What is a splash screen and how can it help your brand?

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What is a splash screen and how can it help your brand?


Transcript: hi in today's show we're a splash right into changing the splash screen on your new NEX radio stay tuned so so yes with a needle and thread believe it or not I have never even paid attention to the splash screens on these things I had a customer asked me the other day they were like hey can you change the splash screen on this such as that's model and I was like I don't know I reject let me check so on the NEX models it's the only model that you can change the splash screen now what is a splash screen a splash screen is that screen that loads before the screen that needs to load loads what it's the pre-screen okay we all know about the pretty screen anyways yes you can change the pre screen or the splash screen we're going to show you how first thing you need to know is it comes with presets we're going to show you those pick years hit art palette go down a splash screen you have a couple of choose from got this one here you got that one there then you got these guys over here... See more →

Transcript: A splash page is an introduction pagethat will appear before the home page itself. There's no navigation and thegoal here is to impress the visitors. For example, a web designer or a photographer who wants to emerge the visitors quickly in their work. It can be to force registration or login. It can be to push a new product or offer. That that's really the concept of the splash page.... See more →

Key quotes:

  • "Splash screen, or very often called as the launch or boot screen is the first screen that is displayed when an application loads"
  • "While splash screens do not offer any practical advantage, they are considered as a source for brand strengthening and start out the app loading process"
  • "No matter how old school this might sound, but this theory works well with modern mobile apps too"
  • "It is the welcome screen of your mobile app that the users encounter while launching the application"
  • "Hence, the truth of the matter is that your splash screen can play a pivotal role in creating a first perception about your application"
  • "How to Master Splash Screen Designs: Let’s Learn from the Leaders Although, welcome screens only come into view for a while, it is important that users connect with your brand through it"
  • "Here are few tips that can help you to master the launch screen design of the app"
  • "Show your Brand’s Awesomeness to the Users The image displayed on splash screen must reflect the brand clearly"
  • "These tips and examples must have given you a clue to get started with splash screen for your mobile app."
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Key quotes:

  • "Splash screens may be an innocuous part of the user experience"
  • "A splash screen is a screen which appears when you open an app on your mobile device"
  • "Sometimes it’s referred to as a launch screen or startup screen and shows up when your app is loading after you’ve just opened it"
  • "Splash screens appear on your screen for a fleeting moment — look away and your might miss them"
  • "Whereas there are other splash screens, like Medium and Etsy, which incorporate fun, relevant and bespoke illustrations that fit in perfectly with the brand and reinforce their identity"
  • "Sometimes an app doesn’t take very long to load"
  • "Maybe your app doesn’t need to reinforce its brand identity in which case you’ll see core structure elements on your app upon open which don’t display any content like so: Splash screens are simple"
  • "They’re used to enhance a brand and give users something nice to look at as they wait"
  • "Splash screens can be a way to bring a little delight to your users or an opportunity to reinforce your brand identity"
  • "Whatever reason you design your splash screen for, make sure that it doesn’t cause the loading time to go on any longer than it should."
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Key quotes:

  • "Splash Screen is the first visual users see when an application is launched"
  • "Having said that, adding a splash screen to your app works as a spectacular opportunity to stick in the minds of users"
  • "For more static and animated splash screen inspiration, you can explore Mobile Patterns We’ve all taken inspiration from popular applications, in one way or the other, while designing our mobile apps"
  • "3"
  • "Create a Splash Screen that eliminates load time, not increase it Splash Screen can be looked at with two perspectives: One, you can choose to flaunt your brand with the coolest graphical animations and the other is to build curiosity among users"
  • "Since Splash Screen isn’t a commercial or a creative presentation of a one’s skill, Android and iOS have set specific guidelines for designers to ensure users are delighted with their first experience with an app"
  • "The splash screen with its calligraphic logo takes its users back to the 70’s for less than 3 seconds and quickly lands them back to the latest news"
  • "Apps that take little time to display its contents go for placeholder launch screens besides not feeling the need to market their brand"
  • "The good news is we now know what it takes to create a seamless mobile app launch experience."
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Key quotes:

  • "Also take into account that if your app is being used regularly (i.e"
  • "your users are opening the app at least once a day) you should reduce this down to the 1-second rule, or even try and remove the need for a splash screen altogether"
  • "Whatever it is, discuss with the developers what the smallest amount of data your app needs to load in order for it to start working immediately, and get it done right here in the splash screen"
  • "In this case, you’re going to need to use a loading indicator — a small spinning wheel or progress bar — to keep your users informed that the app is doing something"
  • "For content which is likely to be different every time a user enters an app (like a food delivery app, or a online marketplace) it would mean that the splash is always going to be “slow” because every time you open the app it will need to load new images"
  • "If an image is taking a long time to load, you don’t need to hold the user up — you can ignore this error and try reloading it on the next screen."
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Key quotes:

  • "There seemed to be a real opportunity to use titles in a new way — to actually create a climate for the story that was about to unfold.” — Saul Bass Like Saul mentions, user involvement with the app should start with the first frame (app icon in our case) and continue till the real content loads, aka Launch Experience, as to create the perfect environment for our story to unfold"
  • "A launch experience is a group of mobile design patterns that help create a cohesive experience from the time user taps on an app icon to the content is loaded on the screen"
  • "Content Loading Animation When There is Too Much Data In Apple’s ecosystem, the launch screen is an image that appears immediately when you launch your app"
  • "Splash screens are there to improve the UX by simulating faster loading times and creating a seamless launch experience"
  • "Transit app uses map’s skeleton as their splash screen for creating an impression that app has loaded as soon as user taps the app icon"
  • "Clashem, Tumbleweed, and Chefsfeed uses fun animation to continue their brand experience while app loads their data"
  • "You can also use different launch experiences (splash screens, marketing message, animations) based on different stages of users life cycle."
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