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AI assistant OtterPilot lets you attend two meetings at once

17 October, 2023 · 2 min watch·Video articles

Attend multiple meetings at once with OtterPilot

The AI voice transcription software, Otter has a new AI bot called OtterPilot. It can join up to three online meetings at once — with you or without you. This tool transcribes and summarizes them in real time while another bot Otter Chat answers questions based on what was said in a meeting. Users say Otter Chat is surprisingly good at answering questions, but the transcripts still need some improvement. There have also been ethical concerns about OtterPilot, such as the potential for sensitive data to be recorded and mined, and the company is working to address them. Still, if your calendar is always full, OtterPilot is probably worth trying. Follow for the latest on AI!

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