time"
  • "Open a new tab, hit Google search and start browsing, right? And now, you can use Voice in Google Docs as well — you no longer have to actually keep hitting those keyboard buttons repeatedly"
  • "So, the next time you’re looking to create a quick Google Doc on the way to a meeting, remember that there’s a faster way to get it done! But, here’s the thing — when important files stay as attachments in emails, there’s a high chance you might overlook them."
  • "On your PC, type in ‘schedule’ or ‘make an appointment’ and Google shows an option to create a calendar event even before displaying the search results."
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Key quotes:

  • "Below are the tasks I complete every year in my personal life, my office area as well as online and on my devices"
  • "Put together a 12-month plan/calendar so you can see every day what needs to be worked on to stay ahead of the game"
  • "If you work from home like me, you must be scheduled, organized and love the office vibes you’ve created for yourself! Personal Tasks Buy a planner you know you will use! That is the system that works best for me and so I use it every single day! I’m not kidding… And if you really need your life changed check out my new program, The House of Organized Chaos and Successful Solutions here! I created a super simple Excel Spreadsheet a few years ago for this and use it every first of the month and track those stats"
  • "Phone Tasks Delete apps you haven’t used in three months"
  • "Organize photos into new albums and delete what you do not need"
  • "Just take it on by sections and you will feel so good once you declutter and get organized in the best way that works for you!"
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