How to use Instagram shoutouts to grow your following

Are you showing the love on Instagram? Here's what you need to know about giving shoutouts and how to use them to attract more followers.

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How to use Instagram shoutouts to grow your following


Transcript: What is up everyone. Welcome back to my channel. Now in today's video, I'm actually going toshow you exactly how to grow your Instagram account organically. No bots, no cheating, no body followers, nonothing in 2019. Now I've had my Instagram account for a while,and since then I've grown it to over 7,000 followers, almost 8,000 followers using onlypurely organic strategies. Now I know nowadays it's really easy to buyyour way into Instagram success. You can buy followers, you can buy likes,you can buy anything that you want. But for me personally, I've always favoredthe organic approach, especially if you are using Instagram for your business. And I really say this for multiple reasons. First of all, if you're spending money automatingyour account or spending money buying likes and buying followers, you're going to needto financially keep that up for a long period of time. If you suddenly stop the financial investmentof growing your account, it's going to be very obvious that your past success was allfake, and it was something that you purchased and now you can't keep up with it. I've seen a lot of influencers and I've seena lot of people have huge accounts and huge success... See more →

Transcript: what's going on YouTube welcome back to the channel I know it's been a while and I apologize I'm gonna get to that in a couple minutes but I just you behind me I have a bunch of mail open up so I got to go through all that sort all that a lot of Christmas gifts them they're a lot of packages for me and the business but it's been a great productive day unfortunately the weather's like super gross outsides nice and dark so it's like no natural lighting in the house and this camera sucks in low lighting but we're gonna fix that soon a lot of content coming in soon I've been so preoccupied with the business the brand Black Friday so much stuff going on and I'm only one person but things are changing and it's gonna get really crazy very fast so very excited I don't know it's been a while I miss talking to you guys I miss talking to the camera was holding it miss vlogging very excited to be back my phone's going off my bad but I hope you guys are having a great day if you guys are smash... See more →

Transcript: how to get 10,000 followers in one single day with no DM groups no follow unfollow no shout-out for shout out none of that how is it done stay tuned on this video and you will find out hey what's going on guys welcome to the video if you're new to the channel you don't know who I am my name is Anthony I run a 1 million followers network on Instagram I also an Instagram marketing agency I make videos like this to help you take your account from zero to hero's so if you're trying to grow your Instagram you're trying to monetize your Instagram you're trying to do anything on the platform make sure you go ahead and subscribe to the channel and turn on the notification because I upload a video every single day helping you reach your Instagram goals with that said let's get into it so this is actually gonna be done through a giveaway but it's not your standard giveaway ok this is taking a giveaway and literally putting it on steroids so when you're going ahead and you're running your normal giveaway you know what do you kind of think about you... See more →

Transcript: what's going on everybody it's your boy Matt here again welcome to my channel if you're new obviously if you click on this video you're here to learn about s FS so I'm not gonna waste any time let's just get right into it I have a lot of experience in s FS I've been doing Instagram social media for over five to six years all of the videos in my channel are about Instagram and how to grow on that I'm gonna be posting more videos later but if you guys want to see more of that go check out my other videos I have subscribe but for this video we're gonna be talking about how to do s FS all the deep nitty-gritty stuff like who what when where why basically going into big details here boys big big information is being leaked here so just for some credibility guys I've been on Instagram for five or six years I've been growing themed accounts ever since I was 14 I've had it one account that was out 3.7 million dollars you got deleted but as of now I have over 1.8 million followers also stick to the end... See more →

Transcript: everyone in this video I wanted to show you how to find and hire Instagram influencers so you use them to promote your Instagram page or your business you could get yourself cells or new followers on Instagram there's a lot of different things you could do and I've made well over 50 Instagram videos on this channel but this I think might be my favorite because it has real impact on my business I'm gonna show you how to kind of copy what I just did in the last couple of days so this trailer here basically what I'm doing is I'm promoting this new Instagram page that promotes a business called festivals where we show physical film festivals online so if you can't attend the physical film festival you could watch it online so we created a trailer for a horror fest we have and we want it to get more traffic for it so I'm currently promoting it here using the promote button on Instagram of Facebook ads but the power of Instagram influencers is even more powerful let me show you one of them I'm hiring right now so this influencer if I go to their... See more →

Key quotes:

  • "TL;DRStep 1: Video AdStep 2: The shoutoutStep 3: The captionStep 4: Make your page private There have been many different tactics to grow an audience on Instagram that I’ve discussed in the past but by far the one I always recommend is shoutouts from related instagram pages"
  • "I’m going to walk through a quick 4 step process on how to leverage shoutouts from large Instagram pages (aka Influencers) helping you grow your reach 3x to 5x faster than paid ads"
  • "These are posted on the brand’s Instagram pages: From my experience vertical (snapchat style) videos yield the best results given the amount of screen they cover"
  • "If your ad covers the audiences screen with your branded 15–20 second video and your content is the right content for them, you will win their follow"
  • "Once you’ve made your 15–20 second branded video ad, paid the influencer pages to promote your ad for a few hours, go to your page settings and make your entire profile private"
  • "Private accounts on average grow 50% to 60% faster during these large shoutout campaigns"
  • "For example If you launch your video ad on 3 large pages I suggest scheduling the ads at different times to track the number of new follower approvals you receive during each timeframes."
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Key quotes:

  • "And this time, we would love to share a big list of free Instagram tools that’ll help you to grow your following"
  • "Going beyond the usual photo editing tools, we’ll also be sharing tools for finding the best hashtags to use, running Instagram contests, displaying your Instagram posts on your website, and more"
  • "It’s wonderful to think that there are so many free tools available to help you grow your Instagram following"
  • "Here’s a round up of over 30 free Instagram tools that can help you with your Instagram marketing, everything from creating amazing Instagram posts and stories to finding the best hashtags, to planning your Instagram schedule, to analyzing your Instagram performance"
  • "Canva is one of our favorite free design tools for creating images for social media, blog posts, and more"
  • "Display Purposes is a great tool for finding the best hashtags to use for your Instagram posts"
  • "Just like Buffer, at your scheduled times, Later will send you a notification via its mobile app, prompting you to post on Instagram"
  • "ShortStack has a tool for organizing user-generated content (UGC) contests, where participants enter by posting a photo with your hashtag on Instagram."
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Key quotes:

  • "Over the past 6 months, I’ve been deeply researching Instagram etiquette and growth tactics with the intention of organically growing multiple Instagram accounts"
  • "(Thanks to Instagram’s new analytics) This is my personal account (without promotional links): Growth analytics from another account I am managing: Each post on these accounts shown reaches at least 10,000 impressions, posting 2–3 times per day"
  • "OVERVIEW The idea of growing an IG account can seem daunting at first but once you start growing the amount of likes you receive per post, you WILL hit the TOP POST section consistently"
  • "If you can manage to keep publishing content, generating more and more likes with the same hashtags, hitting the TOP POST section will become a regular occurrence"
  • "In April I invested $2k in permanent shoutouts for a new Instagram account and I’ve grown it from 0 to 11k followers in the last 4 months"
  • "Investing $2k upfront to continuously grow reaching 150,000 people every week in the first 4 months is a pretty amazing user acquisition strategy for any startup/person ;) Think long term."
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Key quotes:

  • "It’s no secret that when Instagram changed the rules and altered how content is being served to their users, people have begun to get less new followers"
  • "In this article we’ll be looking over some of the ways you can drive more profile views and therefore get more followers"
  • "Like with any social media network, engaging with the other people and the community is the best way to get them to your page"
  • "One of the fastest ways to get more profile views is to promote your Instagram everywhere and across all your social media accounts"
  • "After the post goes live you can expect to see a spike your profile views and start getting more followers (depends on the publication)"
  • "If it’s a good comment, you’ll likely to get profile views"
  • "When collaborating, it’s best that you find influencers that don’t just deliver the highest numbers of new profile visits but matches your theme and style as well to maximize its effects! One of the best ways to push engagement and start driving people to your profile is through comment pods"
  • "A pod is a group of at least 10–15 Instagrammers whose sole intention is to share each other’s content and drive up relevancy for each one in the form of quality comments and likes."
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Key quotes:

  • "The easiest way to come up with the hashtags that are relevant and will bring more followers in is to explore the most general hashtags that fit your Instagram account"
  • "That’s why Chris tags his posts with a list of hashtags that are relevant — to create a way for Instagram users to discover his work"
  • "Although the tools are great, you should always hand pick the hashtags you feel fit your post the best so your content doesn’t come off as spam"
  • "It’s been speculated that different factors come in the play, such as account age, number of followers, overall engagement and potentially others"
  • "Artist posts a photo of the photoshoot with a tag of the model, hence creating content for own account while promoting the other person just like photographer @samuelelkins does in his IG account"
  • "Giveaways will not only increase engagement on your posts, but can snowball your account follower wise"
  • "Or you can just ask to tag a friend in the comment section, hence the post engagement is high and new people will be exposed to your content"
  • "Instagram ads is a way to simply but effectively grow your account without doing any additional work besides providing quality content."
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