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Chuck Baker

Chuck Baker

May 28 · 5 min read

How did you first learn about B12? What led you to select it as your website builder?

When we started our business, we bootstrapped, developed, and sourced for other website builders, but none of them were able to meet our business needs. We also had a limited budget to source highly qualified freelance designers. That was when we dug a little deeper and chanced upon B12, featured in a top 10 list of website builders.

B12’s positioning of combining both technology and human designers intrigued me as a product developer because I needed custom work - it frankly stood out as an effective, unique approach to web design. The semi-automatic process of scheduling calls with someone to walk you through the entire journey was one of the key factors that led me to B12. I knew I did not want to do this entire process myself, so that was a huge plus.

When did you first launch your business’s website, when did you launch your B12 website, and what impact did your B12 website have on your business’s performance?

We first launched our business website a year ago in 2018 with other website builders but only turned to B12 just a few weeks ago in May 2019. My B12 website looks great, I am truly satisfied with the outcome. Ensuring that videos are responsive is a challenging experience, but B12 did just that! I love the responsiveness of our new website - plus it is incredibly light and fast. The team did an incredible job with the styles and the designs really popped for me.

One of the most outstanding experiences I had with B12 was their ability to easily support my website with SSL certification, a must-have in today’s privacy-conscious world. B12 was also able to build and customize a landing page for me, which was integral to the start of my business. These were some aspects that other website building companies do not provide.

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What’s one piece of advice you’d offer a business owner looking to launch a new website?

Be relentless and dive deep into your business with the assumption that there will be numerous iterations. Be relentless at getting it right, test and iterate continuously and refrain from an official “launch.” Instead simply release version after version.

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Tell us about your business. What made you start it, when did you start it, and what’s been your biggest achievement to date?

Crowdfluencer is a solution that seeks to improve the advertising experience for advertisers and influencers. By combining content marketing and corporate responsibility, we hope to improve the overall advertising experience and in doing so, improve social benefits to the world as well.

I came from a marketing background at Procter and Gamble. Working there gave me the opportunity to learn and pick up important skill sets in marketing. The rigor of strategic marketing that I was exposed to has helped me to strategize and create great product and emotional benefits. After interacting with large-scale advertisers like Walmart, we realized that there is a growing emphasis on corporate responsibility but little was done to tackle this concern. That was the cornerstone of Crowdfluencer. We hope to create something that is able to reward the creator and influencer without the entire process becoming too commercialized. We want the experience of posting content to be authentic and relevant, and at the same time, contributing to the greater good of society.

Our experience has been great so far! We started in a good place, focused on a core set of use cases and pilot tests which worked out really well. We are really excited to scale Crowdfluencer later this year, so stay tuned for more updates!

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