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Annabel Yee

Annabel Yee

July 22 · 5 min read

How did you first learn about B12? What led you to select it as your website builder?

I was researching website-building platform alternatives after our initial experience with our first provider where we felt the website looked like a ‘blocky’ template and was difficult to update. When I tried the free AI website draft that B12 offered, I was impressed by the immediate results. Shortly after evaluating the overall offering and prices, we signed up for the service which gave us design hours by B12.

When did you first launch your business’s website, when did you launch your B12 website, and what impact did your B12 website have on your business’s performance?

For B12, it was probably mid-May 2019, a few months after our initial site was launched in November 2018.

My B12 experience has been great! The customer success team has been responsive in their emails. What I really appreciate most is that I can edit the site personally, whenever I want to, but I can also ask for support when there are changes that I am not able to make myself. B12 is great blend of a DIY service like Squarespace and a full-service website agency.

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As a VC firm, our website is intended to be a place to show and highlight information, so we don’t heavily track website traffic. We are really pleased with the way it looks compared to the first site that we had.

What’s one piece of advice you’d offer a business owner looking to launch a new website?

I think assessing the objectives of the website and the capabilities of the website provider are important for any business. If your business site is mainly for displaying information, perhaps a DIY platform could work. If your business requires a number of integrations and elements to be added to your site, think about a website builder that has those capabilities and services. There are many skill sets needed to build a website, and if you just want to save time and minimize your workload, find a platform that does as much as possible for you.

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Tell us about your business.

Evolv Ventures is a $100m venture fund backed by Kraft Heinz to invest in early-stage technology companies disrupting the food industry. The fund leverages the vast network of the 5th largest food and beverage company to be the most value-added investor in the space.

Evolv Ventures was founded in October 2018, led by a team of startup and venture capital veterans. With a balance of financial independence and deep company integration, Evolv Ventures strives to be the best strategic partner in the industry.

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