Learn how to mass archive your Instagram posts easily

Is it time to do some spring cleaning on your social media? This guide will show you how to mass archive Instagram posts for maximum privacy.

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Learn how to mass archive your Instagram posts easily


Transcript: I'm excited for this one because they've added a new feature that I've wanted for a long time you can now archive photos rather than deleting them so I'm going to show you how to do that swipe over and then in the tab bar on the bottom right I'm going to tap on my profile and you can see a new icon in the very top right it is like a circle arrow with a little timer and if I tap on that you can see this is the archive so I have no post archive right now and it says when you archive post will show up here only you can see them so to do this what you want to do is scroll to a photo that you want to archive and this might be like a really old photo that you're thinking about deleting you just don't want it on your profile or whatever anymore so I'm just going to tap on this one with the turtle and then in the top right there's the three little dots so... See more →

Transcript: In this video I like to show you how to archive and anak I've Instagram posts on iPhone let's have a look first open Instagram app app on your profile icon at the bottom right corner tap on the photo that you want to archive upon 3 dot and upon a kyv that photo archived now if you like to UNAC i've that photo similarly go to the profile go to the clock icon at the top left corner upon the down arrow button beside archives a upon posts upon the photo and upon 3 dot upon show in profile that's it that photo anna carved here if Sun mind profile so in this way you can archive and on ik I've Instagram photos and videos on iPhone hope this video helped you please subscribe my channel bye tap on red subscribe button also upon bail button to receive notifications about all new videos thank you thank you for watching... See more →

Transcript: In today's Instagram video I wanted to show you how to archive and on archive images on Instagram and I want to talk about why you want to do this so let me show you how to do it first and we'll talk about some strategy here jump into your Instagram account and take a look at some of your posts here and if they're not doing great or if they're not relevant to your entire niche to your entire Instagram profile you should probably archive them so your feed looks really great when someone comes here so when you click on something I typically if something performs less than 10000 views I might archive it or if something is really old and it doesn't fit with my niche so let's see some of these have over 200,000 views so I wouldn't archive those let me just jump into a different profile because this profile I keep pretty clean so let me go to a different profile to show you what I mean here so here if I go down to some older posts so here this Google Form posts for example it really barely got any likes so... See more →

Transcript: In this video you are going to learn how to archive Instagram posts. I'm Andy you are watching learn how, I create video lessons, tutorials, how-to videos, product reviews to help you learn how to use technology to improve your lifestyle. So if you like what you see this video, please consider subscribing Alright on Instagram you can archive posts or make it so that they're not visible from your profile screen. So if you go right here to your Instagram profile now let's say you want to clean up your grid and there's like a photo on there that you don't want to show up on your profile when people are looking through it So you can just click on that post. click on the three dots on the post and click archive. Boom there you see it's gone from my profile feed. You can do that with photos or videos. It really doesn't matter. But if you want to get that back to your profile, you're like, oh wait actually I do want to show that on my profile. You're gonna just scroll all the way up to the top Click on this little like... See more →

Key quotes:

  • "Moreover, you can research something based on the hashtag, use it to promote your product, brand, or too simply reach out to people all over Instagram"
  • "The best Instagram profiles have a couple of things in common, including effectively identifiable usernames, a recognizable profile picture, a constant flow of Instagram stories and photos, an informative bio, a link to a relevant page or campaign, etc"
  • "Over two million businesses use Instagram to promote products and services, reach larger audiences and engage their followers"
  • "Depending on your unique brand of Instagram content, your followers, and your level of commitment, you can make money on Instagram in the following ways: Doing sponsored posts for brands that need to get in front of your audience Becoming an affiliate Making and offering a physical or digital product or offering a paid service Selling your photography The beauty here is that pursuing one income stream doesn’t necessarily rule out the other"
  • "By using your posts you can promote the product, directing people with a statement like “link in profile” in your photo caption or bio so you can encourage them to click through to the actual affiliate link."
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Key quotes:

  • "Once you figure out when you’d like your post to go out, you’ll get a pop-up like so: Here, you’re able to edit the crop of your photo, write a caption, and change the date/time (if you decide you want this post to go out later or earlier than you originally decided upon)"
  • "You’ll then be brought to this page to complete your account setup: If you’re unsure of the prices, Hootsuite is just as reasonable as Later (the first marketing tool we talked about)"
  • "Crowdfire is another awesome marketing tool that allows you to schedule content (and manage your Instagram [and other social] accounts in one place)"
  • "After choosing your plan, you’ll be directed to your personal Sprout Social dashboard where you’re able to schedule posts at any time of the day/week"
  • "You’re also able to check out your Instagram analytics and schedule posts! Here, you’re able to choose which photos from your account that you’d like to showcase on your Instagram"
  • "If, however, you don’t need all of these advanced features and you’re literally just looking for something to remind you to publish a post, I’d go with Later or Schedugram."
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Key quotes:

  • "Below is a guideline for an influencer with 10,000 followers: Less than 2% = Low engagement rate"
  • "If you watched my video on how to increase your follower count, you would have seen that engaging on niche hashtags with personalized comments and a strong call-to-action to follow you, is one of the best ways to grow an authentic audience that values the content you create for them"
  • "Follow those you aspire to be like and start mimicking the content they create, right down to what’s in the backgrounds of their photos and what Instagram filters they use"
  • "This way, you’ll allow yourself an hour or two to gain likes and comments, before hitting your peak engagement window where you can then ride the Instagram algorithm"
  • "When the only people commenting on a post are other influencers, it’s clear that they’re active in engagement pods"
  • "They’ll also be time consuming as you’ll often have to like and comment on dozens of posts each day"
  • "Who wants to open their Instagram app and find that they have 87 posts that they need to like and comment on?"
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Key quotes:

  • "Because you want your Instagram to reflect your current status, content quality, and strategy"
  • "Maybe you’ve been following a specific content layout, and have been curating your posts in an innovative way, but only for the last two months"
  • "It’s normal to go tweaking your content strategy and the type of images you use in your posts"
  • "But, if you want, and the image is truly still relevant, you could take this opportunity to delete the old post and re-use this image in a new post to try and recycle some of your images as well"
  • "It’s a great example of how cleaning can save you time in the future, by having some evergreen content ready to use"
  • "It’s incredible the number of times I have looked at a brand’s tagged Instagram photos and questioned why they have not removed it from their profile"
  • "Even if it’s a partner or team member’s post, is that image a good reflection of your brand? If you aren’t sure if you want to delete it, then you can use Instagram’s archive feature which hides it from your profile so that your followers and new visitors can’t see it — but it keeps your likes and comments."
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Key quotes:

  • "Here is a list of the best apps to save Instagram photos and videos for iOS, Android, and the web"
  • "Check out some of the best Instagram videos and photo downloader apps"
  • "1"
  • "Repost Repost is a well-known Instagram photo and video downloader app that allows the user to repost the Instagram photos on a personal or private account"
  • "All you have to do is copy the image or video URL and then paste it into this app for the downloading purpose"
  • "It allows users to save Instagram photos on their smartphone which can later be viewed in the offline mode as well"
  • "Now, the app user has the option to even repost the pictures from Instagram that they have saved earlier and that too without any requirement of a watermark in the video or image"
  • "Saver Reposter Last but not least, we have the Saver Reposter app in our list, which basically allows users to copy text, save images & videos, and copy hashtags from Instagram posts"
  • "Here are some of the key features of the Saver Reposter: So, these were some of the top mobile apps when it comes to saving Instagram photos and videos for devices that support Android and iOS."
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