Ideas for Instagram captions that increase post engagement

Looking for more engagement on Instagram? These resources help you write Instagram captions that drive engagement.

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Ideas for Instagram captions that increase post engagement


Transcript: Here’s a riddle: What’s only 125 characterslong, yet has the power to get you sales? It’s an Instagram caption! And in today’s video, we’ll share fivecaptions that dropshippers can use to get noticed on Instagram. Hey all, it’s Jessica from Oberlo. Today we’re talking about Instagram captions. We’ll talk about what they are, why theymatter, and what makes a good Instagram caption. By the end of this video, you’ll have fivecaptions you can use on your Instagram page. And don’t worry -- these captions work forsupplier photos, professional product shots, and everything in between. So whether you’re just getting started oralready an Instagram heavyweight, you’ll find these captions super helpful. Before I give you these captions, just onemore thing: To stay competitive in dropshipping, you have to keep learning. Hit subscribe to make sure you don’t missfuture videos about how to be successful with dropshipping. Alright, let’s dive into Instagram captions. First, what are Instagram captions? Simply put, Instagram captions are the writtendescriptions below an Instagram photo. They can contain text, emojis, hashtags, andtags. They can’t contain clickable links. Instagram captions are limited to about 330words, or 2,200 characters. Alright, now that we know what Instagram captionsare, why do they... See more →

Transcript: like actually very good news okay that was super cheesy but let me go with it um I am here because I want to put together a quick the number one question that I get asked about when it comes to Instagram captions or even Facebook status updates is like people Osmond I really don't know what to say so let's focus on one mean particular topic on how to write better Instagram captions which is a pressure point for all of us because sometimes you get stuck finding the right words to say you're not alone and sometimes you might just throw anything in the caption and then you hope for the best but I've discovered that the best Instagram captions come by way of authenticity this means I know that authenticity is like an overplayed word so let's up with the two most overplayed words in 2017 and eighteenth likely the vulnerability and authenticity but guess what I'm gonna keep on overplaying them like an old record that has been scratched too many times because that is actually the magic on social media because social media is intended to be social and as social creatures we don't always... See more →

Transcript: do you want to generate more likes and comments for your Instagram photos simply by writing amazing captions keep on watching I'm gonna share with you my five tips for writing engaging captions for Instagram hey my name is Katie Stephanie I'm here on my channel to talk all things YouTube Instagram filmmaking and freelance thank you so much for watching make sure you hit the subscribe button if you don't want to miss my future videos I upload three new videos a week captions are such an important part of Instagram it honestly surprises me how many people are still sleeping on this Instagram is so much more than pretty pictures I think actually captions are a great opportunity for so many creators to add extra value and people are not even seeing it here's the thing I am NOT the most amazing photographer on the planet and chances are maybe you aren't either it's very very hard to stand out on Instagram with photos alone especially if you are the one taking them and not the one in them so instead of trying to compete on the plain of just how amazing can your photos be think about... See more →

Transcript: I know how tough it feels or how frustrated you feel to not know what you want to write on on Instagram it's like you have like writer's block or something I get that and it's super frustrating but I also have been there where I just write something on Instagram and then I just like cross my fingers and I hope for the best not how I want to roll anymore the thing that I've discovered specifically on Instagram is that authenticity works being a hundred percent you works learning to tell a story works so let's actually walk through how you can write better captions with ease and I actually need this kind of a canal bootleg quiz and it's super cheesy but I call it my quick caption quiz so what we're going to do is every time I'm about to post a caption I ask myself five questions that are based on this quiz and the goal is to get more yeses than it is No so hang on let me start brewing the coffee and then we'll chat because here's the thing I should be able to write and test a caption in less time... See more →

Transcript: We're both on Instagram, right? Let'slevel with each other for a second. Have you ever spent, like, way too long trying to capturethe perfectly stylized, perfectly framed, cool but not-too-cool type of photo andthen you've used your 4 million editing apps to make it look just perfect? And then by the time you're actuallyready to publish the darn thing, your brain is fried and youhave no idea what to say. How do I sound deep and meaningful? Will any of my followers evencare or will I look like a fool? What if no one answers my question? If you've ever struggled with writingthat Instagram caption (myself included) or you're just burnt outof ideas, in today's video, I'm covering Instagram caption ideasyou can use for your business in 2019. And these aren't just any old captions. These are captions that are designed toget more engagement and to convert those followers into customers. And stay tuned until the end where I'mgoing to share how you can get five free caption templates that you can steal anduse in your business today so that we can turn more of thosefollowers into customers. Writing strategic captions hasworked for my friend Taylor Marsden, who started her... See more →

Key quotes:

  • "Other brands have used these ideas to impress their followers, build their audience, and boost their sales"
  • "This infographic from Unmetric reveals the most engaging types of brand posts on Instagram"
  • "If you’re trying to succeed with Instagram marketing, use these tips to see what works best there"
  • "Here are some easy tools to help you make speedy graphics: Associate your product with your brand values, heighten its exclusivity, or share how it solves a pressing problem of your audience"
  • "• • • Instagram post ideas continue below the infographic"
  • "Perhaps using wildly popular tags like #ootd or #tbt works for huge brands that have already built an engaged audience"
  • "Instagram is a great place to connect with your audience and build up know-like-trust with them! Share quotes or short videos from customers explaining how they use and love your product or service"
  • "Sharing an easy recipe right on Instagram is truly providing vale"
  • "To always have post ideas at your fingertips, check out my Social Media Content Planner"
  • "Each day, it offers post ideas to get your audience talking to you, including 3 to 8 fun holidays you can use to showcase your brand personality."
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Key quotes:

  • "Writing great Instagram captions is one of the best ways to encourage people to interact with your posts and in turn increasing your engagement"
  • "A compelling Instagram caption is an opportunity to increase engagement on your posts, reach new audiences and drive leads to your website"
  • "This leaves you with only one option if you want to generate leads from your Instagram posts — drive your followers to your bio using a clear call to action in your caption, where you can direct them to your webpage"
  • "That said, you don’t necessarily have to use emojis in every Instagram caption for your brand as well"
  • "Crafting your Instagram captions around these questions will help your audience relate more to your captions, resulting in increased likes, comments and shares"
  • "You can inspire people to take action by asking them to visit your link, buy your product, use your branded hashtag, or even just like the post and share it with a friend"
  • "Your Instagram caption needs to add value to your post, for your brand and for your audience also"
  • "When writing an Instagram caption to gain followers, you want to encourage people to engage"
  • "A good way to increase engagement is also to add mentions in your caption and the all the right hashtags."
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Key quotes:

  • "However, what drives conversion is a well-crafted caption spreading a clear message related to your brand while encouraging users to follow, like and share"
  • "In cases where you need to add more information or include a CTA in your caption, writing a few short paragraphs is completely acceptable"
  • "Some Instagram accounts have also managed to use it as a micro-blog and write long captions telling a story or offering important updates and thoughts"
  • "While the main post can include a great image with a couple of words to support the photo, it is the caption that tells the complete story and shares useful details with the users"
  • "2) Prompt audience to tag their friends in comments: Include CTAs in your posts asking users to tag friends who would find the information useful so as to get some new eyes on your content and increase visibility"
  • "It is, therefore, recommended to divide the text into short paragraphs with extra spacing to make the content easier to read and increase activity on CTA elements"
  • "Use a tone of voice that encourages interaction with the users and helps them relate to your post and brand."
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Key quotes:

  • "Use your caption to give people an additional reason to like, share or comment on your post — don’t just double down on the content of the picture itself"
  • "Here’s an example of how to do that: Let’s say you run an Instagram account for a widget company and you’re posting an image of the widgets being manufactured"
  • "A better way to approach the caption would be to tell a story about the manufacturing of your widgets that offers a larger lesson or inspirational message your audience can take from it"
  • "When you tell a story in a caption, start with a simple line that grabs your audience’s attention and sparks curiosity"
  • "But when you write that opening line, don’t lead with the punchline to your story — you want build up to a big reveal at the end"
  • "Here’s an example: Let’s say I was captioning a post about legendary comedian Mel Brooks and wanted to tell a story about how he got his start"
  • "Here’s a poor version of how I could write that caption: Did you know Mel Brooks decided he wanted to work in Hollywood after his uncle got free tickets to a Broadway show and took Mel to see it?"
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Key quotes:

  • "Attention-grabbing captions put a stop to the endless scrolling and compel users to spend more time on your post"
  • "Piquing interest in the first line increases the chances that your viewers will click to “See More” and spend more time viewing your post, which will positively affect your ranking within the Instagram algorithm"
  • "Considering the demographics of Instagram and your existing audience persona at large (including everyone who interacts with your brand both online and in the real world), how would you describe your IG followers? These questions will give you the foundation you need to adapt your brand voice for the Instagram platform"
  • "Is there a story you can tell that will help your audience think about this theme in a new way? This piece of the caption equation is absolutely essential to not only driving engagement on Instagram but also influencing your audience to engage with your brand as a whole"
  • "Have you ever noticed that even the more “serious” brands on Instagram use emojis? As they say, “When in Rome!” Here are a few ways that you can start incorporating emojis into your captions: Believe it or not, there is actually a wrong way to tag your Instagram posts."
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