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This tool calls itself an AI mind reader

30 November, 2023 · 1 min watch·Video articles

A new tool called Augment claims to be able to read minds using AI. Learn more about this tool and how it works.

Augment is an AI tool that automatically transcribes and summarizes all your calls without having an AI Note Taker join the meeting use it for Zoom, Google meet, FaceTime, slack, and more. Augment also helps you understand newsletters, emails, and documents twice as fast with instant summaries generated for you. Think of it as your perfect assistant remembering anticipating and getting things done for you. It's almost like a mind reader or second brain because it writes recap emails or reports without needing you to upload context, it's always there for you to write within your workflows and works with any other applications both native and web. Ask augment to retrieve anything you've seen said or heard and it will instantly create a link where it can be downloaded. Follow for the latest on AI.

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