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4 ways ChatGPT is making us smarter 🀯

17 October, 2023 Β· 2 min watchΒ·Video articles

4 Reasons why ChatGPT could make us smarter

Are you using ChatGPT? If you're scared it's making you lazier, think again. This AI chatbot may actually improve your skills! Here are 4 ways ChatGPT can Enhance your Intelligence! 1. Removing excuses for inaction. Because ChatGPT gives you answers in an instant, there’s no need to wait for emails, meetings, or rough drafts to get started on something. Less procrastination, more progress. 2. Shortening feedback loops, ChatGPT can help you to shorten feedback loops by providing you with an instant response to your prompts. 3. Improving evaluation skills. It allows you to make better decisions by giving you feedback on your ideas in an instant. This can help you to refine your work and improve. 4. Helping you give better instructions. If your ChatGPT output isn’t what you wanted, it’s because your prompt was unclear. Learning how to explain your requirements clearly and succinctly will carry over to how you instruct your team. Follow for the latest on AI!

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