How to boost your YouTube views and get more subscribers

Looking to grow your audience on YouTube? Here's how to boost YouTube views without resorting to paying for followers.

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How to boost your YouTube views and get more subscribers


Transcript: so you want to know how to get 100 subscribers every single day you may think this is impossible or extremely hard to achieve but in reality it's actually pretty easy so stay tuned for this video because I'm going to be teaching you exactly how to do that what's going on guys I'm gonna give a quick shout out to our patreon people for supporting the ticker roam and if you want to do so yourself go down in the link description and you will get some free shout outs as well so shout out to Tyler Morrison Broadway pixels guru Miranda and mr. t PG now let's get straight into the video surprisingly live-streaming is a great way to get subscribers and the reason for this is because it's basically like a constant video it's a never ending or non-stop video that's constantly playing on your channel so all you have to do is download OBS which is a free software that allows you to stream on YouTube into which and start live-streaming about something that's interesting it doesn't have to be anything that's actually hard to livestream about just something that gets views and then simply add... See more →

Transcript: - Today, I'm gonna show you exactly how to get more views on your videos fast. The secret, a new strategycalled the sequel technique. I recently used the sequeltechnique to get 25,339 views on one of my YouTubevideos in about two weeks. One of my subscribers also used this strategy on one of his videos, and that video now hasover a million views. And in this video, I'm gonna walk you through the entire process, step by step. Keep watching.(gentle music) Last year, I saw somethingthat blew my mind. I was looking at where mostof my YouTube views came from. And even though I rank inthe top three on YouTube for popular keywords like, video SEO, keyword research, and SEO tutorial, I notice that most of my views didn't come from YouTube search. They came from suggestedvideo, pow, mind blown. In my case, 25% of myviews came from search, but 41% came from suggested video. Now as a quick recap,suggested video is a section on the right hand side ofevery video on YouTube, or underneath the video ifyou're on a mobile device. And if you can get your video to appear as a suggested video, you can get thousands oreven... See more →

Transcript: in this video I'm gonna show you how to get more YouTube subscribers fast in fact thanks to the tips I'm about to share with you my channel now generates 5347 new subscribers every single month i'm brian dean the founder of backlinko and today i'm going to show you 9 proven strategies for getting subscribers on youtube and some advanced techniques i've never seen anyone else talk about keep watching over the last year I've helped hundreds of youtubers grow their channels and one of my favorite examples of this is jeff rose from fortunately despite publishing lots of high quality videos his channel wouldn't grow he was stuck at a few thousand subs for literally years that's when Jeff decided to implement some of the strategies I'm about to share with you and these proven strategies dramatically boosted his YouTube subscribers Jeff literally went from ten thousand subscribers to forty nine thousand subscribers within weeks and now it's time for me to reveal these strategies and show you exactly how to implement them so let's kick things off with strategy number one turn your watermark into a subscribe button this strategy is like a cheat code for... See more →

Transcript: Gallagher here if you want to grow your channel quick and easy subscribe and smash that notification bell because I share with you all the tips tricks or strategies that I use to grow this dead Channel from zero to thousands of subscribers and became a YouTube Partner just a matter of months what's happening so in this video I'm gonna share with you one of the most powerful tips that I have that's helped me get this channel to where it's bringing in over 400 views every hour and to verify that let's go ahead and go over to subscriber counter calm and you can see right here around subscriber count' calm if we scroll down here to the weekly statistics you can see that for daily subscribers we've got total subscribers daily views but if we scroll a bit more it breaks it down into totals for the week and average per day so for subscribers we're at 172 plus a day coming in and 4 views 10,000 plus coming in every day so let's do a little bit of math because some people struggle with math and they don't understand that you know this is really 400... See more →

Transcript: in this video I'm going to share with you 10 tips on how to get your first 1,000 YouTube subscribers and if you already have a thousand hopefully I can help you get closer to that $100,000 so you can get YouTube back just like this alright so today's video is a fun one and if you're looking at videos and trying to learn how to build a brand online whether it's a personal brand or whether it's a brand for your company and you're trying to build up a platform like YouTube I have to say you've come to the right place investing into YouTube subscribers is a really really great investment and I think it's one of the best ro wise that you can have in business today not just business but you know for anyone out there if you're looking into investing time into YouTube Instagram Twitter Linkedin I think YouTube subscribers are worth way more than any other follower on any platform personally I believe that one youtube subscriber is worth about 10 Instagram followers that's what I think based on the dollar for dollar basis of like you know one youtube subscriber is someone who... See more →

Key quotes:

  • "Optimizing your video content for the right keywords will help gain organic views by informing users and the search engine just what your video is about"
  • "Your thumbnail image, like a hero-image, can work wonders when increasing your YouTube views whether they’re on the organic results page, suggested videos section, or appearing on social media"
  • "YouTube’s algorithms will present content here as they would for an organic result with one caveat: the video a user just watched may have less to do with the original query they put in, and more to with the relevancy to the video the user just viewed"
  • "You can create cards that can be used to: In regard to increasing your video views, you should use these cards to encourage users to visit your lesser watched content and subscribe to your channel"
  • "End screens are a great way to promote your own content before YouTube’s algorithms recommend other popular videos and pull people away from your channel and videos"
  • "As viewers are already following these influencers and regularly engage with the content they provide, one share of your video can generate a lot of views for your YouTube video and channel."
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Key quotes:

  • "HANDPICKED RELATED CONTENT: Another way to boost your YouTube engagement — which has a direct effect on your channels’ success — is to leverage the Community tab"
  • "You can find it on your channel’s page: Here, you can post content just like you would on Facebook or Twitter, for example, in order to engage your audience (both subscribers and non-subscribers)"
  • "That’s why it’s doubly important to encourage your audience to engage with you and leave comments, as well as to subscribe to your channel"
  • "YouTube uses these stats — subscribers and engagement — to measure the quality of your videos and your channel"
  • "If your videos make people want to share them out, leave a comment, and/or subscribe to your channel, that means your videos are good enough to pop up higher up in people’s search results"
  • "HANDPICKED RELATED CONTENT: YouTube can be a very powerful tool when it comes to growing your business, your website, or your personal profile as an influencer or thought leader in your niche"
  • "All you need to do is create great content consistently, engage your audience, and leverage different features and tools that you have at your disposal."
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Key quotes:

  • "For example, if you are making Fortnite Youtube videos as a small channel your chances of gaining more views will increase if you are teaching viewers how to build faster or how to find the latest weekly challenge rather than just uploading a 5-minute video of you playing"
  • "If you are working on growing your Youtube channel, you will also need to share your content on other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit"
  • "There is phenomenon called the SNOWBALL effect, whereas the name states, once your content gets a small push or boost it will continue growing at an accelerated rate due to how the Youtube algorithm works, which always recommends content that has gained a lot of views in a short amount of time (known as viral content) with more priority than anything else"
  • "Boosting consists of sending real views or subscribers from bigger channels and large social media accounts to your channel in order to give it that small push it needs to trigger the snowball effect"
  • "Hopefully, these tips will help aspiring YouTubers get more views, subscribers and likes on their videos, just remember content and consistency is king!"
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Key quotes:

  • "MusicPromotionCorp is offering one of the best services on the market to increase YouTube Subscribers, and how to go VIRAL! Any website or channel on YouTube is successful only when it gets more views, likes, shares, and comments when providing the users with high-quality video and content"
  • "It not only increases the chances of your channel visibility but helps listed among the top of the Homepage screen when any users try to access YouTube"
  • "Today in this digitalization world, more and more people love to stay connected via internet and the one who wants to establish their business YouTube helps those creators to get more subscribers to watch their channel again and again without any subscriptions"
  • "Apply some analytic tools that help your channel visible on the screen of Youtube for more likes, shares, and comments as they are a great way to interact with other viewers for winning more attention and double the subscribers in a faster manner using best marketing tools that help reach your goal"
  • "If you are having problems to double your subscribers, we recommend using our youtube services to boost your channel."
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Key quotes:

  • "This will attract niche audiences not only subscribe to the YouTube channel but also engage them to achieve improved results with the blog traffic"
  • "While a large subscribers’ list ensures you will get regular views on the YouTube channel, the greater number of likes on the video is another useful element to grow the audience"
  • "This is not only a great factor to get free YouTube views, drive audiences to the channel but also grow the blog traffic"
  • "• It takes time to grow audience on any YouTube channel • Researching with the keywords is a time consuming process and you will need to dedicate some effort for at least a couple of months or more to get the desired results • Building your audience base in a continuous process wherein you can keep experimenting with new ideas to bring in a change • The ultimate goal to achieve long-term success with your YouTube channel is to optimize your contents for unpaid searches If you want to outreach the neck tight competition and grow the brand identity for a new or existing business, the video marketing can make all the difference."
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