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Train AI to write in your brand voice ✍️

17 October, 2023 · 2 min watch·Video articles

How to train AI content generators for brand voice & tone?

AI content generation allows you to create engaging content at scale, but it still takes effort to ensure your content reflects your brand voice and isn't too generic. Luckily, in only a few steps, you can train an AI content generator to match your brand voice and tone. First, before you can train your AI content generator, you need to define your company’s voice and tone. This is the personality of your brand expressed through words. Use a voice and tone guide to help you do this. Once you know your brand voice, feed your AI content generator with data and examples that reflect your brand. Then, provide feedback to your AI content generator to train it and improve future outputs. Finally, test and optimize your AI content generator by setting and tracking important KPIs and metrics over time. By following these steps, an AI content tool is more likely to reflect your unique voice and create high-performing content. Follow for the latest on AI!

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