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Dr Sheila Hughes

July 17 · 5 min read

How did you first learn about B12? What led you to select it as your website builder?

A friend of my business partner and COO referred us to B12. He was so satisfied with his new B12 website that when we shared our interest in revamping our old website, he shared his B12 experience and recommended us to give it a try.

That was when we entered our old website link into the free AI website draft builder and we were blown away by how it looks! The fact that B12 combines both technology and human designers together to design a website sparked an interest in me as well and we decided to sign up immediately.

When did you first launch your business’s website, when did you launch your B12 website, and what impact did your B12 website have on your business’s performance?

We first launched our B12 website in March 2019, and we have never been happier! There was absolutely no comparison between our old website and the new B12 one. Our B12 website gives us the call-to-actions we need and better communication tools with our patients. Since our B12 launch, we started seeing more online visitors scheduling a consultation through our website and thereafter becoming customers.

If I could describe the entire B12 process in one word, it would be ‘painless’. We were extremely happy with the process, everyone took the feedback we were giving and incorporated them into the website.

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What’s one piece of advice you’d offer a business owner looking to launch a new website?

As far as advice: Trust the process. We have built out numerous websites over the years. And everyone at B12 was a pleasure to work with. Communication with everyone was never “Painful”!

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Tell us about your business. What made you start it, when did you start it, and what’s been your biggest achievement to date?

I worked with weight management and weight loss for a long time, having graduated from the Temple Medical School in Philadelphia with medical training at the University of Maryland Hospital and The Medical Center in Columbus, Georgia. After building a successful weight management practice in Beverly Hills and Century City, I decided to start my private practice in Los Angeles.

My biggest achievement to date is most probably the fact that up until now, the vast majority of my patients have been referrals. I would probably say that over 90% of my current patients have been through word of mouth. It has been an incredible journey so far and I am really excited to see how my business grows with the new website!

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